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Shark Q & A Session VIII

Ok, step away from the computer and put the mouse down! Do it and no one will get hurt. Seems like everyone is in a panic as they reach out to me for advice. With playoffs around the corner or already underway my inbox was slammed with 8 trade, 6 RB, 9 WR, 4 QB, 7 Roster, 2 Waiver Wire, 1 Tight End question(s) in only two days! Only thing missing was a partridge in a pair tree! I got all of them minus one that somehow slipped through the cracks (sorry San Antonio, TX). It is getting a little tough to get to them all (some didn’t get replies till Saturday night!) so please keep them short so I can provide everyone with the best possible service. With all that said…. Lets take a look at some of the questions sent in.



Springfield, Missouri: Hey Corey,
 I was wondering what you thoughts are on this.  I am thinking of dropping Chambers and picking up Keyshawn Johnson.  The only reason behind this is Miami QB situation and their remaining schedule.  Our play-offs start week 14 and Tampa’s remaining schedule looks promising.  I also have Jimmy Smith and L. Coles. Thanks for the advice.
Corey: You hit the nail on the head as far as schedules go. Tampa Bay has got the easiest schedule for fantasy WRs while Miami has the toughest. With that said I would still say not to pick up Keyshawn Johnson and dropping Chambers. Though Chambers has got a tough road ahead of him he is still a legitimate red zone threat (6 TDs). Tampa Bay likes to pound the ball into the endzone and Key’s 3 TDs are proof to that. Chamber may not get you a ton of yards but I believe him to be a better scoring threat.


Boston, MA: Should I start one of my QBs or pick up Holcomb?   If I pick up Holcomb, should I drop one of those QBs or a D?  Then which D would you start?

Thanks a lot for the help.


QBs – Garcia, Maddox, Ramsey
D – StL, SF, Pit


Corey: Holcomb would be your best play but picking a QB to drop is tough. Ramsey has got a very tough schedule from here on out but he is having a much better season then Maddox. I have to recommend dropping Maddox. Better to have a player with a tough schedule that is playing with relative success then a QB in a faltering passing attack.

Start St. Louis

Parts, Unknown: I just came along fantasy sharks recently and am quite interested…. see if you can help me out!

My Team:
QB-Favre, Kitna, Plummer
RB-S. Davis, Faulk, Bennett, Shipp, R. Johnson
WR-Harrison, Chambers, Moulds

my team is pretty solid and I just picked up Plummer for edge…. I wonder what I need to do for the stretch though I was thinking of trading Chambers and Bennett for T. O., do you have any other or better ideas…and do u think I should use Shipp or Johnson for trade bait instead of Bennett!!!  I was worried Bennett might tear it up and Emmitt smith or Dillon might eat up some of my carries or td’s down the ever so scary stretch…b/c my team record sucks and I need to get back into playoff contention!!!


Corey: Ok. First things first, you traded Edge for Plummer? I don’t understand the rational behind that move considering the fact that you already have Favre and Kitna. Your team is solid and I wouldn’t recommend any of those trades. Bennett has too much upside and Chambers, though hot and cold at times, is a top 15 WR and only a slot or two behind Terrell Owens any way.

Shipp is the man in Arizona so don’t worry about Emmitt. Dillion may still
steal a carry or two. I would keep an eye on that situation as its still
unclear if Rudi is going to be the starter yet.



Miami, FL: I have a bit of a dilemma. I have too many RB’s and I can only start 2 a week. My backs are Ahman Green, Marshall Faulk, Domanick Davis, Anthony Thomas, Correll Buckhalter and Willis McGahee (kinda hoping for a late season start). I am tired of trying to figure out whom to start on a regular basis. What I need is some help with my WR’s. Right now I have Hines Ward, Steve Smith, Donald Driver and Ike Hilliard. We start 3 a week. I feel good playing Ward and Smith on a weekly basis but I am not sold on the other two. What RB should I trade for some WR help and what WR can I expect?
Corey: Value is like beauty; it’s in the eye of the beholder. I can tell you whom to trade but as far as what to expect in return I can only guess. I would try to move Buckhalter and Thomas for WR help. I like Thomas and I think that he could have an explosive second half but Chicago’s anemic offense and failure to stick with the running game could hinder his stats. Davis offers you a more consistent point scorer in a aggressive offense scheme.

Go after a Chad Johnson, Anquan Boldin, or Steve Smith. That is the tier area that I think you will have the most success.


***Note to Reader: This last email is one that I just had to add in. This reader noted my horrible week 10 advice. This reader and I have exchanged a number of pleasant emails and the posting of this email is not an attempt to shine a negative light on him but instead point out my faulty week 10 advice. Never let it be said that I don’t air out my mistakes! Thanks Detroit! ***


Detroit, MI: If possible, please make sure you post this one!  I just read the article detailed above and I am amazed that you would call yourself an expert!  Let me review your “suggestions” to those that were silly enough to ask your advice:

1. Start Michael Bennett (5-23-0) over either Domanick Davis (15-104-1) or Fred Taylor (28-152-2).  You’re 0 for 1.

2. Trade LT2 (leaving a backfield of Dillon, Garner, and Bennett) for Marvin Harrison.  You actually described this as a move that was not “totally decimating your RB crew.”  LT2 lit up the Vikings and Harrison pulls a Donte Stallworth on us.  You’re 0-2.

3. Trade Bulger and keep Culpepper and McNair.  You got this one right, but only for this week, as the Rams play a soft schedule the rest of the way. You’re 1 for 3.

4. Start Anthony Thomas (21-61-0) over Jamal Lewis (27-111-1).  No comment. You’re 1 for 4.

5. Stand pat and don’t make the trade.  This one is a push, as we don’t know the results yet.

You finished 1 for 4.  Ouch.  I hope that you don’t make a living based on your fantasy suggestions.  In the future, you should probably put a
disclaimer on your column detailing your past bumblings.


Corey: OK, so a guy has an off week and your ready to throw him to the wolves? That sounds a bit reactionary don’t you think? Here, lets take another look at those suggestions.

Suggestion #1: Bennett looked awesome against the Packers the week before and was slotted to get more carries this week. Wouldn’t it make sense that he would produce as he was facing a horribly weak San Diego defense. Ok so Davis has been a consistent producer but he was still facing a better rush defense. Don’t even bother trying to tell me you saw Taylor’s break out week coming. The guy hadn’t broking the century mark in 5 straight weeks and only hit pay dirt twice in 8 weeks; no one saw that display coming.

Suggestion #2: OK…this one was risky that I admit. But once again I was and am fairly confident that Bennett will be impact player in the second half of the season. But now with Rudi running the show in Cincy and Garner injured…Ok…I busted this one.

Suggestion #3: The Vikings schedule is weak the rest of the season as well. Matter of fact there is only 00.2 points difference between their schedules.

Suggestion #4: Come on…. Thomas ran for more then a hundred yards in 3 of his last 4 and I openly apologized for this one in the article! Can I at least get an honesty point for that!

Suggestion #5: Still up for grabs.

I can understand why you and many people may be upset with my calls last week. I am sorry that you don’t like my advice. I wonder if this was the first time you read my column or have you read previous articles? If so, did my advice strike you as off then as well? I am hoping this is an isolated incident and that you will find next weeks advice a little more appealing. Either way, thanks for the email.

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