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All the greats do it.  Tom Brady did it this weekend.  So did Aaron Rodgers and I know you can do it too.  What is it that could bring you together with two of the NFL’s greatest?  It’s called The Comeback.

If you happen to find yourself at 0-3 or 1-2, or even if you are doing just fine but need a little help, then the waiver wire is here for you.

Week 3 is always interesting as it really starts to show us the way things will shape up for you in the first half of the 2017 season.  You can start to see which committee running backs are getting more snaps and which ones are getting less.  You can also start to see which receivers the quarterback’s like to target as well as which teams are for real and which ones are going to struggle.

This all helps in making your decisions as to who you want off of waivers.  If I have to choose between two similar players, I want the player who is either in a high powered offense or has a poor defense, meaning the offense is constantly going to be chasing points.

With that in mind, week 3 gave us a little of everything, we had some relative new comers and we had some wily vets, all of which did well but only some of whom will continue to do so.  Whom is whom?  Let’s look a little further into the numbers and see if we can figure it out, and as always, let’s start with quarterback’s.


Case Keenum, wait, on second thought, nope, “When Sam’s ready, he’s the quarterback,” said Coach Mike Zimmer.  I know I usually float around the stats and make a case for the player, only to say that I think there are better players out there but I couldn’t wait on this one, I had to tell you no, right away.

Yes, Keenum did great, he threw for 369 yards and 3 touchdowns in a very impressive win versus Tampa Bay on Sunday and if he starts against the Lions this weekend he would be a great start again, but the quote above tells you all you need to know. Zimmer did not mince his words and Sam Bradford is their quarterback. He was very clear about the fact that Keenum’s future is on the bench.

Keenum is still available in 99% of leagues. If you need a quarterback to stream next week, and Keenum plays, then as stated above, you could get a great game out of him but if you need more than that then you should instead consider Brian Hoyer.

Hoyer threw 23 completions for 332 and 2 touchdowns and even ran for a touchdown, in a very tight game against the Rams where they ultimately lost 41-39 and he too is still available in 99% of leagues.

Hoyer has looked very good this season and the 49ers seem to have more swagger than we’ve seen from Bay Area football in a long time.  Next week they face the Arizona Cardinals so you can temper your expectations a little, but after that they have back-to-back games against the Indianapolis Colts and then the Washington Redskins.  His future looks bright and he could help you if you have any needs going in to the byes in Weeks 5 and 6.

Deshaun Watson is another solid pick to help you out in the coming weeks.  Watson faced a scary Patriot defense in Foxboro on Sunday and still came out looking good as he was only a Corey Moore play away from the win.  If Corey Moore doesn’t try to go for the ball and just pushes an in-air Cooks out of bounds, the Texans win the game.  He still put up a great stat line for his fantasy football owners with 301 yards passing and 2 touchdowns with 41 yards rushing thrown on top.

Watson has the Tennessee Titans coming up next week and is available in 88% of leagues.  This is the same Titans team that just gave up 433 total yards of offense to the Seattle Seahawks.  Don’t get me wrong, the Seahawks will be good this year but right now their offense is putrid.  I think you can expect good things from Watson in a home game against the Titans.

Running Back

If you are from the other side of the pond, and you know more about Manchester and Arsenal than you about Eli Manning’s arsenal then you probably believe Alex Collins would be a good pick up off the waivers this week.

Collins, available in 99% of leagues, ran for 82 yards on only 9 carries in London on Sunday and seemed to be the only spark plug that the Ravens had going for them this weekend in the lopsided 44-7 loss to the Jaguars, so you definitely want to give him a look on the wire right?

Not so fast. If you didn’t get up really early, 6:30am for those of us on the left coast, you didn’t see the game, and if you didn’t see the game you probably didn’t realize that all of Collins production was in garbage time.

Terrence West and Javorius “Buck” Allen are still the main backs in that offense and that is probably the last time this season Collins will get anywhere near 100 yards in a game.

I will give you both a new name and an old name for you to pick from, and both will do better for you in the running back position than Collins.

First, the new name.  Tarik Cohen, I have mentioned him every week.  He is still somehow available in 60% of leagues and he is still putting up great numbers, especially in PPR leagues. Cohen had 12 carries for 78 yards and as usual added 4 catches for another 24 in Sundays surprise 23-17 win over the Steelers.  In 3 games this year Cohen has rushed for 157 yards and has caught 20 passes for 126 yards.

If you do that math out he is looking at a season total of 837 yards rushing with a whopping 107 catches for 672 yards.  That’s 1509 all-purpose yards and 107 receptions or most importantly, almost 10 points a game in standard leagues and 16 points a game in PPR.  Are you sold yet?  If you need a running back and he’s still available in your league pick him up and start him.

Now for the old name.  Jamaal Charles is starting to be utilized more and more in the Denver defense.  Do I believe in any way shape or form that he will usurp C.J. Anderson as the lead running back?  No I do not.

Do I believe he will fill a nice role in this emerging offense and still has 90% of the old J.C. left in his tank? Yes I do.  Charles had 9 runs for a total of 56 yards and one touchdown in Sundays 26-16 loss to the Bills.

He is still a heck of a counter puncher to Anderson and is available in over 78% of leagues, he has enough gas left in the tank to be valuable in the time share position which he is in and he knows how to find the end zone.  He will make a perfect bye week fill in for standard and PPR leagues.

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