Monday - Mar 8, 2021

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Shark League Expansion is Here!

It appears we have filled, thanks for the overwhelming response.  I have kept all the PMs and emails as backup should the latest round of applicants fail to register, so if you applied and received no response, watch your email and the forums for a last second chance, but as it is right now registration is closed and the leagues are full.

And I apologize for the lack of personal responses, I just could not keep up!!!

**As of this writing 15 owners have missed the log in deadline, so….we need 15 more!  Email me at or even better, PM me if I am on and I will get you in!  But the catch is, I just don’t have time to wait around because drafting, as stated below, starts Monday!  So I will be sending league links with openings to whomever contacts me as I receive them, and when I run out of links I will start again at the top, so the first one to log in, grab the team and change the password gets the spot until they are all taken!  And if you are already in a league, because I want the new owners to get to play, well, that is okay this time, so if you want another team, apply!

***Notices went out today, and if you got one, congratulations on getting into the expansion leagues!  Drafting starts Monday August 28th.  If you have not signed in by this Friday at 9:00 EST you may lose your team, as I need to get ready and find replacement owners over the weekend for the Monday drafts.  Make sure the site says you visited!  If you are SURE you applied and have not got a notice, I think I actually got everyone in, so email me at with your contact info and I will find your team for you!  If you did not get in, we will be expanding even more NEXT year!  But registration is now officially closed.  Although, if we have some no-shows, I will be trolling the forums for replacements, so check the Open Forum for All Leagues regularly this weekend and you might get lucky!

Some changes to accomodate the late start are in place.  ONE missed pick (not two) will get you autopilot with instant picking.  Drafts not done by 9:00 EST Tuesday September 5th will go to a 2 minute draft window to finish up.  There will still be a waiver wire preseason as described in the rules, but the window won’t open until midnite after the drafts complete Tuesday.  The waiver wire is easy, if you read what I have written on our site and forums and review the host site, you’ll do fine.  If I can figure it out, so can you!  Mistakes will not be corrected!

If you pulled the number one pick, get up early and make it manually, sometimes the predrafter has issues with the first pick.

Thanks and good luck.  Be sure to check the forums for breaking league news, and may all your first rounders stay healthy!

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