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Shark Q & A – Week Three

So like a lot of my fellow sharks I turned to the tank for help and in the process I found a few questions that deserve of some attention. The wealth of knowledge in the tank never ceases to amaze me but I am going to chime in with my two cents and see if I can lend a helping hand to those in need.


Remember, if your racking your brain over an injury riddled line up or need advice on a trade or pick up… I am at your disposal. Hit me up and I will see if I can bale you out of this fantasy hell.  



TPSReports, Leopard Shark: Which RB in week 3, Dominick Rhodes, Chris Brown or Barlow?


I assume Edge is out this week.

Rhodes versus Green Bay, Barlow versus Seattle or Chris Brown versus Jacksonville. Is anyone else concerned about Barlow’s ribs? I would normally go Chris Brown but not sure with tough Jacksonville run defense.



Corey D: Here are the simple facts.


James is a question mark with hammy strain but he may play and if he does he it’s a better match up for Indy then Rhodes. Rhodes may get the start but this is more then likely going to be a game time decision. Even if he does start I can’t say that I think his numbers are going to worth a start. If it is Rhodes starting look for Indy to go to the air more often and limit Rhodes’ carries.


Brown is simply a no go against a stingy Jacksonville Defense. One reason that Tennessee loved Brown from the start is that his upright running style mirrored that of his predecessor, Eddie George. That hard-hitting style can lead to injuries and a whole lot of fumbles and against this defense I wouldn’t risk it.


Seattle is giving up a an average of 8.5 points a week to RB with a so-so defense so Barlow should have some opportunities, if his knee holds together. SF has no passing attack to speak of so Seattle is going to put 8 in the box and make Barlow earn it but if he toughs it out he will get his. Go with Barlow



Benchy, Chum: I can’t believe I’m typing this, but would you start J. Plummer against SD or stick it out with T. Green vs. Houston this week?

This season – T. Green (361 yds, 0 TD, 2 INT), J. Plummer (480 yds, 2 TD, 2 INT)

Corey D: Both SD and Houston are fairly weak in the secondary and both Plummer and Green could have decent rebound weeks. Houston’s defense is giving up a little bit more to QBs but KC’s offense is about as threatening as a 5th grade shoving match. With both Holmes and half their receiving crew looking doubtful Gonzalez will be Greens only weapon.


Plummer faces a SD defense that is giving up close to 250 yards through the air a game and with little Q keeping the linebackers honest I expect to see Plummer turn it around and hit pay dirt twice.


Go with Plummer…. I can’t believe I just typed that. 



But Tugly, Mako Shark: What is this season coming to?

Is Brady well enough to play? Is Testaverde going to continue to outplay Brady this week? I’m so confused with playing your studs vs. playing those who are playing well.


Corey D: Tugly…. we all expect more from a Mako. We all have made this mistake at one point or another but posting it in the tank? That is like having two fine chicks in the car next to you on the freeway catch you picking your nose. 



nightowl_5473, Chum: I expect the Steelers will plan to protect Big Ben by running as much as possible. He did throw two Ints vs. the Ravens, one of them was returned for a TD. He also had another that should have been picked.

Interceptaverde threw 3 picks at the end of the Cleveland-Dallas game, with Dallas in the lead.

Which D should I start?


Corey D: I know Vinny didn’t look good at the end of last weeks game but there is no denying his numbers. Who knows if he can keep it up but I am not going let him sit while waiting for him to implode. 


Dallas has absolutely no running game so Vinny is going to throw, throw, and throw so more. He will get his numbers even against this speedy, blitz crazy Washington D. Miami is a much better play against rookie Roethlisberger.



Beaker, Chum: Would you bench Rudi in favor of Lelie or Larry Fitzgerald in my flex position? Before you call me crazy, hear me out.


My league scores 1 point / 10 yards receiving or rushing with no points for receptions, also 6 points for a touchdown. So point scoring is equal.

With Rudi playing against the Ravens do you think it possible that one of the receivers is the better choice here? My other running back is L. Gordon of Miami and I am not very comfortable starting him at this point.


Corey D: I would bench just about any back against Ray Lewis and this maniac crew. This defense has more big play threats then most offenses. Rudi will be lucky to get 75 yards but even still I doubt he will get to pay dirt.


I like Larry here in a big way. Rudi is running into a brick wall this week and won’t be putting many points up this week at all. If McCown can get some time and keep his head firmly planted on his shoulders he should be able to use Atlanta current injuries in the secondary and Fitzgerald’s obvious size advantage to his favor.

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