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Shark Q & A Session

I have gotten a ton of emails from Chum and Sharks alike and I have been able to keep up with my responses thus far so keep ‘em coming. It does take me some time to get to each email so I wanted to let you know that we are going to be utilizing the article discussion section of the message boards (Click Here). So remember that you can always post your questions there and get not only my opinion but also the opinions of all the other fantasy fanatics out there. Don’t forget to provide the name of the state and town that you live in with your email or post. Now on to the questions! 



Wisconsin: Could you please provide your opinion on whether or not I should trade away Edgerrin James for a WR?


I’m in a TD only league (6pts) with a 3 pt bonus for going over 100 yards.  My RB’s are Ricky Williams, Lamar Gordon, and Edgerrin James.  My WR’s are Rod Gardner, Quincy Morgan, and Randy Moss.  Who should I look to get for him?  Am I ok with these guys? 


Tiki Barber and Troy Hambrick are on the waiver list, so I could pick one of those guys up as well.  I’m just a little leery on the health of the Edge.  Thanks for your input.


Corey:  I wouldn’t trade EJ just yet. Sure his health issues raise some eyebrows but I wouldn’t be overly concerned. EJ may not sniff any playing time this week against Tampa Bay for Monday Night Football but rest assured that if he can he will play against Carolina next week. EJ is just to good to deal away right now. But if you’re really, really, concerned and it will help you sleep at night I will tell you who to shoot after at WR for the likes of EJ.


If you were going to trade EJ, I would shot after Marvin Harrison or Torry Holt. Those are the only two I would even consider trading EJ for at this point.



Royersford, Pa: I drafted W Green first in round three. I didn’t like him that much, but with 15 backs already gone, I figured he had some upside. The real worry is that Cleveland has been throwing the ball a lot this year. They threw almost every down against the Niners when the score was still 9-6. Last week should have been W Greens moment against the Bengal’s, but it didn’t happen, as Cleveland preferred to throw.

My Question is when will Cleveland start pounding the ball, and is William Green talented enough to produce if he gets the carries?


Corey: Sure he has the talent; the problem is he doesn’t have the offensive line or carries to prove it. Right now, they are all about the pass and it is going to remain that way, especially with Couch back in control, until it stops working. Green is going to continue to get his 15 to 17 touches a game and they will use him as a way to keep the safety honest.


Couch and Kevin Johnson have been a great combo for some time and the Browns are going to air it out for the time being so don’t expect Green to be a major fantasy contributor for at least the next few weeks.


Xenia, Ohio: I need major help with my team. I’m 0-4 and not sure I see much turnaround soon.

My team:

QB: Donovan McNabb, Trent Green

RB: Ricky Williams, Trung Candidate, Mike Anderson, Warrick Dunn, and Amos Zereoue

WR Tim Brown, Holt, Quincy Morgan, and Reggie Wayne

K Niners, Bucs

D Niners, Seahawks, Dolphins

IR Jerry Porter

(Before you ask about the 3 Defenses, I picked up the Niners because the Hawks and Dolphins had a bye last week.)

Anyway, just wondering if you have any suggestions on possible trades or Free Agent pickups that could be made to help.


Corey: I am looking at your roster and those available and honestly I see a few moves that you can make on the wire that can strengthen your team enough that you may not have to trade.


At QB: Your solid with McNabb and Green. McNabb looks to have finally arrived and things should improve.


At RB: Ricky is a stud but everything else is weak. I am assuming you start two RB’s so I would say pick up T.J. Duckett. He had a good game last week and I see him getting more and more carries as the year continues. Drop Dunn.


At WR: I like Sharpe but I think you have better options. Kevin Johnson, Shaw and even Bennett are available and are better chooses in my eyes. I think dropping Morgan was a good call.


At K: Got to get a better kicker. Washington’s John Hall is the 5th ranked Fantasy Kicker right now and is still available so grab him.


At D: Solid with Seahawks and Dolphins, 49ers are iffy right now but wait and see.


Your team isn’t as bad as you may think so trading might not be necessary. Make a few waiver wire additions and play it out. It’s a long season and in your case I don’t think it’s worth trading yet.



Centennial, Co.: Aaron Brooks was my first QB pick, but hasn’t done much this year.  I’ve picked up and started David Carr and Gus Frerotte recently, which has been a big improvement.  I also have Mike Vick on IR.  I’d like to dump Brooks, because I think I can get by with Carr until Vick comes back, but I would hate to just put him up on waivers.  So the question here is: Does Brooks have any trade value, and if so, what would be reasonable to ask for in the RB or WR

Thanks for your thoughts.


Corey D: You can get yourself some pretty good WR and RB’s for Brooks, it’s just a matter of finding someone interested. Since I haven’t seen a lot of action with Brooks involved I looked on ESPN and found that right now Brooks is
being traded for players such as Chris Chamber (WR), Moe Williams (RB), Fred Taylor (RB), and even Stephen Davis (RB). I doubt that you could recreate a Brooks for Davis trade but hell, give it a shot.

Remember nothing is impossible if you package Brooks correctly. Now GO…GO…GO…and SELL…SELL…SELL!



Parts, Unknown: I have been offered (would get) T. Owens and B. Johnson for L. Gordon, T. Green, P. Price and R. Gardner. I’m weak at WR and all the players I’m giving up are expendable. I guess it comes down to who is going to have the better rest of the season:  Owens or Price?


Corey D:  Tough call. I normally don’t like 4 for 2 trades for obvious reasons but this one is interesting.


Green and Johnson are both consistent though Johnson is having the better season thus far so that would be an upgrade at QB. Owens is part of a struggling offense and he has a tendency to get on peoples nerves. But, with that said, we are talking about Terrell Owens! The man is a stud and he will get more then his fair share of opportunities.


I would take the trade, it’s an upgrade at QB and you get the ninth ranked fantasy wide receiver in Terrell Owens.

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