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On Second Thought – Week 8

Do you have players sitting on your bench that are never going to see your starting roster?  Do you have an extra defense or tight end that you picked up as a bye week fill-in still hanging around?  Then guess what?  It’s time to clean house.

This last weekend I did something during the football games that I rarely ever do.  I worked.

That’s right, instead of sitting in a Doritos-induced coma as I watched football from 10am to 8pm, I actually did stuff around my house.  The main honey-do that I completed was cleaning out my closet.  This took basically all of the Patriots/Jets game and was a real eye opener as I realized that maybe I, and some of you, need to do the  same thing with our lineups.

Let me explain, my first order of business was to pull everything that was causing the mess out of my closet and take stock of what I have. This is equivalent to you taking a real hard look at your roster and assessing your talent.

My next move was to toss all unneeded items in either the garbage or the donation pile.  This one was very tough.  I had old shirts that had treated me well in the past that were nothing short of gross and really had to go, but I just didn’t want to part ways with them.  Does this sound familiar Peyton Manning owners?

I had a nice new pair of jeans, these things look great, fit great and served me well up until the last wear, but the last time I wore them I caught them on some barbed wire and ripped them up big time. The rip wasn’t even on a seam so there is no repairing these jeans, yet here they were, still in my closet.  Sound familiar Jamaal Charles owners?

I also found a couple of really sharp, really flashy dress shirts.  These are the type of shirts that you could imagine a guy from The Jersey Shore wearing.  They were bought for a trip to Las Vegas but now maybe get taken out once or twice a year when I go out on the town or to the casino.  They are fun, but really only give me value a couple times a year.  Does this sound familiar Brandin Cooks owners?

Well, if any of these sound familiar, you need to do as I did and just toss them.  It’s like ripping off a band-aid, you just have to do it and do it fast.  If you think about it you will sit there forever psyching yourself out.  Just rip it off.

There, doesn’t that feel better.  Now you can get on to the business of actually cleaning your closet. It is now just a matter of finding all the outfits that you are going to wear, that can be in your regular rotation for the rest of this year and make you look and feel good for some time to come and then putting them back in your newly made space.

In case you didn’t get the metaphor, you can now grab guys off the waiver wire that could help you the rest of the way and insert them into the spots you vacated by getting rid of the roster space wasters that were just clogging up your bench.  Now all we have to do is figure out which waiver wire wonders can help you the rest of the way and deserve a hanger in your fantasy closet.

If you are looking for QB help, then Teddy Bridgewater is a capable QB available in 73% of fantasy leagues. After a real up-and-down season, it seems that he is finally throwing to a healthy receiving corps that features some good young wideouts who can make big plays.

Bridgewater threw for 316 yards and 2 touchdowns against the Lions on Sunday.  He now gets to faceoff against the terrible pass defense of the Bears in Week 8.  I am totally going to say, on second thought, but I first must say that if you need him for just next week then go ahead, it is the Bears after all.  On second thought however, if you are looking for that piece of clothing in your closet that you can go back to regularly, Bridgewater is not your man.  Having two single-digit games out of his first six and one where he only scored 11 points, he is just too inconsistent for me. I would rather have either of the following two QBs.

Jameis Winston, who is available in 84% of leagues, threw for 297 yards and 2 TDs on Sunday.  He looked good and now has two straight games without an interception.  Winston has never passed for less than 200 yards in his NFL career and in his first six games has 8 TDs.

He faces a very tough opponent in Atlanta next week, but he has matchups against the NFC Least in Weeks 9-11, which is on the top of most QBs’ wish list this season.  You can put him in your closet with no reservations.

Last but not least is the Harvard alum himself, Ryan Fitzpatrick.  Fitzpatrick threw for 295 yards and 2 TDs against the Patriots in a loss on Sunday. He seems to be completely commanding the Jets surprising offense this season and is almost a guarantee every week for about 250 passing yards and two TDs.

Next week he gets the Raiders which would normally have you smacking your lips but the Raiders are playing better ball lately so it’s just a good matchup at best.  None-the-less, if he was able to give you the numbers this week that he did against the Patriots in Foxboro, then I will take him against anybody anywhere.

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