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Shark League Playoffs Underway

Playoffs are about to get underway in the Shark Leagues and what a year we’ve had as there has been fierce competition from top to bottom.  If any of our Shark League participants were at the end of the waiver wire pecking order the bone was picked clean.  Owners were attentive and due to the format, played hard to the bitter end.  We’re proud of the level of competition we bring to these leagues and have been happy to hear all the positive feedback. 


For those new to our Shark Leagues, they’re a tournament style group of leagues where league winners move up into higher brackets and the less fortunate move down the ladder.  At the very pinnacle is the Great White Shark League which is made up of only proven fantasy football champions and is simply the most advanced fantasy football league in existence. 


We have five showcase leagues, the Great White at the top, then four Whale Shark Leagues on the next tier.  Champion of the Great White is the site champion and is showered with gifts and praise!  Each champion from the Whale Shark leagues moves up to Great White next season as the four lower teams in Great White are knocked down to Whale.  There are other tiers below Whale like our Hammerhead leagues that are in the same boat.  If they excel, they move up, if not, they are moved down.  Survival of the fittest, it is the way of the Tank. 


In the showcase leagues we also have some road blocks for our members.  In each four team division there is one staff member to compete against.  One of our staff members is the Coach which is an automated draft and lineup submittal robot.  This season in two of the five showcase leagues, ALL three staff members are in the playoffs.  In another two staff members made it and in the last two, one staff member made it.  I make this calculation every year and it is my determination of whether the staff got the best of the top players or not.  A lot is yet to be decided but in the showcase leagues, 30 players make the playoffs.  Of those 30, 10 are staff members for a 33% playoff rate.  Considering the leagues are made up of 25% staff, that’s a positive playoff conversion ratio.  Advantage staff for playoff apperances in 2004, which keeps the streak alive.


The true test is of course over the next few weeks as we need to sew up two of the five leagues to come out ahead in the final tally. 


Keep an eye on for 2005 registration to open sometime in the spring. 


Congratulations to the following teams for their playoff berths (in order of seeding in each league):


Great White Shark League



Pat Smith (Staff)

Phyrre56 (2003 Site Champ)

Aussie Cowboy

Draft Coach (Staff)


Atlantic Whale Shark League

Paul Fountain (Staff)



Draft Coach (Staff)


Doug Coutts (Staff)


Pacific Whale Shark League






Greg Allen (Staff)


Indian Whale Shark League

Ron Anish (Staff)


Stankweasels 3000





Caribbean Whale Shark League


Ed Leduke (Staff)

Draft Coach (Staff)

Bill Leonard (Staff)




Good luck everyone!


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