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Shark Q & A Session VII

This week I dealt with more Trades, Waiver Wire work, and start or sit questions then you could believe. But just like every week before I was able to respond to all emails. This week I fielded a ton of emails with great questions but no City and State. So please remember to tell where your coming from. So if you got a question no mater how big or small, shoot me an email and I will do my best to get you into some post-season play. Also,


Lets take a look at a few of last weeks questions.




Idaho: I’m playing against the division leader this week and could use your opinion:


Henry is on a bye so who should I start alongside Davis. I have Brock Forsey vs. San Diego or Correll Buckhalter vs. Atlanta?


Which two WRs out of Terry Glenn (he has scored well every other week so far and this is the ‘other’ week), Jerry Porter, Steve Smith or Peter Warrick?


Corey: Go with Correll as the number of carries that Forsey is going to see this week is questionable as Thomas improves. Tough WR question, I would go with Steve Smith and Jerry Porter. Smith is red hot right now and Porter will benefit the most from Tue-ie taking over in Oakland.



Detroit: Your advice was golden last week.  It got me the W, thanks.  I am in a tight battle in my division (2 games separate 6 teams). My team is finally healthy and ready for the stretch drive.  However, now that everybody is healthy, I have some lineup decisions I need help with.


QB’s  – Favre, Pennington or Griese.  I am leaning towards Favre, but his thumb injury and Metrodome history concerns me. 


RB’s – Marcel Shipp or Dom Davis as the #2 back? 


REC – Burress or Darrell Jackson as the #3 receiver?


Thanks for your advice.


Corey: Glad I could help:


QB: Favre (even with the bad history he will get you 200+ yards and one to two TDs.

RB: Davis hand down. (Post game note: I would like to point out that I blundered this one…Shipp pulled 141 while Davis only got 74… sorry Detroit.)

WR: Tough call but I would go with Plaxico. They have to start using his size and talent if they are going to have any chance.



Parks Unknown: I am looking down the stretch here so bare with me.  I have Portis, S. Davis and Hambrick at the running back spots. I am thinking of either dealing Hambrick or dropping him and picking up Michael Bennett.  Do you think this is a wise move?  The Vikes have a pretty easy schedule the rest of the way and Bennett looked pretty good last night.  Do you think he will re-gain his starting spot or will he be used with Moe Williams the rest of the way? Also, I am worrying too much about my running backs? 


One more question. My wide out situation is this: L. Coles, Chambers and Jimmy Smith.  Is there some trade bait here for a more productive wide out?  Thanks for all the help.


Corey: I like the idea of picking up Bennett. I was really surprised at how well he ran last night and especially his cuts; they were very sharp and crisp. I think that he will have a great second half and provide the extra boost that the Vikes need right now.


You wide out situation is tough. Coles and the Washington offense are really shaky right now so his value is down. Chambers and Smith are just now starting to come on but will be hard to move. The only trade value I can see will be in a package deal but this late in the game it is becoming very difficult to nab a top tier WR from off someone else’s roster.



Parts Unknown II: All right here’ s the problem, which QB do I start?

McNabb who has been a bust up until this point, BUT will be facing the Falcon’s and this cures whatever ails a QB (especially since Reeves has decided to bench his entire secondary!)

Ramsey who will benefit from Spurrier’s decision to get back to the Fun and Gun

Or the highly underrated Kitna who will be facing the Cardinal’s Division 1 secondary?


Corey: “Cardinal’s Division 1 secondary”…your chose of words had me rolling and it says a lot about the answer to your question. McNabb is finally waking up but he still has the same problem that he had before, no decent WRs. I let him sit till I am sure he is back and the passing attack looks solid in Philly. I think Ramsey will benefit some from the Fun and Gun but in the end I don’t see it plugging the hole in Washington’s sinking ship. Kitna has a great arm, great WRs, and is facing a feeble secondary.



Parts Unknown III: We are in a performance league.


QB    Brady, Maddox and Trent Green

RB    S Davis, Portis, A Thomas and Duckett

WR    Warrick, J Smith, S Smith, K Robinson, P Burress, P Price

D        KC

K        Hall


I want to get down to two QB’s.  I need to make a trade on Wed. to pick up a D (do not want to lose KC) The double trade that I want, is to drop 2 QB’s and pick up Jon Kitna and a D (probably Phil, but not a big deal)



Should I drop two QB’s and pick up Kitna and if so which two. If not which 1 should I drop so I can pick up a D?


Corey: I would go one for one. Out of the three QB’s I would drop Maddox for the obvious reasons. 

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