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Shark Q & A Session X

Wheeling, WV: Every week I seem to pull my hair out about whom I should start. So maybe you could help me out.  We start 1 QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, TE, K, D

I am usually stressing out about my RBs, but with the resurgence of Donovan I question if my QB is a sure-start every week. Here is my lineup:

QBs- Chad Pennington, Donovan McNabb, Tommy Maddox, Kelly Holcomb
RBs – Edgerrin James, Stephen Davis, Ricky Williams
WRs- Anquan Boldin, Andre Johnson, Steve Smith, Chris Chambers
TEs – Shockey, Jim Kleinsasser
K- Jeff Wilkins, Adam Vineateri
D- Rams, Vikings

Corey: This is who I would start.

QBs- Donovan McNabb
RBs – Edgerrin James, Stephen Davis

WRs- Anquan Boldin, Andre Johnson
TEs – Jim Kleinsasser
K- Adam Vineateri
D- Rams



Harrisburg Pa.: Is Marcus Robinson going to be a viable WR down the stretch? My WR’s are Jimmy Smith, Josh Reed, T. Streets, Tyrone Calico and now Robinson. I can only start 2, which 2 would you start? (Seems like bad WR’s but I am in a 14-team league and I’m loaded at RB).


Corey: Marcus could be a worthwhile pick up especially with a young QB who is looking for the biggest target he can find. I would play Robinson and Smith. Smith is a risky call but I think that they are going to look to him to stay in this game against Tampa Bay.



Rochester NY: I am in a terrible slump I have Steve McNair and Chad Pennington at QB. Tomlinson is my lone stud RB along with Bettis, Hambrick, A. Smith I have R. Moss, A. Toomer, D. Driver, Andre Johnson, J Jurevicius, I Hilliard the receiver spot is killing me who do you like? I can play any formation, do you think Bettis should start also?


Corey: Let’s see.


With McNair questionable you have to go with Pennington. He is facing a tough Titans defense but it’s all you got. Bettis is a good start against Cincy. He has gone off on them numerous times and should be able to get you some solid points. Tomlinson and Moss are must starts even though Moss is a bit banged up. Jurevicius is one of my sleepers this week as they face a really weak Jacksonville secondary. Andre Johnson has been solid as of late and he is facing a weak Atlanta secondary.



Milwaukee: This week is huge for me.  If I win I get the bye in the playoffs if I lose I don’t.  Hope you can help me with my line up.  At QB I have Delhomme and Maddox (Yeah I know) at RB I have Ahman Green, A-train and Dom Davis.  Wide out Hines ward, Jimmy Smith, Joe Horn, Marty Booker, and Justin McCareins.  K Vanderjagt and Morten Anderson.  Defense Tampa and Cleveland.


Please help!  I know green is a must and Ward but everyone else I have reasons for and against



QB: Maddox has the better Match-up, go with him.

RB: A. Green and ride the train.

WR: Ward, Horn, and McCareins

K: gotta go with Vanderjagt

D: Tampa is a must start.



Shreveport, Louisiana: Thanks for the previous advice about a trade. Here’s another one I went for and I’d like to know your opinion.

QB: McNair, B. Johnson, Holcomb
RB: McAllister, Henry, Westbrook, A. Smith
WR: R. Moss, McCardell, D. Jackson
TE: Graham
K: Wilkins

We start 1 QB, 2 WR, 2 RB, and 1 TE, K, and D.
I just traded Randy Moss for Jamal Lewis and Anquan Boldin.  I’d like to
know what you think about the trade.  I’m pretty set at RB this weekend, but I’d like to know who you think I should start at QB and WR.


Corey: Solid trade. Randy has been under performing as of late and you got the league leading rusher and a highly under rated WR in Boldin. Well done.

As far as your Roster goes, go with Brad Johnson at QB. He is silently
having a great season. McCardell and Boldin should round it out for you at WR.


(Ok, so Moss went off and Jamal did mediocre at best this week. But the pay off for this trade comes in the next 4 weeks when Jamal faces teams that give up an average of 122 yards rushing per game while Moss faces some tough defense that give up on average only 208 yards passing per game.)

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