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Shark Q & A Session – Those that can’t let go

Let me make one thing perfectly clear, I never liked Deion. Not even as a 49er. But like those with incredible talent and very big egos…you have to give them respect. I respected Deion when he was Neon, respected him when he was prime time, taking punts and kick offs back to the house, covering wide outs tighter then anyone in the game, and slashing through 11 opponents as he makes his way to the ten, five, high stepping, endzone. A lot of us have memory banks full of highlight reels with Deion in the spotlight. When he was in his prime, he was unstoppable. The man was simply one of the best DB’s to suit up.


But we also have images of Deion when he had lost a step, when tackling went from a rarity to impossibility, when the neon went out and the prime time became supporting cast. This was when the once mighty became average, at best. Currently, for me anyway, the imagines of Deion juking and jiving through a crowd after a one handed interception outweigh those of his getting beat deep but that will be tested if he should make a comeback with Baltimore. Facing the likes of Chad Johnson, Eric Moulds, Terrell Owens, and Marvin Harrison, I doubt that Deion will be able to stay afloat. That is if he is covering #1 wide outs. If not, if Deion is relegated to cover nickel coverage of secondary receivers…what’s the point?


Deion, if by some miracle you should come across this article then hear me out. Your one of the best of all time why step back on to the field as a secondary role player? A “once-was-great, future hall of famer” that can’t let go, making another comeback, taking another shot at glory. Why taint our highlight reels Neon?


Lets get to the Q & A. Oh and if you want to hit me up with any questions or fantasy dilemmas just email me with you Shark Login, hometown, and state. Your question could be highlighted in next weeks article!


Shawn O: I have the 7th pick in our draft and early indications are a collision course with Jamal Lewis. Ordinarily, this would be fine with me, but the charges against him and mid-season court date scare the crap out of me. I am leaning towards separating myself from the whole issue and going with Edge James. What do you think?


Corey D: Jamal’s situation is a fantasy owners nightmare. On one hand you have all this explosive talent and fantasy points galore while on the other you have a mid-season date with Judge Judy. Especially since they just added another charge. Ordinarily, this would be fine with you? Shawn you might as well go ahead and schedule yourself a swift-kick in the nads! At best this is going to be a huge distraction to the team and at worst Jamal will be trading in his uniform for a lovely orange jumpsuit.


Go with Edge. I think that if, IF, Jamal plays a full season they will have similar numbers anyway.


 Dan: I’ve really enjoyed your insight and think you can help me out with a draft dilemma.  I was the winner of my league last year; we have 14 teams in the league and are allowed one keeper.  My keeper is LT and I have the last pick of the first round and first pick of the second round in my draft on the 21st.  I’m projecting that Domanick Davis and Rudi Johnson will still be available when I pick but Tony Gonzalez will also be available.  We start 2 RB and 1 TE in our league.  Should I take two RB and shore up my backfield or go for the top TE in the draft and take 1 RB.  Value based drafting leans me towards taking the TE but my gut tells me 2 RB’s solidifies your offense.  Any suggestions would help.


Corey D: I would be highly surprised if Rudi and/or Domanick Davis are still available at the 14th pick in a 14-team keeper league. I mean, who are you drafting will? Houseplants? Well if the 14th and 15th pick come around and those two names are on the board you should laugh, hysterically, and grab them up. I like the idea of picking up Tony G. but its still too early at 14 or 15 to hook a TE. With LT, DD, and Rudi you will have a very solid RB crew. This RB crew also gives you plenty of trading power if you so desire.


RJ: I play in a very big keeper league 16 teams.  I have the fourth pick in the draft and my keepers are Fred Taylor & Torry Holt. I know I need another running back.  Should I select Mike Vick at the fourth pick or one of these available running backs?  Mike Bennett, Eddie George, Westbrook, Duce Staley, Duckett, Dunn, Kevin Jones, Julies Jones, Stephen Jackson, another position or player.  Marshal Faulk, Stephen Davis, will most likely go 1 & 2.


Corey D: At 16 teams with 2 Keepers each that is 32 players off the board. Wow…that makes things a little interesting. Normally I wouldn’t recommend taking Vick with the fourth pick but out of all the players you listed he is the one that has the most points potential. With Onterrio Smith catching a 4 game suspension due to a violation of the NFL drug policy, you could make a case for Bennett. But other then that Vick is the only real option out of those you listed.


Brian C: I’m in a 12-team, combo score league that starts 9, and the flex can be any position. I’ll be starting a flex QB most weeks, but we only get 6 subs. How should I fill out my roster? I’d like 2 backups at QB-RB-WR, but then I’d have to drop my TE, D and K on bye weeks. I can handle the K drop, but I could lose my TE and D for good.


Corey D: Obviously you can’t afford to have that many back ups. Grab two QB’s, three RB’s, four WR’s, 2 TE’s, 2 D’s, and 2 K’s. This way your bye weeks are covered for your TE, D, and K’s and you can start a QB in the flex every week but one where you will have to plug in a RB or WR. If you get hit by the injury bug at QB you will have to go to the wire but this your best option in my opinion.

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