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Certain Week 3 names jump out as waiver wire targets. In fact, with 4 Z’s, 2 Q’s and 2 V’s in these names I’ll help your fantasy team and your Scrabble game.

It’s too bad that proper names can’t be used in Scrabble we’ve got a Fozzy, a Quincy, and a Cruz lined up for you this week . With multiple injuries and outstanding play in Week 2, we’ve got some other great names lined up for you as well . So let’s see if we can land some of those rare letters on a double-score tile as we start with quarterbacks.

Let’s start with one of our “Z” QBs. Ryan Fitzpatrick threw for 374 yards and 1 touchdown during his Thursday night matchup against the Jets. This is not anything new for Fitzpatrick, and after seeing just how good his offense can be, it would be an easy leap to make to think that he should be the QB that you need to have should you have the need in our lineup.

At 66% availability across fantasy leagues, the “Amish Rifle’s” stock just keeps going up. Let me stop you there, however. If Fitzpatrick is clearly the only good QB you have left to pick from, then yes, take him. Otherwise, be aware of his insanely tough schedule coming over the next 5 weeks. Fitzpatrick and his Jets travel to Kansas City next week only to play Seattle at home the next week, then at Pittsburgh, at Arizona and back home for Baltimore.

There are other QB options out there. Do you really feel you have to, or want to, take a QB with that terrible of a schedule over that next 5 weeks? Of course you don’t and you should not. If you were considering Fitzpatrick then I suggest you look the way of Matt Ryan instead.

Matt Ryan can still be had in over 52% of leagues and with a 396-yard, 3-TD performance on Sunday, I would hope that you realize he should be in your lineup. This is a QB who gets to throw to arguably the best wide receiver in the league (Julio Jones) and a group of other very capable receivers, tight ends and running backs.

For the most part, the games should be close or the Falcons should be playing from behind due to the issues they still seem to face on defense, and next week this does not change as they roll into New Orleans and play a Saints team that is behind the 8-ball with 2 losses already.

Speaking of nice upcoming schedules, take a look at Joe Flacco. Flacco, who is still available in 74% of leagues, plays a fantasy-friendly Jacksonville next week. He is a very unflattering choice, in fact, I’d go as far as to say he’s boring. But the same has always been said about Eli Manning, and just like Manning, Flacco will consistently give you nice yardage numbers with a few touchdowns week-in and week-out.

This last week was a perfect example of that. Flacco threw for 302 yards and 2 touchdowns. It doesn’t jump off the page, but it was way better than most, and yet, most people don’t even notice that he often does this. Take advantage of the Jacksonville matchup this week and plug him into your lineup if in need of a QB.

The big news in the RB world this week was the Adrian Peterson injury. Peterson got escorted off the field after tearing his meniscus during an awkward tackle on Sunday. Nobody knows yet how much time he will miss, if any. Seriously, as of this writing, they are actually saying “if any” in regards to how many games he’ll miss. All fantasy advice aside, just how much of a beast are you that you can tear your meniscus and your people say, “if any” about how many games you’ll miss?

Sorry, I digress, but should Peterson miss any time, many are talking about grabbing Jerick McKinnon or Matt Asiata. Most experts are saying McKinnon, and I prefer neither, but if you are going to take one it should be the one that gets the goal line carries and that is Asiata. So for the sake of argument, I am going to say Asiata is the one you should be targeting. And this is now where I say, don’t do it. Yes, I just said that of the two you should take Asiata and then turned around and said don’t take him, because there are just too many questions.

Asiata is available in 99% of leagues and once Peterson went down he got the majority of touches with 1-catch for 11 yards and 6 carries for 14 yards. That is why I do not suggest either of them. They won’t feed either one enough to help in your lineup. Plus, this week the Vikings travel to Carolina. So with Asiata in a tandem backfield with McKinnon and facing the Panthers D, I really don’t want anything to do with him.

So, who should you grab then? Well that is where your next “Z” comes into play. Fozzy Whittaker replaced Jonathan Stewart after he left the game with a hamstring injury. Whittaker is available in 99% of leagues and in replacement of Stewart, rushed for 100 yards and caught 3 passes for 31 yards. He faces a tough Vikings D this week but then he gets Atlanta, Tampa Bay and then New Orleans. That is a very sweet schedule for a guy who will be looking to prove himself.

Thomas Rawls also came up lame this weekend and it was Christine Michael that filled in for him. Available in 42% of leagues, Michael is a strong runner that some say is a more complete back than Rawls. With 60 yards rushing and 26 yards receiving in place of Rawls this last week, Michael could be a very nice replacement in your lineup should Rawls miss more time. The one caution I would give is, we don’t know if Rawls is actually going to miss time over this. So be careful if you absolutely need someone that is going to play.

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