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Snake-bit – [sneyk-bit] Adjective 1. Bitten by a snake. 2. Informal. Unlucky; doomed to misfortune. See also, San Diego Chargers, my fantasy football teams, and quite possibly yours. If that is the case let’s look at the best anti-venom I know of, the waiver wire.

So first things first, locate the snake bite in your lineup. This would be the player that you are hanging on to for some reason that is taking up a spot in your bench or killing you every weekend in your starting lineup.

Once located, make an incision under the bite and suck out the venom, in other words get rid of the poison. Now, doesn’t that feel better? For good measure let’s find some anti-venom on the waiver wire to apply to the wound and help speed up with the healing process and as always, let’s start with quarterbacks.

Don’t Sam Bradford and the Minnesota Vikings look like the team to beat in the NFC right now? They are playing some of the best ball seen in Minneapolis since fantasy stud QB Brett Favre was the QB.

Bradford threw for 271 yards and 2 touchdowns against the Houston Texans this last weekend. Bradford shared the wealth scattering balls all over the field and not turning it over. He has yet to turn the ball over since donning the purple uniform.

I can’t however suggest you go out and get Bradford even though he is available in 87% of leagues, because first and foremost, he is on a bye. But secondly, he is not the focal point of that team, it is their brilliant defense that is the star of the show. After their bye, the Vikings play the very stout defense of the Eagles so no matter how you look at, Bradford is not a good pick up this week. Plus, with Bradford, you always run the risk of injury. You can’t help but wonder how long this will last.

Brian Hoyer on the other hand had an amazing week. He threw for 397 yards and 2 touchdowns against the Colts this weekend. Since becoming the starter in game 3, Hoyer has averaged 20.3 points per game in standard leagues. That is enough to put him in a three-way tie for 2nd place with Drew Brees and Ben Roethlisberger and this is why I suggest you grab him off of waivers if you are looking for a QB to fill a bye-week gap.

Hoyer is available in 83% of leagues and faces the Jags and Packers in the next two weeks, that is a very fantasy friendly two weeks. I don’t see anything that points to him cooling off in the near future, so I say ride the hot hand while it’s still producing.

Alex Smith is coming off of a bye, and the week before threw for 287 and 2 TDs. He is a top- 15 QB right now and is available in 86% of leagues. You could do much worse then having Smith guiding your team. He will help your fantasy team the same way he helps his actual team. He may not give you huge record-breaking games but his floor is very high and he will give you much needed points at a fairly even clip.

The schedule is where things get very nice with Smith. Going forward over the next 4 games, Smith and his Chiefs face Oakland, New Orleans, Indianapolis and Jacksonville. If that is not just what the doctor ordered then I don’t know what is.

Anyone who watched Monday night saw running back Jacquizz Rodgers have an old school Oregon State workhorse game. For those Beaver Believers out there you remember the days when Quizz touched the ball 30 some times and caught a half a dozen passes out of the backfield.

That old Quizz was back on Monday night with an injured Doug Martin and Charles Sims. Rodgers who is available in 74% of league carried the ball 30 times for 101 yards and caught 5 passes for 28 yards for a very nice game, both real and fantasy.

As much as I like Quizz and pull for him, I can not suggest you pick him up. Just like I mentioned with Sam Bradford above, the Bucs are on a bye this week. Besides that though, coming out of the bye the Bucs look to have a completely healthy Doug Martin back at which point Quizz becomes just the change of pace back, so unless Martin does not come back, then you need to look elsewhere.

Perhaps you noticed the guy in the other colored uniforms on Monday night, Cameron Artis-Payne? Payne rushed for 85 yards on 18 carries and had 2 touchdowns against the Buccaneers on Monday night. He also happens to be available in 70% of leagues.

Payne was supposed to take over the Panthers backfield last year and between injury and other hot hands his ship never came in. Now he is getting the opportunity and making the most out of it. Jonathan Stewart may be back by next week but Payne has earned more touches and really, how long will it be before Stewart gets hurt again?

Now, I told you one of the main reasons not to take Jacquizz Rodgers was because of his bye this week. But sometimes it’s worth it to eat the bye week just to get a good player. If you are thinking about doing that then I still urge you to hold off on Quizz and look instead to Matt Asiata.

Asiata had another boring game on Sunday with 55 yards rushing and 1 touchdown. That however is the difference. Asiata is the goal line and short yardage back for the Vikings. All he does is score touchdowns, boring yard touchdowns, and in standard leagues where touchdowns are king then Asiata should be the wild card you pull off of waivers this week.

Asiata who is on a bye this week as previously mentioned, but is available in 84% of leagues. In the four weeks following his Week 4 bye, he will face the Eagles, Bears, Lions, and Redskins where I believe he will get plenty of chance to punch one in for you and your fantasy team.

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