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Shark Q & A Session – Long Over Due

It’s crunch time. The preseason games are coming to a close as those fighting for roster spots try to make positive last impressions. For those of us who have been waiting for this season to begin it couldn’t come soon enough.


With cat-5 storms bearing down on Florida, the war in Iraq weighing heavy on our hearts, and political battles raising concerns for our future we are all over due for something fun, something we can be passionate about, something that can take the edge of a long hard week. We all deserve a break from reality right about now.


I mean come on…these are all very important issues but my mind can only hold so much tragedy, drama, and scare tactics. Hell I can’t wait for those few hours every Sunday when the most important thing I need to think about is who to start in my two and three spots for my WRs. When the only thing I have to worry about is missing a late breaking report that my stud RB pulled a hammy during his pre-game warm up. When the only thing about the future that concerns me is the development of Willis McGahee and Roy Williams.


This is the time of year when for one day out of the week, I can yell and scream while burning a path in the carpet between the television and my computer. When I can crack a cold one open BEFORE everyone else in the house has even had breakfast. When I can STOP being the loving husband, the devoted father, and responsible adult and just be a fan of America’s REAL pastime.


With week one right around the corner I am sure more then a few of you have some roster questions. Well bring it on! Send them down! Whether your question is featured in my article or not you will be getting a response from me regardless. Last season I answered every single question that was shot across my desk and this year will be no different.


Now lets take a look at a few questions my fellow sharks had for me this week.

Shawn: I’m in a 12 team combined TD/Yardage league and here is the team I drafted yesterday. Can you see any area I should be looking at improving through free agency etc…


QB: Marc Bulger

QB: Rich Gannon

RB: Ahman Green

RB: Kevan Barlow

RB: Kevin Jones

RB: Julius Jones

RB Tatum Bell

WR: Chad Johnson

WR: Santana Moss

WR: Jimmy Smith

WR: Jerry Porter

TE: Kellen Winslow

D: Denver Broncos

PK: Aaron Elling


Corey D: Your starting line up looks solid with Bulger, Green, Barlow, Johnson, S. Moss, and Smith.


The main area that you might want to upgrade is at WR. Your solid at the #1 spot and you have a decent #2 but you are questionable/risky at #3. You might want to keep an eye on Smith. There is nothing but good news coming out of camp about Jimmy but you have to remember that he is 35 and subject to oft injury. Porter has tremendous upside and has the speed, size, and ability but with that said Gannon isn’t the long ball type of QB.  


The other area is at PK. Seeing as he was released you might want to pick up somebody else. Honestly…anybody else would be an upgrade over this guy anyway. 

Bgusta20: I am in a 10-team league that starts 3 RBs.  I drew pick 10 and am able to keep one player from last year, so my first round pick will be Priest Holmes.  So my question is what to do with my second round pick (11th overall)?  I am hoping that Moss or Edge is there, if not should I go with Culpepper/Manning?  But then I would have to wait until the 3rd and 4th round (30th and 31st overall) to find my second and third starting RBs.  It will be fine if Westbrook and/or Bennett are still there.  But if not I will have to think about picking and starting backs like Thomas Jones, Duce Staley, Charlie Garner, etc.  So do I need a back in the second round (Edge or Taylor) or can I wait until round 3 and have a stud WR or QB?


Thanks for the advice.


Corey D:  Considering that this is 10-team Keeper league, you start 3 RBs, and you’re drafting in the 10 spot you have no real chose but to go with a RB in the second round. Your chances of catching solid QBs and WR with your 3rd and 4th round picks are far greater then your chances of landing a decent RB in these rounds, especially in a keeper league like this.


I would grab the best available RB then lock up the best available QB and best available WR with your back to back picks in the 3rd and 4th. With two solid RB, and consistent QB (i.e. Trent Green) and a solid second tier WR you have a good foundation to support some more upside opportunity picks later on.

JR: Great article, and really good perspective on the young men leaving early. And oh bye the way I followed your article about draft strategy last year and won my league! I followed it again this year and did, what myself and others think is a very deep team in a 10 owner system. Last year was my first year of FLL!  Looking forward to this season, thanks to you!


Corey D: Thanks JR and congratulations on your freshman championship! We all work hard and make an honest effort to provide our fellow sharks with the best possible information and advice every week and this is exactly why. Send me your current roster; I would really like to take a look at it. Keep up the good work JR and take ‘em down again!

CLICK HERE to send your question to Corey D.


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