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Shark League Rules

Introduction provides a unique twist to standard fantasy football league play, by providing tournament style leagues for fantasy football owners. Tournament style changes the game as you advance or retreat in rank based on your performance year over year. A good performance propels you into a higher and more difficult bracket, for failure, you are dropped to a lower bracket. Have you ever wondered if you’re good enough to slug it out with the very best? Now you can find out. The best teams across all leagues will move up until they reach the pinnacle, The Great White Shark League. The Great White Shark League is the most advanced fantasy football league in existence because it is made up of only proven league champions that have risen through the ranks. Only the cream of the cream will make it to the top. Are you good enough? in conjunction with, provides for the Shark Leagues, for FREE! The Showcase Leagues (Great White and two Whale Shark Leagues) will contain two staff members and ten members that have earned their spot in the leagues.

The leagues are tiered like so:


# Teams and Tier

A 1 Great White Shark League Free!
B 2 Whale Shark Leagues Free!
C 4 Hammerhead Shark Leagues Free!
D 8 Mako Shark Leagues Free!
E 16 Blue Shark Leagues Free!
F 32 Tiger Shark Leagues Free!
G 64 Leopard Shark Leagues Free!
H 128 Sand Shark Leagues Free!
I More if we need ’em! Free!


Who Is Eligible?

In compliance with the COPPA act you must be over the age of 13 to participate. By joining a shark league you affirm that you are over the age of 13.



All League communication will happen via the special Shark Leagues Forum.  If you are not a member of Fantasy Sharks, we strongly encourage you to join!  It’s free after all.


League Structure

At the top of the League Ladder is the Great White Shark League. The Champion of the Great White Shark Showcase League each year is the Site Champion! One tier below the Great White Shark League are the two Whale Shark Leagues, then come the four Hammerhead Shark Leagues, and so on. Each league, from the Great White Shark League to the Sand Shark Leagues, will operate under the same set of rules with playoffs and individual league championships. The Champion and team that scored the most points through 13 weeks (the regular season) in each league will ascend the following season to the league directly above them in the league ladder and the bottom four teams from each league will move down a tier the following season.

League assignments will be sent out via Email every July and an announcement that will remain up each preseason will be made at  League placement will occur approximately 3 weeks before the start of the season with email invitations being sent out to the email addresses on file associated with your team at  If an owner does not respond, they will be replaced.  Once you have attained a spot in the leagues, YOU will determine your own future!

Should openings in leagues occur due to any reason such as withdrawal or expulsion due to a dead beat owner (no activity), those spots will be filled from the league directly below them.

We reserve the right to increase the amount of leagues to accommodate demand by adding additional tiers.

How Owner Movement Is Determined Within The Leagues staff positions in the Shark Showcase Leagues are static. They are in place to provide a high quality blockade for anyone good enough to make it. Site owner Tony ‘The Prognosticator’ Holm will always have the defending Site Champion in his division.

Moving Up

The Champion and Total Points Winner of each league will move up a tier (except for the league at the top – the Great White Shark League) through 13 weeks of play.  Please note that the Total Points Winner does not have to make the playoffs to advance.  In the case where the Champion and Total Points Winner are the same team, then the Championship Runner-up will advance as well.

Moving Down

The bottom four teams in each League will drop down a tier each season they are in the bottom four. 

The bottom four will be determined first by seeing which non-staff teams did not make the playoffs (just the Great White and Whale leagues have fixed staff member participants), if it is four, then they all drop. In there is less than four, that means a non-staff playoff team will drop down which will be the lowest scoring losing team in the first round of the playoffs. Should there be a tie, ties will be broken by comparing regular season winning percentage, followed by regular season total points, and then head-to-head winning percentage. Ties beyond that will be a coin flip.

If more than four non-staff teams miss the playoffs, then the bottom four teams by winning percentage will descend.  Should there be a tie in winning percentage, the tie break will be first by total points, and then head-to-head winning percentage between those involved in the tie. Ties beyond that will be a coin flip.

Please note that these tie-breakers apply to ascending/descending teams only, playoff tie breaks are further down in this document.

The Draft

Once we announce the leagues, a draft date will be set for each. It will be an online draft, with an 8-hour window to make your selection. The timer is turned off between Midnight and 6am ET. Last season drafts took an average of 8 days to complete. Drafts will be handled in the email draft format, and owners will be responsible for familiarizing themselves with it. It is easy, and explained well by the host. Missed picks will not be forfeited, but instead will default to your preset-rankings, and should you fail to provide rankings, then will automatically make your pick for you. Of course, picking for yourself is encouraged, it is faster, and makes for a better team, so if you sign up, don’t be a slouch, and make your own picks! has an excellent pre-draft function, and use of it is encouraged, especially if you anticipate being away from the keyboard for an extended period of time.

If a team does not make a selection within the eight hour window, they forfeit their right to draft in that round and the missed pick will result in them being placed on “auto-draft”.  When on auto draft, the computer will immediately make a selection using Fantasy Sharks projections as soon as the team goes on the clock. 

Added 7/18/18: The team will remain on auto-draft unless a selection is made by pre-drafting a player.  If the team takes their draft over again, they will be taken off auto-pick.

Position Requirements

Rosters will be 16 players, with 1 QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, 1 TE, 1 FLEX (RB/WR/ TE), 1 K and 1 D as your starting lineup. There are no roster position limitations, and no roster requirements.



Rules for QB, RB, WR, TE, PK
Event Range (Low-High) Points  
Number of Passing TDs 1-10 3 points each  
Passing Yards 0-999 1 point for every 20  
Pass Interceptions Thrown 1-99 -1 point each  
Passing 2 Pointers 1-99 2 points each  
Number of Rushing TDs 1-10 6 points each  
Rushing Yards 0-999 1 point for every 10  
Rush Attempts 0-99 1 point for every 5  
Rushing 2 Pointers 1-99 2 points each  
Number of Receiving TDs 1-10 6 points each  
Receiving Yards 0-999 1 point for every 10  
Receptions 1-99 1 point each  
Receiving 2 Pointers 1-99 2 points each  
Number of Field Goals Made 1-99 3 points each  
Length of Field Goal Made 30-39 1  
Length of Field Goal Made 40-49 2  
Length of Field Goal Made 50-110 3  
Extra Points 1-99 1 point each  
Rules for Def
Event Range (Low-High) Points  
Number of Punt Return TDs 1-10 6 points each  
Number of Kickoff Return TDs 1-10 6 points each  
Number of Defensive Fumble Recovery TDs 1-10 6 points each  
Fumble Recoveries (from Opponent) 1-99 2 points each  
Number of Interception Return TDs 1-10 6 points each  
Interceptions Caught 1-99 2 points each  
Number of Blocked Field Goal TDs 1-10 6 points each  
Number of Blocked Punt TDs 1-10 6 points each  
Sacked a QB 1.0-20.0 1 point each  
Safeties 1-99 2 points each  
Total Net Yards Allowed 0-100 10  
Total Net Yards Allowed 101-150 7  
Total Net Yards Allowed 151-200 5  
Total Net Yards Allowed 201-250 4  
Total Net Yards Allowed 251-300 3  
Total Net Yards Allowed 301-350 2  
Total Net Yards Allowed 351-400 1  
Total Net Yards Allowed 401-999 0  
Opponent Total Points Scored 0-1 5  
Opponent Total Points Scored 2-7 4  
Opponent Total Points Scored 8-14 3  
Opponent Total Points Scored 15-25 2  
Opponent Total Points Scored 26-100 0  


Waivers will run Wednesday at 11pm EST, with players awarded worst-to-first per presets.  A First-Come-First-Served period will then open until the first kickoff on Sunday.  Players who have already played will not be eligible.  So for Thursday games, those players will be available up until kickoff of their game, but are not available once their game has started. 

There is a maximum of 4 waiver moves per week from both waivers and FCFS methods combined.

Waivers and FCFS will be open throughout the Shark league playoffs.

Added 7/18/18: There will be one preseason waiver run that happens before kickoff of the first NFL game of the season.


The season will consist of 13 regular season games, playing your division foes twice and each other team (except one) once. There will then be three weeks of playoffs, culminating in a Week 16 Fantasy Championship Game.


Six playoff spots will be awarded to the three division winners and three wild card teams.


1. Winning %
2. Total Points
3. Head-to-head record
4. Division winning %
5. Coin Flip


The wild card teams will be awarded to the non-division winners.
1. Winning %
2. Total Points
3. Head-to-head record
4. Coin Flip



Playoff seeds will be determined as follows: Week 14 the top two division winners will receive byes, and be seeded 1 & 2, based on division tie break criteria. The remaining division winner will receive the No. 3 seed, and play the wild card team seeded 6 with seed 4 and 5 playing each other.


No trading. After much discussion it was decided that the expansion of the leagues makes this impractical to police.


If a franchise does not have a starting lineup by Thursday at 6am ET, the Fantasy Sharks Lineup Coach will automatically select a lineup.

For purposes of submitting rosters, players will lock at kickoff of their game.
In-season ties count as ties. Playoff ties are broken by the playoff tie breaker.


1. Rushing + Receiving TD’s scored by your starting lineup.
2. FG’s scored by your starting lineup.
3. 2pt plays made by your starting lineup (2 point conversions and safeties).
4. XP’s made by your starting lineup.
5. Coin Flip.

Thanks for participating, and good luck to all!




All league rules are subject to modification as determined solely and exclusively by All controversies will be decided by solely and exclusively. Input will be encouraged and considered, but no voting rights on any league issues are vested with the participants.

These leagues are the sole property of Any attempt to copy, reproduce, resell, or otherwise interfere with said property rights will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. Each participant, by joining said leagues, implicitly agrees to abide by all rules and recognizes all authority of regarding the same. Each participant further advises that they are of legal age to participate, or in the alternative have secured parental or guardian consent regarding participation. These leagues are for entertainment purposes only and no cash prizes will be awarded. Participants all agree that they have reviewed the privacy policy and terms of use of and are in compliance with and agreement with the same.