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Shark Q & A Session – Sorry, No Do-Overs Mike

There is no doubt that Mike Williams is a talented athlete and one hell of a WR. This guy is going to go early in next years draft regardless of this recent decision by the NCAA and the truth is… he knows it. His recent comments prove that this kid is well aware of the value his talent holds and though he may be bummed out that he won’t finish out his career at USC he knows this is only a bump in a road. The NCAA is simply starting to protect itself.


We all see what is happening to college hoops because of their inability to stop players from declaring for the draft and jumping into the NBA. The college ranks used to be a breading ground, a minor league if you will, for the NBA’s future stars. A commitment, agreement, and understanding is made between the nations best athletes and colleges were four years worth of top-notch education is given in return for their talented representation on the university team. But nowadays the best players are either skipping the last two to three years of college or just jumping straight from high school into the pros. These college players are free and clear to break their agreement with their university because they know that the NBA will welcome them in. This is sucking the talent pool of University basketball dry and creating some interesting problems. For one, why should colleges give out 4-year scholarships? I mean think about it. If a kid is worthy of a 4-year ride then there is a good chance that he won’t use the last few years of it. 


Now if you read my article on Ricky Williams then you may be confused by this apparent turn of opinion in favor of the University scholarship program but fear not my many minions, I still think the current college scholarship system is unfair to the players but the fact of the matter is that this is a four-year agreement, a contract that both parties agreed to and the NCAA has the right to defend itself. If they let Mike Williams back in they would basically be recreating their current basketball issues. By not allowing Mike Williams back because he broke that contract they simply send a message. Regardless of who you are, how good you are, you can’t break an agreement and expect things to go back to the way they were just because your cash cow ship never came into port. What are they suppose to do, take Mike Williams back with open arms? “Sure Mike come on back, we would be more then happy to let back in…Oh what’s that? Tuition? Oh, forget about it. We will just act like nothing happened”.  You would have kids jumping for the pro’s left and right and that would destroy most football programs much in the same way it is destroying it basketball program.


He broke his contract and his word and just like Ricky Williams now has to pay back the Dolphins for breaking his contract Mike Williams has to pay his dues too.


Life Lesson #1: A man true value is not found in his wallet but instead in his word.


We had lots of good questions this week so lets dive right in and take a look. Remember if you want to hit me up with a quesiton or two just click this link and ask away!







TG: I play in a 12-team keeper league and we can save up to five players. My keepers are Tomlinson, Holmes, and Faulk. We start 2 RBS, 3 WRS, and a flex, which can be any position. I will start a RB at flex most of the season. I do not have a first round pick because of a trade so I will start picking in the 5th round. What I need to know is since a good part of the RBS and WRS will be protected and there is a real good chance that Steven Jackson will still be there in the 5th and I will be the only one picking in the 5th should I go for Jackson to back up injury prone Faulk or should I go for whatever I can get at WR. My draft will be in two weeks so I hope to get your answer soon. Thanks.


Corey D: First and foremost, what in hell are you doing in a league like this? 12 teams playing only RB’s and WR’s, I have heard of some wacky leagues but this has got to be one of the most ridiculous leagues I have ever heard. Hell with all the quality backs being marked Keepers by the 3rd round you are drafting back-ups and 3rd WRs. What in the heck are you guys drafting come round 5 and 6, Pop Warner Players? And how in the heck did you end up with no picks in the first 4 rounds? Wait…I take that back, I don’t want to know.


Though I don’t understand this format, it does sound interesting in a wacky, dysfunctional, and slightly agitating way and apparently you know what your doing with three keepers like that, so on to your question. Would I take Jackson if he were still available in round 5? Yes.


Marshall is walking wounded and at best will start 10 to 11 games. I just don’t think his body is going to be able to handle much more. Even if Faulk does start every single game, he will be relieved a lot by Jackson. You have to handcuff Faulk with Jackson at this point. Plus it won’t be long before Faulk either retires or is let go. This would also give you the apparent air to the mighty throne of RB focused and friendly St. Louis offense heaven. 



The fan: This is my first year being serious fantasy football league, which happens to be a keeper’s league. I of course drew the first pick and am wondering if I should take the Priest or LT? I was also wondering if you could help me out with some sleeper picks. Anything would help thanks man.


Corey D: Congrats Fan! Snagging the #1 pick your first year in is pretty awesome!


This is a fairly easy decision though. Based on the fact that your talking about a keeper league you have to go with LT simply based on age. Priest is going to get his for a few more years but it won’t be long before LT is the unquestionable #1 RB in the league. Got to go with LT the sequel.


As far as sleeper go I will give you two WRs that I think could really brake out this year, Andre Davis (Cleveland) and Brandon Lloyd (SF). Davis has finally got a QB that can be both accurate and consistent in Jeff Garcia. Plus KJ has left the building so this makes him a prime target. I have been high on Lloyd’s upside all off-season and with T.O. out of the picture he is going to get a lot of looks. I mean really… who else are they going to throw too?


Congrats and Good Luck!



Muscleape from Limerick, Pa: First of all, I really enjoy your articles. Now on to my question, I always group WRs in 3 categories.

1:  WRs who I think can break out. These are usually Rookie to 4th year WRs (Ex J. Walker)

2:  Aging vets who might have a rebound season. Typically WRs over age of 30 (Example: Moulds)

3:  Journeymen who have never done much, but might have their career year
this year (Example:  E Kennison?)

Do you have any WRs prospects that will be drafted after round 10 in a 12-
team league that will produce above average numbers?

Corey D: I think that your categorization of WRs is pretty interesting and can see how it can be useful. To answer your question I will give a prospect for each of your categories.


WRs poised to brake out: (note above article) Andre Davis and Brandon Lloyd


Aging Vets that still have gas in the tank: Keyshawn Johnson. With Quincy carrying a clipboard for the Jets, Vinny gets the nod in Dallas. Vinny and Key already have history and Key had his best seasons with Vinny tossing him the rock. Key is in prime position to prove he is as good as his mouth says he is.


Middlemen looking to make a move: David Terrell (Chicago). With Booker gone Bye-Bye, Terrell has finally got a chance to prove his worth. Terrell has been breaking the hearts of Bear fans for years but he could come into this season as the #1 receiver if he can hold off Justin Gage.  


Hope this helps Muscleape.



RM: Hello, I have been offered a trade of Travis Henry (my guy) for Marshall Faulk. I am concerned that McGahee will take a lot of carries from Travis. There is also that rib injury that Travis has. It seemed like Marshall ran hard and looked O.K. on the Monday night game. He did state in an interview that I read that his knees were sore. I think Marshall can still give 12 to 14 solid games. My other RB’s are Dom Davis, Emmitt Smith, Shipp, and Thomas Jones. Someone else has Stephen Jackson. Please advise.     


Thank you.


Corey D: Tough call RM especially seeing as both are wrapped in “caution” tape right now. I would keep Travis for a few reasons.


First and foremost is Faulk’s age. Like I said before his body can’t take much more and looking at the number of carries that Jackson is getting this preseason I would be willing to wager that St. Louis knows it. Honestly, it doesn’t look good for Faulk right now. He just isn’t recovering as quickly as everyone hoped and if this isn’t a sign of age catching up to you then I don’t know what is.


Sure Henry has got some issues and is already banged up but we are talking about a guy that runs with a “no fear” attitude. We all know this guy can play through pain so I venture to say that this recent setback is no big deal and Buffalo will stick with Travis as their number #1. Sure McGahee will steal some carries but I still have faith in the 25 year old head strong Henry. I think this other owner is playing on recent news flashes and your fears in hopes of grabbing Henry from you.


Hope this helps and good luck.

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