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Shark Q & A Session – Pandemonium

But wait… there is more! Vick just yanked his hammy and look…up in the sky…is it a bird? No. Is it a plane? No. It’s the incredible, the amazing, Dana Stubblefield! Caught up in the THG scandal? Dana? Never. Please the only thing amazing about this guy is that he was smart enough to hire an agent that can find teams dumb enough to sign him.


What a friggin’ week, Fantasy Football rankings around the nation are shifting and turning more then a belly dancer’s hips at a Renaissance Fair. This is the stuff that I love. This is that clipboard carrying, first round pick, gets the opportunity to shine, this is when sleepers emerge, this is what fantasy football is all about. Pandemonium.


Good thing I shave my head because if I had hair I would have been pulling it out all week.


I got a lot of emails this week so lets take a look at a few of them. And hopefully I can keep my fellow sharks from the same bald fate as me!



Joe T: Take a look at my fantasy team and tell me what you think; keep in mind
it’s an 8 player league – thanks.

QB – Michael Vick, Aaron Brooks, Byron Leftwich
RB – Deuce McAllister, Michael Bennett, Brian Westbrook, Chris Brown, DeShaun Foster
WR – Terrell Owens, Torry Holt, Eric Moulds, David Boston, Jerry Porter, Dante Hall
TE – Todd Heap, Freddie Jones
Kicker – Jay Feely, S. Janokoski
Def – Minnesota, Tampa Bay

Obviously my RB’s are very my weak spot; do you think we will be competitive.  Do you have any suggestions to improve my team?  Who will be the next Dante Hall; I need to find a team with a great kick and punt return unit, any suggestions?  Thanks.


Corey D: I don’t think that your RB crew is as weak as you think. We all know that Deuce is a stud. Bennett has got Smith breathing down his back and has got to prove that he can stay healthy or his role in the high octane Minnesota offense could be in jeopardy. Motivation is a great thing.


Westbrook also has the opportunity to shine as the featured back, if he can stay healthy. With his break away speed and great hands come an injury concern.  You should get solid numbers from him as long as he can keep off the sidelines.


Brown has got a ton of potential and should produce some solid numbers as the new starter in Tennessee and Foster is going to see more field time this season whether Davis gets hurt or not. Foster is great sleeper pick this season.


Looks like you have a competitive team.


As far as the next Dante Hall… you may already have drafted him. Foster maybe returning kick-off this season.



Robin, Dallas TX: Thanks for the help last year.  I was lucky enough to get the number one spot in our draft this year.  Now, I know Holmes or Tomlinson should be one of the 2 I should take.  But after some of the things that I have read on both, what are your thoughts on say Shaun Alexander over the above mentioned??  Thanks for the help.


Corey D: I like Alexander but not more then Holmes or Tomlinson.


Seattle has many other offensive options to move them down the field whereas Tomlinson is San Diego’s only option. Holmes is getting up there in the years but he produces year after year. 2000+ total yards and 27 TDs…. why do we continue to doubt this man? Plus Holmes may be looking to retire soon (next season?) so you know he will be motivated to go out with a bang instead of a limp.


If anyone were going to surpass LT or Holmes this season I would put my money on Ahman Green. Green can do it all and he proved it last season by posting 355 carries for 1883 yards and 20 TDs. Green ranked 3rd in the NFL with 10 100-yard games, 2nd in total rushing yards, and 2nd in total TDs.   If there is anyone that tempts me with my first pick other then LT or Holmes it would be a guy that posts numbers like that, it would be Green. 



Todd, Minneapolis, MN: I’m in a 10-team, 1 player keeper league.  Priest Holmes is my keeper.  My question is what should I do with my second pick.  I pick 5th and know that the best RB’s that will still be on the board will be R. Johnson, D. Davis, T. Henry, K. Barlow and maybe F. Taylor.   With WR’s, Holt, Owens and maybe even Harrison will be available.  Should I grab a second tier back with this pick or go with a number one receiver????    Thanks in advance for the advice.   


Corey D: I would go with the first tier WR. I have always been a fan of drafting the best available player on the board in the first three to four rounds. I know that a lot of people would tell you to take a RB because good ones are hard to find but if Harrison or Holt is still around (which would surprise me) you have to jump on the opportunity.



Brian C: Hey Corey, I’ve written to you before and appreciate the good advice/comments. I’ve been playing FF for 14 years and know what I’m doing, but I just joined an “unconventional” league and I’m in unexplored territory here.


For the first time I’m in a league (12 teams) where two QBs can start. Any player or a defense can fill our flex position. Seeing how QBs get 6-pts per TD pass in this league, 1 pt for every 25 yds, I think it’s a no-brainer to fill the flex with a QB at least most of the time. But QBs do get –3 points per interception.


I still want a stud RB if I can (in my book, a top 8, Priest through James), but I’m inclined to have my 2 QBs no later than the 4th rd, or even by the 3rd if it means I can land a top-12 or so QB as my backup. Am I overvaluing this position? Is there a better strategy? FYI: this league gives 1 pt/reception. Thanks.


Corey D: I do think you’re overvaluing this position a bit but it’s hard to tell, as I don’t know your complete scoring system. From what you have told me I would say that a QB is the way to go but I wouldn’t spend a 3rd or 4th round pick on my flex player.


Get your starting squad rounded out then fill the flex position. There should be some quality QBs left in the later rounds to fill your flex and there is a good chance you could nab a top 10 QB in the 3rd to fill your starting QB slot. Personally when it comes to flex positions I never go into the draft looking to fill that spot specifically. I always try to grab the best possible player on the board and fill my roster and when all is said and done your flex position player will seem obvious whether it’s a QB or not.


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