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Week 9 is the second consecutive week in which we see 6 teams on their bye week. If you need a little help look no further, we’ve got you covered.

Week 8 came and went with few big injuries to fantasy relevant players, which was nice; we all needed a little reprieve from the mayhem that had been suffered over the last few weeks.

That does not mean that many of us are not still reeling from all the injuries we saw the two weeks prior.  Couple that with the fact that this is the 2nd week in a row with 6 teams on bye and some of us probably need some real help from the waiver wires.

The teams that have byes this week are Chicago, Cleveland, Los Angeles Chargers, Minnesota, New England, and Pittsburgh – meaning that we are missing some really big names this week.

Top-5 players from all four fantasy positions are represented in those teams that are off this week so let’s get to looking at the wire to see what we have available and as always, let’s start with Quarterbacks.


Jacoby Brissett has been a player that I have not been high on this season for a myriad of reasons but this last week he had a very nice game against a very good defense.

Brissett, who is available in 89% of leagues, threw for 233-yards and two touchdowns in a 23-24 loss this week against Cincinnati.  He played a very clean game for a guy who was under pressure all day and ended up getting sacked four times. He’ll be playing Houston next week and there has been some scuttle about the waiver wires about him. However, I would proceed with caution if you are one of those thinking about picking him up.

Brissett has still yet to have that breakout game.  He has only thrown for over 300-yards once and out of eight games this year he has had four where he didn’t throw a single touchdown.  His numbers are just too small for what I need out of the quarterback positon — I would definitely look elsewhere.

Josh McCown now, is a fill in player with promise.  He is available in 74% of leagues still and will be playing the Bills on Thursday night.

I have talked him up in the past and little has changed.  My only worry is that he is playing on a Thursday night which in the past has meant more running and less passing, but that pattern does not seem to be in line this year as there have been some great passing games on Thursday this season.

McCown’s Jets lost to Atlanta on Sunday 20-25, but McCown still threw for 257-yards and two touchdowns. In fact over the last three games he has thrown for 820-yards and seven touchdowns and ran one more touchdown in himself.  He’s been playing well to say the least.

If you can’t get McCown, Jared Goff is also available in 74% of leagues.  Goff should be well rested coming off his bye week and will be playing the Giants this week.  This season Goff has fared very well when playing opponents with losing records. Goff has been slightly above average this year in fantasy overall, and I normally wouldn’t be too interested in him but in a week of need, with him coming off a bye and playing such a juicy match up, I believe there is some opportunity for a really big game from him this week.

Running Back

Alex Collins is a running back that turned some heads this last week when he ran for 113-yards on 18-carries and caught two more balls for 30-yards when his Baltimore Ravens beat up on the Miami Dolphins 40-0 on Sunday. Available in 70% of leagues and playing the Titans this week is enough to make most of us that are hurting for running backs, (which is most of us), jump at the waiver wires to get him.

On second thought however, while Collins has been looking good, this is a back field that also has Buck Allen and this is a team where the running back position has been very inconsistent all season.  He looked nice on Sunday but I would look at other options if I were you such as Marlon Mack.

Mack is available in 71% of leagues, and looks like a running back that will have the opportunity to finish the season strong. On Sunday, Mack rushed for 27-yards and hauled in three passes for 36 receiving yards and a touchdown in a 23-24 loss to Cincinnati.  The key however, was seeing his touches go up from the 5 or so he had been averaging all year to the 14 he received on Sunday.

He plays Houston this next week and it seems as if the coaching staff are interested in taking the opportunity the last half of the season to get him more touches as he is the future of their franchise. Frank Gore has been great as always but the coaching staff has got to start planning for next season when they will have Andrew Luck back and Mack will be the lead back.  I believe his time starts now, so don’t miss out on the Mack train.

Alfred Morris is probably the no-brainer of this week’s waiver wire. Available in an astonishing 70% of leagues, Morris just inherited the Cowboys back field when it was announced that Ezekiel Elliott will in fact be suspended for the next 6 weeks. Now, there is always a chance that something crazy will happen in the litigation process over the next few days to overrule this but it is really looking like it’s going to stick this time.

Dallas averages 150-yards rushing per game and 1.25 rushing touchdowns per game and Morris has the inside track to the lion’s share of that workload.

There is question as to who is going to get more touches Morris or Darren McFadden and nobody really knows, but all I can tell you is that Dallas has actually played Morris this season, and has had him listed as their number 2 all season, so I am going to trust that.  It should be noted that McFadden is also available in 65% of leagues and stands a good chance at getting many, if not more touches when all is said and done.

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