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Shark Q & A Session

Tons of emails this week as fantasy rosters around the globe are in disarray. The number of emails that I receive every week is on a steady rise as people all over the globe (got one from down under!) are looking for advice on roster moves, pick ups and trades. As an author for the best fantasy football site on the net I feel compelled to give you all one small golden nugget of advice.




I have gotten a fair share of emails from people who are considering trades or waiver wire moves that are a bit on the drastic side. Listen, other then the entire Raider’s offense, I would second guess any move or trade where you are giving up one of your top three draft picks. The Chargers may be 0-5 but L. Tomlinson is still, at least in my opinion, worth holding on to. Now sure if you get an offer on your desk that is an obvious improvement to one or more areas of your team then consider it. Let me give you an example.


If own a Tomlinson type player and are offered a M. Harrison or R. Moss type WR (high performers and first tier WRs) and quality second tier RB, like R. Williams or S. Davis, then considers the trade. Now if you get an offer for that Tomlinson type player that lands you C. Chambers or P. Burress type WRs (big names currently under achieving) and T.J. Duckett type running backs (the guys that could break one but often don’t) then let it go.


Listen no one is going to blame you for holding the top tier player who had a second tier season. But believe me you will never hear the end of it if you drop or trade that guy and he turns it around.


If you’re still not sure and its advice you seek just click here to email me.


That’s my two-cent so now on with the show…



San Diego, Ca: What should I do with D. Stallworth? He’s been a major disappointment so far. I could drop him for someone like M. Shipp or J. Porter or M. Bennett. My other WR are Moulds, Boston, A. Johnson, and Lelie. I also have both A. Crumpler and J. Shockey and want to trade Crumpler for maybe another more consistent WR and am looking at trying to get K. Robinson. What do you think?


Any help you could give me would be appreciated. This is my team, but surprisingly I am only 2 and 3 even though I have scored the most points in my league. It’s a public Yahoo League that starts 1QB, 3WR, 2RB, 1TE, K, and Def. Thanks again.


QB: S. McNair, M. Hasselbeck
WR: E. Moulds, D. Boston, A. Johnson, A. Lelie, D. Stallworth
RB: L. Tomlinson, J. Lewis, T. Hambrick, A. Zereoue
TE: A. Crumpler, J. Shockey
K:  O. Pochman
D:  What ever team has favorable match up.


Corey:  I would pick up Bennett. It will be a few weeks till he is back (including a bye week) but he will take over the starting role and their schedule is soft at the end of the season. He is a great late season addition.

It will be hard to trade a TE for a consistent WR.  Look on the waiver wire and see if any free agents spark your interest. Let me know what’s available and I can help you out there.

Your team is solid, a little weak at WR, but all together solid. Lots of people started off slow so don’t over manage at this point. Just wait it out and your team will be pulling W after W.


North Dakota: I got offered a trade and I’m not to sure what to do and what makes it more difficult the trade is from someone in my division. But here is the trade offer: E. George, I. Hilliard, and K. Faulk for E. James, Z. Crocket, E. Parker. I don’t have a stellar running back stable but that’s all right because my wide receivers are good. My other RB’s beside E. James, M. Williams, Z. Crockett, E. Smith, and M. Cloud. My WR’s are R. Moss, P. Burress, Q. Morgan, K. McCardell, and E. Parker. What should I do?

Corey: I wouldn’t take the trade. Think about it. You’re giving up E. James for Eddie George. George is have a horrible season and James will be back in a week. Crocket offers you nothing and Hilliard is a bench player with your current starting WR’s. To top it off this guy is in your division! There is no real upside for you in this deal. So to answer your question, no.



Boston, MA: looking for some advice, I have Jay Fiedler backing up Peyton Manning and am not confident with him filling in Manning’s bye week and or injury. I have Quincy Carter and Drew Brees available off of waivers. Do I go with my gut and ditch Fiedler for one of these two? If so, which one?


Corey: Out of the two, I like Carter but I would stick with Jay in this case. He is seasoned, consistent, and capable of hitting a long one from time to time. Don’t panic…back-ups aren’t suppose to be amazing, just dependable.



Royersford, Pa: I have another enigma for you, Kevan Barlow. When the 49ers originally drafted him, Shanahan called him the best back in the draft. Now Shanahan knows his stuff when it comes to RBs.

My question is what is the deal with Barlow? I realize Hearst is siphoning off his stats, but I saw last week Hearst had 70 yards. But if this guy cant beat out a 33-year-old RB is he even worth keeping? I was thinking of offering him in a trade so I could acquire M. Shipp.

Any thoughts?


Corey: I actually got to talk to Steve Mariucci about Barlow a week or two after the draft at a charity golf event. I told him that I also thought he got the best RB in the draft and I still think Barlow is.


Barlow has incredible ability and talent. I get the feeling that it is going to take him a little more time before he breaks out and steals the spotlight. You have to remember that Hearst is a quality back that went through a lot to get that starting role back. Not to mention the fact that this tandem thing is working for now. They will keep it like this for the time being but I don’t expect to find any RB controversies in SF come next season.


With that said…. I would go after Shipp. Shipp has more to offer as an every down starter then Barlow does right now. If the opportunity presents itself you should jump on it.



Parts, Unknown: So far you have been pretty helpful in my decisions.  I thank you for that.  Here is my dilemma.  I have, I thought, a pretty good team with Brooks and Culpepper at QB, Portis, S. Davis and Hambrick at RB, Coles, Chambers and J. Smith at the WR, Crumpler and Riemersma TE.  My kickers are Reed and Elling with the 49ers and Packers Defense.  But you know I have dropped 3 in a row because of injuries or indecision on my part.  I guess what I am looking for here is some more advise.  Is this lineup a keeper or should I use some of these players for trade and if so whom do I trade for??


I do realize this is not an exact science, but I am pretty aggravated at this bunch.  Thanks for any help on this matter.


Corey:  This is a perfect example of over management. I know losing sucks and losing three in a row really sucks but for the most part I wouldn’t change a thing. Lets start with your QB’s.


Brooks will come around, especially since Deuce is starting to pick up the pace. This will set up some big play action passes and help keep defenses honest. Culpepper is going to be fine. I believe him when he says that he is fine and I think he will be back in the line up especially after the bye week. Now on to RBs.


You have Portis, Davis and Hambrick. What’s the problem? Don’t panic about Davis’ injury because it appears to only be a bone bruise but do keep an eye on it. Davis is no wimp and he will play if he can, banged up or not. Portis is a stud, enough said on him. Hambrick is a little iffy but he is a starter that is averaging just above 20 carries a game.  Now on to the wide outs.


L. Coles and J. Smith are solid WRs. Chambers has big play ability but is under achieving right now. With that said, I still have my hopes (he is on my roster as well!). Hold onto him unless something obviously better appears.


Tight ends and Kickers are solid but the only area that I see that you are a little weak is at defense. San Francisco’s solid but keep an eye on them. Green Bay is in the middle of the pack.


Right now, don’t bother trading. Just let your team regroup and I am sure that you will be satisfied come season’s end. 

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