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SHARK LEAGUES: 2020 Site Champion! – Cutler’s Heros

What a hard fought season 2020 was in so many ways. The champion of our Great White Shark League is crowned site champion and this year it was Cutler’s Heros who took on the Flying Hogs in the championship game. The Flying Hogs was our site champion in both 2018 and 2019; a remarkable achievement given the tiered nature of these leagues. In the Shark leagues, if you win you are elevated, if you lose you are demoted and at the very top of our league pyramid is this, the Great White Shark League that is comprised of only proven repeat champions that have been elevated to the very top. It’s a near impossible feat just to make it to Great White, but to win it? That’s something very special indeed.

So congratulations again to Cutler’s Heros.. our new Site Champion for 2020.


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