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Week 15 can be daunting at best.  When you have major players such as QB Carson Wentz injured it makes it even worse.  Don’t worry, we’ll help you overcome those obstacles on your route to this season’s championship.

Week 15 is supposed to go off without a hitch.  We’re well into the season, the teams are positioning themselves for the playoffs and all is supposed to be normal.  So how does Carson Wentz end up out for the season?

The Fantasy Gods, that’s how.  Who else could give you the Wentz injury, a Josh McCown injury, a Patriot loss and 2 of the Top 3 quarterbacks this week being players that are barely owned in any fantasy league this late in the year?

Yup, Week 15 could be interesting.  It will almost certainly prove to be so if you rest on your laurels.  We are not going to do that however.  We’re going to look at what there is out there on the waivers and see where we can recruit help.

So let’s get to it, and as always, let’s start with Quarterbacks.


Mitchell Trubisky has been playing some good ball lately.  He also is available in 96% of fantasy leagues. Lastly, he pulled off a great game in the Bears 33-7 beat down of the Bengals.  In that game, he threw for 271 yards and a touchdown.  He should be considered as a strong waiver wire candidate, right?

On second thought, Trubisky has note been as solid in fantasy as he has for his actual team.  He has yet to throw for 300-yards this season.  He has also not had a game where he has thrown more than one touchdown.  That simply does not cut the mustard as a starting fantasy quarterback this late in the season.

Who has been cutting the mustard?  Blake Bortles that’s who.  Bortles is available in 80% of leagues.  He has thrown for over 700 yards and four touchdowns and ran for over 85 and two touchdowns in the last three weeks. The Jags have a good team and they are in a dogfight for their division.  There are many reasons to like him as your quarterback right now.

Jacksonville plays against Houston this week.  Houston beat them in game one this year, but Houston is no longer the team that took the field in Week 1 defensively.  All of these equal Bortles being a very strong pick-up for you in Week 15 should you need him.

Jimmy Garoppolo is another very nice pick for Week 15.  He is available in 77% of leagues as well.

Garoppolo threw for 334 yards and a touchdown this last week in the 49ers 26-16 win over the Texans. Garoppolo has been interesting to watch.  He did not come out and set the world on fire but he has slowly played better and better with every game.  He has slowly made the 49ers a better and better team. It seems that he is also making the team play better and better for him. The end result is that his fantasy numbers are also getting better and better. This makes him a very viable Week 15 pick-up for you.

Running Backs

As far as running backs go, few looked better going into Week 15 than Rod Smith.  Smith is available in 73% of leagues and ran 6 times for 47 yards and one touchdown.  He also caught 5 passes for 113 yards and another score.

That is 160 yards from scrimmage and two touchdowns.  You definitely need him in your line-up right?  Well, on second thought, no.

Yes, he had a great game, and yes he’s been playing well lately but there’s a few things to consider.  First is that most of his work was done in the 4th quarter on two major plays.  Second, Ezekiel Elliott will be back soon.

Smith is the 2nd string running back behind Alfred Morris.  He just may get one more week of good numbers since Zeke is out just one more week.  In two weeks Zeke will be back, then he, and Morris will be done, plain and simple.

If you need running back help then look no further than Kerwynn Williams.  Williams is still available in 80% if leagues.  He ran the ball 20 times for 73 yards on Sunday.  He has run for 170 yards over the last two weeks as a matter of fact. Since Adrian Peterson has been out he is getting lots of carries.  He has been producing nice numbers with those carries.  It’s only a matter of time before he punches one in and he goes from having just a normal double-digit game to a game over 20 points.

The Cardinals are going up against Washington in Week 15 which makes Williams a very solid pick to help you out in your lineup.

Peyton Barber is more of a sneaky pick for Week 15.  He is available in 80% of leagues and has been looking good lately.  Barber got 12 carries and ran for 58 yards last week.  It doesn’t seem like much but it was better than Doug Martin’s production on Sunday, even though Martin started the game. Martin had worse per carry numbers than Barber and he fumbled on Sunday.  Basically, the old muscle hamster was doing everything he could to hand the reins over to Barber.

Now, there have been some murmurs coming out of Tampa Bay that Barber might get the start next week.  You can be sure however that even if he does not get the start, with rumors like that, he will certainly get his fair share of the workload. Most importantly is that when he does get the workload he does nice things with it, so pick him up for a sneaky set of numbers this next week.

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