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Shark Q & A Session VI

With crunch time upon us we are beginning to see some serious football. With some team realizing that their playoff hopes are sliding away they are answering the rally call and making the push. This means that players that normally are so-so fantasy producers will be looked upon to make serious contributions to the teams cause during the coming weeks (i.e. Ike Hilliard). Remember to email me all your questions and concerns in regard to fantasy team and I will do my best to make sure that your team is in the playoff hunt. Let take a look at some of the question from last week.      



Brent, MI: Hey Corey, What do you think of this trade?


My team:

Culpepper, Hasselbeck

Ricky, Henry, W. Green, Dillon

Holt, C. Johnson, Stallworth, Price, Rice, Glenn





His team:

Testaverde, Vick

C. Martin, Pittman, Westbrook

Moss, K. Robinson, A. Johnson, K. Johnson, S. Smith

Heap, Conwell

Vanderjagt, Cundiff



We start 2 RB’s and 3 WR’s propose Green, Dillon and Stallworth for Moss and Heap. What do you think? Thanks for any advice!


Corey: If you can pull this trade off you will be set. Moss alone is worth Dillon, Stallworth, and Green.



Kansas City, MO: Need some help, we run 2 RBs’ & 3 WR’s

I have Jamal Lewis, Ricky Williams, and LaDainian Tomlinson at running back. At WR: Plaxico Burress, Andre Johnson, Donald Driver, Darrell Jackson, Steve Smith, and Santana Moss.

I can’t seem to find the right WR combo to produce.  And it’s hard to choose
between the 3 RB’s.  Would any of these 3 RB’s be worth trading for someone
who has, say Torry Holt.  (Bulger is my QB, by the way).


Corey: I think that getting a top tier WR like Holt is possible with one of those RBs. As far as which one to trade I would say go with LT first, Ricky second. Don’t trade away Lewis unless absolutely necessary. But the bottom line is this, no matter whom you trade your still set with 2 great RBs.



Morgantown, WV: Hi Corey,


In our league, we start 2 WR and 2 RB. I have Randy Moss, L. Coles, A. Boldin, and A. Johnson. I am trying to package Curtis Martin, L. Coles, and A. Boldin for Marvin Harrison.  Am I giving up too much?  Will Martin ever score another touchdown?  The Redskins remaining schedule is murder.  Will Coles ever produce like he did in the first 3 weeks? 




Corey: I have my doubts about Coles and Martin though out of the two Martin is the most likely to make a comeback and prove me a fool. I like the trade seeing as you only have to start two WRs and you already have Moss. This would set you up with the two best WRs in the game right now. Is it ever possible to give up too much for that? Make it sound like a tough call on your part, I mean you are giving up three players, to the other owner but know that you the one coming out on top overall.



Alexandria, VA: The season started off pretty well for me at 2-0 but I have gone 1-3 over the last 4 weeks. I still feel I have a good team but am starting to panic a little bit.


I am happy with either Bulger or Culpepper starting but am considering trying to trade one of them for a top notch WR, maybe as part of a package deal. At RB, Green has been doing great for me and I am hoping that Faulk is back in form when he returns. My WR corps has not lived up to potential on a consistent basis and Crumpler seems to have
disappeared lately. He has a bye this week and I am going to have to drop
someone to cover his position.


I was thinking about dropping Johnson and picking up B. Manumaleuna, at least for this weekend. I like the Rams players facing Cincy and Detroit at FF playoff time, but I have to make the playoffs first. I am currently holding on to the 4th (and last) playoff spot in a 9-team league. I would be really happy for any thoughts or advice you might have….
 My Team with Week 8 current starters with *
  (1) QB *M. Bulger D. Culpepper
  (3) WR *K. Robinson *C. Chambers *A. Boldin A. Johnson K. McCardell
  (2) RB *D. Davis *G. Hearst A. Green (bye) M. Faulk (out)
  (1) TE A. Crumpler (bye)
  (1) K  *J. Elam
  (1) D  *T. Bruschi
  (1) DL *S. Cowart
  (1) DB *A. Plummer


Corey: If your gong to drop Johnson I would seriously consider taking another look at who’s available at WR in your league. I was shocked to see that players like Josh Reed (8-109-1 in week 7), Troy Brown (6-131-1 in Week 7 and a weak second half schedule), and Peter Warrick (three games with 6 or more receptions and a total of three TDs) are still available. I would hold off on starting Reed right away though especially against a tough KC defense. Crumpler has fallen back to earth the last few weeks. Freddie Jones is still available and is the #7 ranked TE according to ESPN right now so I would pick him up right quick!



Parts, Unknown: I have a RB question for you.  I have Tomlinson, Dillon, Dom Davis, and Betts.  Have played D. Davis the last two weeks and he has really surprised me and am very happy/ thankful for picking him up off the wavier wire after week three.  Now, my question is do I continue to play Davis or should I start playing my #2 draft pick in Dillon?

Sorry, but one more question:  I thought I had a pretty good core of WR’s with Holt, Toomer, Boston (who I acquired in a trade for Zereoue after week 3) Wayne, and Kevin Johnson. Last week I was finally able to start Holt, Toomer, and Boston (they have all passed their byes) thinking I was set.  Well, both Boston and Toomer obviously didn’t show up.  Do I stick with Toomer and Boston or start playing the other two
based on match ups?


Corey: Go with the hot hand Davis. I know its tough to sit your #2 pick but if he isn’t performing then he gets to ride pine. Don’t forget…it’s about putting up points. As far as your WRs, I would start Wayne or Johnson over Boston based on match ups. I wouldn’t pull Toomer just yet. Also look at your Waiver Wire and see what you have available to you. There are quite a few quality WRs that look to be reemerging (i.e. Josh Reed) that could be available.

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