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Week 2 is when we start to see patterns emerge. We start to get a feel for who the teams are.  It’s not time to panic yet, but if you are 0-2, well, OK.. PANIC!

0-2 is typically the harbinger of doom for any NFL team.  Depending on which source you read it’s somewhere between 9 and 12 percent of the teams that start 0-2 make the playoffs.  In fantasy football the percentages are not going to be that bad since there are considerably fewer teams, the chance of making the playoffs are higher but it is certainly time to start making moves if you are 0-2

This week saw another bunch of players, that more than likely fly under your radar during the draft, step up and announce their 2017 presence with authority.  I am sure that whether you are in need of help due to injury or poor drafting there are still some very good players out there that can help you going forward this season.  Let’s see if we can figure out which ones they are and as usual let’s start with Quarterbacks.

Trevor Siemian had another good week posting 231 yards passing with 4, yes that says 4, touchdowns against the Cowboys in the 42-17 blowout on Sunday.  He is going to jump off the waiver wire this week, especially since he is available in 88% of leagues.

Siemian won’t be a bad pick up but you should not expect to see him have any 4 touchdown games over the next two weeks as he travels to Buffalo and goes back home to play Oakland the next week.  You could certainly do worse than picking up Siemian if you have a QB need, but I believe there are a few other better choices that most likely are still available to you on the wire.

Namely, Alex Smith. OK, so Smith is currently the #1 fantasy scoring QB in the NFL and yet he is still available in 56% of leagues.  I get it, you were waiting to see if Week 1 was a fluke.  Well, his 251 yards passing and 1 touchdown certainly was not the same as what he did in Week 1 but it was still a very solid outing.

In fact, that outing kept him as the top scoring QB in most formats.  Do you believe the hype now?  How about if I tell you that he plays the Chargers this week?  The same Chargers that have given up 450 yards passing and 3 touchdowns in their first 2 weeks against lesser offenses and quarterbacks, no offense Miami and Denver, but you have to admit, Kansas City is hot right now.

If you have a Quarterback need and Smith is still available in your league and you do not grab him you are stubborn and living in the past.  Let it go, and take the hot hand on the hot team, you won’t regret it.

Speaking of hot hands and still available, Carson Wentz is almost a photocopy of Smith when it comes to fantasy football this season.   He is among the top quarterbacks in fantasy this season, yet he is still available in 54% of leagues.  He plays the Giants and then the Chargers over the next two weeks, and is on a team playing very good football right now.

Wentz threw for 333 yards on Sunday against a very formidable Kansas City defense.  He also had 2 touchdowns and 1 interception.  If he can do that against the Chiefs I think he’ll find a way to put up good numbers against the Giants and Chargers over the next two weeks.

When it comes to running backs Tarik Cohen, much like Smith and Wentz is still available in 45% of leagues.  This last week he only ran for 13 yards but he also caught 8 passes for 55 yards.  If you are in a PPR league this guy is valuable this season.

In fact he is so valuable in PPR that I would be willing to say that after this week he will not be available to you, however, whether or not you are in a PPR league I would caution you against Cohen for the next handful of games.  Cohen faces a ridiculously tough schedule over the next 5 games when he will go up against, the Steelers, Packers, Vikings, Ravens and Panthers before getting the Saints before going into their bye week.  Yikes.

I do see Cohen having value, and as stated before, especially in PPR leagues, but right now I think there are 2 others that will do better for you in the short term.

The first of which is Javorius Allen.

Javorius “Buck” Allen is available in 91% of leagues and is looking to be a great early season grab this year.   This last Sunday against a much improved Cleveland Browns defense Buck ran for 66 yards and caught 5 passes for 35 yards and a touchdown.

He is in a running back group that is banged up terribly in Baltimore.  It seems that the only two running backs that coach John Harbaugh can count on are Terrence West and Javorius Allen.  West is hardly ever used for passing downs and the two seem to split running down duties so if you do the math, Allen is getting half the running snaps and most of the passing snaps.

He will be one of those sneaky Flex plays all season, you can plug him in and expect a very lofty floor.

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