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Shark Q & A Session XI

Pensacola, Florida: First off, thanks for answering my questions – you’ve been a big help.


In my league, we can play either 2 RB/2 WR or 1 RB/3 WR (although no one ever seems to win using this setup).


For week 14, my choices are: RB – Tomlinson, D. Davis, M. Williams; WR – Moulds, Ward, McCareins, Warrick, and Walters. Right now, Tomlinson’s a given, along with probably Ward and McCareins. Normally I’d play Davis, but he’s hurting and doesn’t have a good match up vs. JAX. K. Faulk, Wheatley and Buckhalter are available on the Waiver Wire.


What would you suggest?


Also, which QB – Pennington, Green, B. Johnson? Leaning towards Pennington


Corey: I hate to say it but your best play is to go with 1 RB and 3 WR. I would keep a close eye on Davis and if it appears that he is going to play then send him into your lineup but until then go with LT, Ward, Warrick, and McCareins with B. Johnson at QB.


(Johnson lit up New Orleans in their last match up)



Gardner, Mass: OK, I squeaked into the playoffs at 7-6. My dilemma is who to start as a flex WR/RB.


M. Faulk, C. Johnson and Toomer are for sure. I also have Pittman, C. Martin, A. Johnson and Gardner (and suspended W. Green).


I’ve been playing Martin under the always-start-a-third-RB theory, but that hasn’t panned out too well. And now Pittman seems to be in Gruden’s oversized doghouse. We’re talking playoffs now! What do you think? Thanks



Corey: I would go with Johnson even though the QB situation is a bit scary. Martin just isn’t what he use to be and the fact that he got his first TD last week is proof of that. A. Johnson seems like your best option at this point.



Columbia, MD:  help me man, I’m in a huge bind. 


With Dallas Clark hurt, I have no tight end.  I have two options, either trade for one or pick one up of waivers. 


I do have some trade bait with Michael Bennett, Dom Davis, and Marcel Shipp expendable, if I were to trade using one of these three what could I expect in return?


On waivers Jason Witten, Desmond Clark, Itula Mili, and Mikhael Ricks are available (along with some others).  I will be in second place for an 8-man playoff.  I am in a league that you get 1 pt for each reception, 1 pt for 10 yds, and 6 for pay dirt.  What should I do?!?!


Corey: Ricks has a great match up this week and has been performing well. Snag him up fast



Milwaukee, WI: Ok Joe Horn is killing me, What 3 wide outs should I use for the playoffs?

Ward, Horn, McCareins, Booker or Jimmy Smith.


To me Ward and Jimmy seem obvious, Horn would too but he has blown lately. Not a lot of catches but is still getting the looks.  Do I count on him to light up the Bucs like Jimmy Smith did this week or go with Booker or McCareins. 



Corey: McCareins is your man. He has turned into a solid #2 for Tennessee and gets a lot of looks in the red zone.





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