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Sharing is NOT Caring – RBBC

Those who are unfamiliar with the term (block children’s ears now) runningback by committee are such innocent people. Much like a toddler exploring the world for the first time, you know nothing of bad things or how cruel life can be. RBBC, or

by committee, is symbolic as well. It’s the power outlet on the wall that the toddler strolls over to and inserts a penny. Much like the toddler, an inexperienced fantasy football owner could be in for a very similar shock.

The fantasy gods were not kind this offseason. Examples are a plenty. Just pick a team, and there’s sure to be an example. From the San Diego Chargers with

Vincent Jackson
, to the

Panthers with Steve Smith, to the (way too easy of a target) Pittsburgh Steelers and

Ben Roethlisberger
. These player flub-ups aren’t the only negative points when it comes to decreasing value, though. This offseason seems to have the theme of players hurting other players’ values. What do you think the value of

Shonn Greene

LaDainian Tomlinson
 would be if Tomlinson went to a runningback-needy team like
New England? What would the value of

Jamaal Charles

Thomas Jones
be if Jones had signed with

? What if Mike Bell was given a starting opportunity in

as opposed to sharing carries with

LeSean McCoy in

? The question now becomes, “Who is going to be the most impacted by sharing the carries?”

New York

Jets – LaDainian Tomlinson and Shonn Greene

The Jets were obviously impressed with Greene’s production from last season. How do I know? They didn’t even seem to care that Thomas Jones had vacated Yankee country to head to Royals territory (I guess he’s not a big baseball fan). However, they seemed to be concerned enough about his third-down skills that they went out and got one of the historical bests. Greene is being valued as a No. 1 runningback. Though, this still holds true, Tomlinson will steal away receiving yardage and some red zone work. The reason that Tomlinson decided against going to

wasn’t due to money. It was due to playing time. The Jets offered more playing time than the Vikings were willing to. So, Tomlinson should see decent touches game in and game out. Each touch for Tomlinson is a touch taken away from Greene. Greene’s value is definitely effected, but his production could mirror

Michael Turner
. All run and no catch. But the touchdowns should be there, just like Turner.


Panthers – DeAngelo Williams and

Jonathan Stewart

Isn’t it funny how things work? The Panthers thought that they had their feature back in DeShaun Foster just a few seasons ago. Then they thought Williams would take that position. Then Williams underperformed, and Stewart was thought to take that title. Then Williams finally caught on, but so did Stewart. Now what to do? The Panthers’ answer: start them both. Both of these

would be Top 5 selections in drafts if it weren’t for their running mate. They have proven that even being on the same team and sharing reps, both can still amass 1,000-yard seasons. So who hurts who the most? Stewart definitely impacts Williams more than the other way around. How? Williams is being drafted as a No. 1 fantasy back. A No. 1 back means most likely first-round positioning. So you have your first-round runningback, who has an injury history and is one Ray Lewis or Patrick Willis hit from being replaced. Being replaced by someone drafted later who could offer not only similar stats, but perhaps even better ones. Both are great runningbacks to have on your weekly roster, but Williams’ injuries mixed with high draft price tag make him a larger risk. If I were in the position to take say, 
Reggie Wayne
over Williams in the first round and then Stewart in the second, I’d do that over say Williams in the first and then Marques Colston in the second.


Eagles – LeSean McCoy and Mike Bell

These aren’t as big as the names previously mentioned; however, both could put up very serviceable numbers. When I put together my overall rankings at the very end of last season, I had McCoy very high on my runningback list. Though, he still remains high, he lost some shine when the Eagles stole
Bell away from

New Orleans

put up good numbers when given the opportunity and showed that he could find the endzone. If the Eagles decide to not bruise up there future feature back, they could use

on a lot of short-yardage and goal line work. That could lead to an overall reduction in touchdowns for McCoy.

most likely won’t spell McCoy on most passing downs, but when it comes to hammering it in between the tackles, Bell could be the guy in the backfield. If you need a solid No. 2 RB, then McCoy is the answer. If you’re looking at a runningback to fill in for an injury or a bye week,

could provide decent enough stats to be worth starting. Both of these guys are an injury away from skyrocketing up the stat line.



Knowshon Moreno

Correll Buckhalter

Remember the days when Buckhalter used to be solely a starter for

when Brian Westbrook or (wait for this blast from the past), Duce Staley was injured? Well, he’s been given a more stable workload in

thanks to the boy wonder

Josh McDaniels
. But, coach Josh McDaniels knows what he wants in all of his players. The work ethic, the right attitude and the production.

was selected as the first overall runningback and the first player ever in the McDaniels era in last year’s draft. If McDaniels didn’t believe in him, he certainly wouldn’t have grabbed him so early. Speaking of attitude and work ethic,

acknowledged the fact that he hit the “Pro Wall” and continued to workout to be in better football shape for this season.

put up not only great rookie numbers, but good overall positionally. Buckhalter had the better yards per carry last season, but it’s clear that

will be given all the opportunity needed to excel in McDaniels’ program. Unless

gets hurt, Buckhalter’s carries per game range too wildly to count on for a starter. You could catch him the week he gets 12 carries and 100 total yards, or the week he gets five carries and 26 yards, which is too irregular of a work load to be relied on for production. Where with

, you know he’ll get the carries, he just needs to turn them into a good stat line.

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