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SHARK LEAGUES: Accepting NEW Registrations – CLOSING SUNDAY!


Invitations have been sent to all teams in Great White, Whale, Hammerhead, Mako and Blue that haven’t logged into their league yet.

Registration for new teams IS OPEN. Drafts start Monday, August 19th so that they conclude before the start of the season. The leagues are FREE to join and there are no prizes! Yeah!


We host this free competition as one of the goals of the site has been to better recognize the unsung heroes in fantasy that well.. actually can prove they know what they are doing. To win the Great White Shark League is an incredible accomplishment. You have to either win your league or score the most points to be promoted to the next tier.  Which means you have to consistently win and score a lot to get to the top. Then you have to beat 11 other champions that had that same journey.. and beat all of them too. Last year, that team was: The Flying Hogs. Our 2018 Site Champion.

Come on in, the water is fine, we’re happy to have you. If you’re good, you’ll rise. If you struggle, you’ll fall. But if you don’t try, you’ll never know.

League Structure

Our current league structure is like a big pyramid organized like this:

Level 1 – 1 Great White Shark League
Level 2 – 2 Whale Shark Leagues
Level 3 – 4 Hammerhead Shark Leagues
Level 4 – 8 Mako Shark Leagues
Level 5 – 16 Blue Shark Leagues
Level 6 – 32 Tiger Shark Leagues
Level 7 – 64 Leopard Shark Leagues (if needed)

Read all about it in the Shark League Forum where everything Shark Leagues happens.

Good luck in your quest to make it to the top, we do hope you have some fun with it.

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