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Second Year Starters

What could be more nerve racking then placing your trust into a second year running back? These two particular running backs had impressive numbers, but can you really rely on talent that has yet to be placed in the subzero temperature of pressure? Sure Ryan Grant came out strong in his first playoff victory against the Seahawks, putting up 201 yards and 3 touchdowns, but when he was asked to perform another great feat against the now Super Bowl champions, New York Giants, he was cut short and thrown into the pit of despair. On the other side of the universe, Selvin Young wasn’t even ready to take the keys to Mike Shanahan’s running system, but he did and he accomplished what he was asked to do, 729 yards with 140 attempts.


At the start of all the rookie camps and voluntary work outs, you probably wouldn’t be questioning the starter in

Denver, or if you should draft Selvin Young in the early rounds, but then a curve ball struck the fantasy world and Travis Henry went swinging. The Broncos cut their starter and now has placed trust into the second year sensation, Selvin Young, a 6’0 210lb running back from

Texas. Last season he was on the cusp of 1,000 yards, but he wasn’t scoring. Young only found the end zone one time which left fantasy owners weary of putting him on the starting block. This year in order to be productive he must score, rushing yards are great, but without meat, one can’t survive on bread alone.


As the world was watching Brett Favre ride out his last season on the frozen tundra, Ryan Grant was just starting his tale as a packer. This tale as now turned into his potential legend. In his first full game he rushed the ball against the Broncos for 104 yards and then backed that performance up with an even better game against the best rush stopping defense in football, the Minnesota Vikings for 119 yards and touchdown. In his first playoff game he took the ball to the house three times against the Seahawks and oh not to mention his 201 yards, for a rookie no-name, this is unforgettable, especially for Packer fans. This year as Favre takes the plunge of retirement, the focus will shift on Ryan Grant. Is he for real? Will he be able to push the edge of greatness or will he be a one-hit-wonder?


For all of our fantasy rosters, I would hope both of these running backs can grow on what they started last year, but reality is that one of these backs will go beyond last year and make a name and contract for themselves. If my prediction counted, I would draft Grant as my 3rd running back and let Selvin Young endure the pain of following in the foot-steps of Terrell Davis and proving that a

Texas running back isn’t as worthless as you think.

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