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Shark Q & A Session – Keeper Leagues

This Friday morning my email inbox was more full the Anna Nicole’s brazier.


Taylor or Davis? Bell or Jones? Lewis or Williams? Could Staley be a sleeper? Has McNair finally run out of gas? Is Edge’s knee ready to go? The questions came flying in from around the globe as sharks and chum alike sent in questions of all types.


Keeper leagues seen to be the focus of most of the emails and rightfully so. Personally I think that keeper leagues offer a unique twist to fantasy football that can leave some owners curled up in the fetal position in their showers crying like an 11 year old Girl Scout.


Here are a few of the question that came my way. Take a look and keep those questions coming. 


Fivestones from Waukegan, IL: Corey thanks for taking my question.  I am in a 12-team keeper league where the scoring is td-only (6 points) for all positions.  I am debating about which 6 players to retain and I was hoping for a little advice from you.  Here are the players I have to choose from: J Garcia, B Johnson, J Lewis, E James, D Davis, F Taylor, L McGahee, A Johnson, S Smith, D Mason, P Burress, K McCardell.  So which should players should I retain???




Corey D: There are five that seem fairly obvious to me; J. Lewis, E. James, S. Smith, D. Mason and J. Garcia. It gets tough with Taylor or Davis. Taylor is a yardage machine that has seen a drop off in his TD production so D. Davis has an edge here as he scored 8 in his rookie season. That’s is a tough call but I would have to go to Davis based on his TD output.


This will leave you with one quality starting QB, 3 outstanding RBs, and 2 top tier WRs. Seems like a well-balanced team to me.


Good Luck and I hope this helps




Baller: I have Jamal Lewis and Dominick Davis on my roster. Their Bye Weeks are 6 and 7. I, also, have Tatum Bell, but Kevin Jones is available on the Waiver Wire. I am not sure whether or not Bell will take over the starting role in Denver by my two starters’ Bye Weeks. Denver plays Oakland and Cincinnati and Detroit plays Green Bay and the NY Giants. Do u think I should give up Tatum Bell for Kevin Jones?


Corey D: Bell will be a nice fit in Denver’s scheme and we all know how RB’s fair in Shanahan’s system. It’s a toss up if he will have the starting job or not by then though. One good thing about Kevin Jones is we all know he is starting. Dropping Bell and picking up Jones sounds like a solid move that gives you three starting RB’s. Jones has a bye in week 4 so there is no conflict there. Jones also offers you a unique trade opportunity if he lights it up.


I like Bell but you have to go with Jones.




Frank from Pa: In a previous article, you picked Kevin Jones RB Det to have a big year. I agree with your assessment of the situation with Detroit’s offense. But, my question is this: Will Steve Marriucci gives Kevin Jones the ball enough for the kid to produce those kinds of numbers. Marriucci as a couch has always preferred a RB by committee approach. Do you see Marriucci changing his approach this year, and going with a primary back?

Personally, I would feel Julius Jones is a safer pick, because if the kid is real, Parcells will get him 20 touches a game.


Corey D: I understand why you would feel that way but I would like to point something out. Marriucci, by no means, is a “By Committee” Coach. Sure over the last two seasons Barlow slowly cut into Hearst’s carries until finally taking over but I suggest that this was because Marriucci knew that Barlow was the future back for the 49ers and this was necessary to develop him to his potential. It was a natural progression. Here are some stats to prove my point.


In 2003 it became the Barlow show. 

In 2002 Hearst saw the rock 70 more times

In 2001 Hearst carried the ball 125 more times then Barlow.

In 2000 Garner with 208 more carries then any other 49er RB.

In 1999 Garner had 193 more carries then any other 49er RB.

In ’98, Hearst had 262 more carries then any other 49er RB. 

In ’97 (Marriucci and Hearst’s rookie seasons) Hearst had 109 more carries then any other 49er RB. 


So at what point did Marriucci become a “By Committee” coach? He is not a “By Committee” coach; he is a “winning” coach that the 49ers and Dr. John “Evil” York should have never gotten ridden of. Those BASTARDS…oops..did I use my outside voice? The point is Marriucci goes with the RB that produces the best for him and then rides them. I just think that Kevin Jones is going to be part of a more effective offensive then Julius.


Hope this helps



If you have a question for me please don’t forget to put your Shark sign in name, town and state in the email.


Bring it on!

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