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Did another week of injuries leave your roster looking like the E.R. waiting room during a full moon? If so, let’s keep a cool head and make the right decisions about who we grab off the waiver wire.

Week 5, saw injuries to Quarterbacks, Running Backs, Tight Ends and any receiver who has ever worn a Giants jersey, so the odds are, that most of you have a need at some spot in your roster.

Let’s not waste any time this week, let’s just get into the nitty-gritty about whom you should be targeting off of waivers, and as always, let’s start with Quarterbacks.


With injuries to Sam Bradford and Matt Stafford, and bye weeks for Dak Prescott and Russell Wilson, quarterbacks are going to be a little hard to come by this week.

Jared Goff has been hot as of late.  Up until this past week, when he faced the very tough defense of Seattle, he had the number one offense in the NFL.

He had one of the best running games and a couple of fast young exciting receivers.  He also happens to be available in 76% of leagues.  He seems like the perfect pick if you have a Week 6 need right?  Well, on second thought you might want to wait a week. Goff just came off his worst game this season after going up against Seattle, arguably the best defense in football.  The problem is that in Week 6, he faces the other defense that is putting up the argument against Seattle as the best defense, Jacksonville.

Jacksonville’s defense has been so scary this year that last week they made Ben Roethlisberger question whether or not he belongs in the NFL.  Seriously.


Stay away from Goff this week, you’ll thank me.

Instead, you should be looking at Trevor Siemian.  Denver just had their bye week so they are well rested and they will be going up against the win-less New York Giants.  This should be a field day for Siemian and most of the offensive personnel for Denver.

Siemian is available in 73% of leagues and has been playing at a Top 15 QB pace so far this season.  He should have no problem with the Giants, in fact, the biggest risk you run is if the game gets out of hand quickly and they just start running the ball.

If that worries you, then take a look at Brian Hoyer.  The 49ers quarterback had a monster week throwing for 353 yards and two touchdowns against the Colts on Sunday and he goes up against Washington in Week 6.

Washington has been struggling to figure out just who they are this season (on both sides of the ball) and now word has come out that their best defensive player Josh Norman is out for 4 weeks due to injury.

I think this would be a perfect week to plug and play Hoyer, which should not be a problem as he is available in 93% of leagues.

Running Backs

Running Backs did not fare any better this weekend as we saw injuries to Bilal Powell and Terrence West as well as upcoming byes for LeSean McCoy and Ezekiel Elliott.  That is a lot of production that needs to be replaced.

If you are one of those in need of replacement then surely Marlon Mack turned your head this weekend with he ran for 91 yards and a touchdown.  For anyone who watched the game, he was clearly the most explosive back for the Colts and he’s available in 97% of leagues, so it is fairly obvious that you need to take him right?

Not so fast.  Mack had a great game and most experts agree that he is going to be the back of the future, but most also agree the future is not here yet.  Frank Gore is still playing good ball, he still pass blocks better than the rookie and he still makes heads up defensive plays like the one this weekend when he ran down the 49ers defender after the interception.  If you didn’t see it, look it up in this weekends highlights, even though the defender stepped out of bounds it’s still pretty impressive..

He also is running up the All-time Leading Rushers list, he just passed Eric Dickerson for number 7 and in less than 400 yards will pass both Jerome Bettis and LaDainian Tomlinson for numbers 6 and 5.  The Colts have many reasons to keep giving the veteran back chances and as long as they do, Mack’s fantasy output suffers.

So where could we turn for help? How about Minnesota.  Last week I touted Latavius Murray because all indications pointed to him getting the lions share of carries as he has the experience, the size, yada yada, blah, blah, blah.

Yes, that is about as dumb as it now sounds as I type it because hind sight is always 20/20, and it’s fairly obvious that Jerick McKinnon is the back you want in their offense going forward.

McKinnon, who is available in 71% of leagues ran for 91 yards and touchdown, with 6 catches for 51 yards receiving added and going forward, looks like he will be the featured back in their offense. Grab him without hesitation and confidently play him as a bye week fill in or injury fill in or as a Flex and you’ll be just fine.

Another very nice option is Elijah McGuire for the New York Jets.  As mentioned earlier, Bilal Powell suffered a calf injury and as of now it is unknown as to his status.  Matt Forte is still banged up as well with a lingering turf toe injury, so by process of elimination, that leaves McGuire.

McGuire is available in 85% of leagues and when given the chance had a great week in Week 4 when he ran for 93 yards and a touchdown, he also caught two passes for 38 yards.  He had less of a chance this past week as he was held to just 20 yards rushing and 10 yards receiving but with New England’s soft defense on the docket, and both RB’s that are in front of him banged up, McGuire could be in for another strong week.  He’s a high ceiling bye week play for sure.

Sticking with the theme of positions that need help this week, let’s move on to the Wide Receivers.

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