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After Week 6 you should know who your team is by now.  Do you need to hit the waiver wires hard in order to salvage your season?  If so, let’s dive into available gems for Week 7

There was a great disturbance in the force this week, it’s as if a million Wisconsinites suddenly cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced, something terrible has happened.

Aaron Rodgers is gone for the season and that changes things.  For Rodgers owners, Jordy Nelson, Davante Adams and Randall Cobb owners, also Ty Montgomery owners and Martellus, wait, never mind, Bennett has done nothing this year so that one doesn’t matter..

That one person set off a ripple effect into many fantasy owners line-ups when an awkward tackle turned into a broken collar bone.  That ripple was by far the largest of the weekend, but it was not the only one.  Although this weekend was not as bad for injuries as the last two, there were certainly injuries to be concerned about.

Other injuries of note include Jameis Winston and Leonard Fournette who are day-to-day, and Emmanuel Sanders who is out for Week 7 as well as Tyreek Hill, Golden Tate and Chris Hogan who are all banged up.  That is a lot of ripples to try to navigate and you were most likely affected by one or more of them.

If you were affected by any of those ripples or have players on either of the two bye teams this week, Detroit and Houston, then let’s figure out who on the waiver wire could help you through these choppy waters, and as always let’s start with Quarterbacks.


Brett Hundley was the proverbial “next man up” for the Green Bay Packers on Sunday when Rodgers went down.  He ended up throwing for 157 yards and a touchdown.  He did have 3 interceptions but one could chalk that up to nerves as there was no way when he woke up Sunday morning he thought he would even get a single snap in the game yet alone take over the team for the foreseeable future.

Some in the fantasy world seem to be looking his way.  He has interned behind the best, and he has a cheese wheel full of weapons and he is 99% available across all leagues.

I would give Hundley a big second thought though.  He did not look that good or that ready to play.  He really doesn’t seem like the answer in Green Bay right now.  Of course, only time will tell but I would hold off on him for now especially when you have other proven commodities out there that will do much better for you right off the bat, such as Josh McCown.

McCown is available in 90% of leagues and after his 354-yard two touchdown performance against the Patriots, a game in which he almost won and was a bad end zone call away from at least taking it into overtime, he looks like someone that could really help out shallow QB line-up.

He has some good weapons at receiver and tight end and is playing for a Jets team that is performing better than anyone expected. McCown could prove to be a much needed injury or bye week fill in for you.

Ryan Fitzpatrick is a very interesting pick to consider too.  I need you to understand right off the bat that he might not play, so you need to keep that in mind when grabbing him, but if you have Winston and want insurance or if you are in need of a player this week and it turns out that Winston does not play, then you could do much worse than Fitzpatrick.

Fitzpatrick has proven to be very valuable over the last decade or so in fantasy football, the guy can flat out sling the ball around.  He is available in 99% of leagues and has weapons like Doug Martin, Mike Evans, DeSean Jackson and Cameron Brate.

Look at what he did Sunday in barely more than two quarters, he had 290 yards and 3 touchdowns. I shouldn’t have to do the math for you to understand that Fitzpatrick may not look pretty out there but he will be effective with this team for fantasy football points.  IF Winston can’t go this week he could be an amazing pick.

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