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Seven Deadly Sins On Draft Day

The modern day concept of the Seven Deadly Sins is credited to the works of the 4th century monk Evagrius Ponticus, who listed eight “evil thoughts”. While Ponticus didn’t ever think the sins would be applied to the 2008 fantasy draft, I’m sure he’d find the article insightful.


There are seven deadly sins: Pride, Envy, Gluttony, Sloth, Lust, Wrath, and Greed. The biggest mistake you can make on Draft day is paying too much when there is simply better talent on the board. Having completed 13 fantasy drafts myself, I intend on helping you avoid the fiery pits of eternal damnation, or the laughing stock of your league.




Marvin Harrison– Marvin is done. He has great hands left.

His goal should be to walk when he’s older. Football has taken it’s toll on one of the best to ever wear a Colts jersey.

Marvin’s pride will keep him playing unless that gun used in the shooting was in his hand. Then he will be the most valuable keeper in prison leagues. I heard the trophy for the top team is a soap on a rope.




Jeff Garcia– productive? no chance. The only guy to throw the jump pass besides Doug Flutie. Bucs are simply a running team.

Jeff thinks he ought to be paid more than his 2 million contact. Based on his skills that is a good number. He wants to be paid among the leagues

leaders. Here’s a thought…. You aren’t one of these guys.




Javon Walker– Knees are in questionable condition.

Showing up to camp out of shape tells me all you did is sit around your mansion and eat pizza like Byron ”

Bam” Morris. 

The ”

Bam” nickname ironically fit him as he was stopped and arrested with bricked kilo’s of marijuana in his van.

QB Jamarcus Russell is a big question mark. Sounds like he is very self serving ala Randy Moss. Just go to the Raiders and collect the checks. Let’s hope this guy’s only vice is food.



Brandon Jacobs– Ahmad Bradshaw is going to steal carries. He will fall from his 5.0 ypc average of a year ago. Over rated by long shot.

Runs very upright and is prone to taking the big hit. Let someone else take him early and grab Bradshaw late. Jacobs at his size (6’4, 264 )should be a TE, except he can’t run routes.



Vince Young– Hasn’t proven he can be accurate throwing 30 ints in two seasons.

 I love his athleticism but he can’t get you to the fantasy playoffs by running alone. Titans WR’s are plain awful and team didn’t do a thing about it on draft day. NFL teams lust for a running QB similar to likes of Mike Vick, but why are they surprised when that QB isn’t accurate?



James Hardy– highly regarded as one of the best rookies this year based on his skills. This guy has already beaten his father senseless, and made the kind of headlines reminiscent of Chris Henry. I wouldn’t be surprised to hear this guy having more episodes. Self serving should refer to going through the process at Fresh Choice, and not what you look for in a team sport. Two words on self serving that the Buffalo Bills know all too well: Peerless Price.



Jamarcus Russell– Russell was willing to sit out all of camp last year while he waited for the Raiders to come up with his ridiculous demands. 31 milion dollar guaranteed contract and a deal worth in excess of 60+million for 6 years. It resulted in him seeing action in a couple of games all season. He remains an unknown commodity.Many will reach for him early. You should pass on the likes of Russell. He is simply overpayed and overrated.

I will follow this article up with the opposite of the seven deadly sins,

The Seven Holy Virtues. This will give you a clear picture of what a successful owner should look for in potential prospects.

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