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Shark Q & A Session – Preseason

The only good thing about the preseason is that it gives us an opportunity to re-evaluate the rookies, sleepers, and those returning from injury. Other then that you get to watch your top draft pick blow his ACL or, as in my case, retire and one quarter of half hearted football. Wow.


Lets cut the preseason in half and get straight to good stuff. I mean you’ve had mini camps, workouts, and training camp to get ready. I am watching my 3 fantasy teams fall apart as players go down left and right. Lets get on with the season already. Before the rest of my team ends up number the knife!


Speaking about “getting on with it”, I got a ton of emails this week and lots of solid questions. Lets take a look.


Chuck from Laguna, Ca.: Who do you think will have the most fantasy value this season? C. Dillon or R. Johnson. They both have an opportunity to put up better numbers. I’m leaning towards Rudi as my pick.


Corey D: It’s a tough call but for this season I would have to go with Dillon. I really think that he is going to be motivated this season to shut up all the Dillion doubters out there. I like Dillon’s chances this season and though he cried and sniveled a lot its hard to doubt his talent. Rudi has more long term potential but this year I think Dillon will surprise most. It doesn’t hurt that he has an easier schedule then Rudi does either. 

Big Rob: My fantasy football league has gone from 10 to 12 players. We can keep 2 players and one that I am keeping is Clinton Portis. Our scoring system awards 6 pts for touchdowns, Bonus points for 100 yards rushing and 100 yrd receiving. Who should be my second keeper? And why? The players are Dominic Davis, Rudi Johnson, Stephen Davis, and Terrell Owens. Please Help!!…My draft is on 8/14/04.


Corey D: Big Rob, I hope this information is still useful seeing as your draft is right around the corner. Stephen Davis will be lucky to be starting at the end of this season so count him out and though Dominic Davis had a great season his size scares me. That leaves T.O and Rudi Johnson. Rudi offer top 15 to top 10 RB potential but it is hard to pass on a top 5 WR. Personally I would hold onto Terrell Owens at this point.


I know that RB are gold but when there is such a massive drop off when you go from tier one to tier two WRs its hard not to tag T.O. a keeper.


Hope this helps!

Ed the Minnesconsin: Corey, I’ve checked out your articles regularly and you consistently advocate taking the best player in the draft at any point. 


The sharks projections customized to our scoring system show Culpepper and McNabb projected for more points than Holmes by about 20 and 15 respectively.  The next couple of QBs are right in there with Holmes, LT, and Ahman.  Picking in the top, say, three or four (of 12 total) first round, would you take a QB over one of the stud RBs?  Your second (next) pick would come at the bottom of the second round, as even rounds pick in the reverse of the odd rounds.  The past has shown that there usually isn’t much left for RB late in the 2nd.

Corey D: Great question Ed and thank you for pointing this out. To answer your question… No, I don’t think you should take a QB before a top tier RB. I do advocate taking the best player available for at least the first few rounds.


But something that I apparently did not explain was that the position value of the players needs to be taking into consideration as well. As Everyone knows that getting a stud RB is key and they should be giving the highest order of praise in the first round because after that we all know that the good ones are gone. Players like Holmes, LT and Ahman are few and far between so supply and demand becomes a factor you have to consider. 


Thanks for pointing this out!

Nate:  I play a very tough league.  It is a keeper league with 12 teams.  We have to have 3 QB’s, 5 RB’s (very tuff), 5WR’s, 2 TE’s, 2 Kickers, and 2 Defenses. 


6 teams make the playoffs each year. The teams who don’t make the playoffs freeze 8 players and the teams who do freeze 5.  I didn’t make the playoffs last season so I freeze 8.  As you can imagine, with 78 players being froze the star running backs, WR, and QB’s are taken.  My freezes are as follows:  McNair, Leftwich, Shawn Alexander, Tomlinson, C. Brown, McGahee, Peerless Price, and Ravens D.


I have a stockpile of 2nd round picks from trades last year (3 picks in the second round, 2 from trades and mine).  The first 2nd rounder is the 2nd pick, then the 6th and finally 3rd from last.  I have offered the 2nd and 6th pick of the second round for D. Jackson and Andre Johnson, does this sound like a smart move? 


I also have the 3rd pick overall, and with a good rookie crop of RB’s I feel as I have to take one there.  This is the only way you can get starting RB’s in our league.  I figure Kevin Jones will go #1, Stephen Jackson #2, and my question to you is, who should I take #3.  I am looking for some good advice.


Corey D: Seeing as you are only freezing one WR this trade sounds like a good idea. It gives you a solid team to start with even before the draft. This will allow you to fill gaps without worrying too much about snagging starters. Jackson is a solid WR (He is at the top of my second tier WRs) and Andre could have a HUGE year if he can keep his cool, stay healthy and utilize that blazing speed.


If you do make the trade that leaves you needing 1 QB, 1 RB, 2 WRs, 2 Ks, and 1 D. With that 3rd pick you have to grab Stephen Jackson. This kid is going to give Marshall a run for his money for the starting job and if he doesn’t get it at some point this season he will be carrying the load in the near future. This kid is a total stud in the making and would be an excellent long-term addition to your squad. S. Jackson, C. Brown, W. McGahee. I can’t wait to see the numbers that RB crew will be throwing up in two or three years! Good Job!


Side Note: To fill one of your vacant WR slots take a look at Brandon Lloyd in SF. I know that SF is going downhill fast but someone has got to catch the ball and this kid is going to get a ton of looks. If anyone is going to benefit from Terrell’s departure it will be Lloyd.


Hope this helps!

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