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Shark Q & A Session – Rookies

Any shark can tell you that having the right information is a major key to success in Fantasy Football. Last year I thought I had everything it took to be Champ in my league and I almost did. Coming in third was tough seeing as I blew out my opponents whole team except for one player…DAMN YOU Clinton Portis and your 22 for 218 and 5 TD’s. Portis single handedly sent my team and me packing. But this year I vow revenge…oh sweet revenge. 


Now last year I answered every question that came across my desk for the “Shark Q & A Session” articles and after three months of icy-hot therapy the swelling of my fingers final went down so I am ready to go at it again!


Welcome to Round 2 of the Shark Q & A Session.


I have already started to get a number of emails with draft questions and to those of you that sent them in and haven’t heard anything back I apologize. I wanted to get my facts, feelings, and gut instincts, all in line before giving you my reply. But enough excuses…lets get to work.


Now more then a few of the emails I have gotten recently had to do with two things, rookies and projections. For this article, Lets deal with the more difficult topic, figuring out which rookies will produce.


Trying to figure out which rookie is going to produce the most fantasy points is always a crapshoot but I have chosen three (1 QB, 1 RB, and 1 WR) that I think will contribute the most in their respective positions.


Rookie #1

RB Kevin Jones, Detroit: Most of the hype is on Julius Jones in Dallas, who has the easiest schedule by the way. But with Mariucci running the show in Detroit, the addition of Roy Williams to complement Charles Rogers, and Joey Harrington going into year three much will be expected of the Detroit air show thus opening up the running game and allowing this Jones to brake free to the tune of 1100 to 1200 yards and 8 to 10 TDs.  


Rookie #2

WR Larry Fitzgerald, Arizona: This guy is a complete player and has all the tools to make an instant impact in the NFL. With that said, I don’t think that he will have a Moss like rookie season. McCown is young and will make his fair share of mistakes and last years rookie surprise Anquan Boldin will get his looks but 800 yards and 5 TD type numbers are do-able for Fitz.


Rookie #3

QB Eli Manning, NY Giants: I like Philip Rivers and think that SD got the more NFL ready QB but have you seen the Charger WR’s? Not that impressive, at least not as impressive as Toomer and Hilliard. Sure there is the LT factor but teams will stack 8 in the box and make Rivers beat them. I am sure Manning will have a rough time of it as well but I think that he will not only survive but also make significant strides as the season progresses. Look for numbers in the area of 2500 yards and 12 to 15 TD’s.


Those are my rookie selections and now I am ready for your questions. Shoot them over and remember one (1) question per email and include your Login Name, City and State. Keep sending them in and I will post a few in each article!





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