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Shark Q and A Session IX

It has been a topsy-turvy week for yours truly but I still managed to get to all your emails. When I say that I am committed to helping you reach your maximum fantasy potential I mean it. Not even the birth of my baby daughter can stop me! That is right, there is a new Fantasy Shark in my house and I am still pumping out advice to all those that desire it. You ever try to juggle a crying baby, a pacifier and a baby blanket while typing fantasy advice? I got mad skills fool! Now lets take a look at the questions.



Milwaukee, WI: I was just offered Randy Moss, Domanick Davis and Duce Staley for Terrell Owens and Edgerrin James.  Our scoring for RB’s and WR’s is the same.  My only objection to this trade is that James has a pretty good playoff schedule (Atlanta, Denver and Houston) vs. Davis’ schedule of (Tampa, Tennessee and Indy).  Moss and Owens both have nice playoff schedules with the nod going to Moss.  My roster currently is:

RB’s Tomlinson, F. Taylor, E. James, C. Garner, W. Green
WR’s Owens, McCardell, D. Jackson, P. Burress, R. Wayne

We start two RB’s, two WR’s and one flex of RB/WR

Would you do this?  Thanks


Corey D: Tough call, I would say no. EJ is on fire (3 TD’s last week) so that would be a huge downgrade. You get a little bit of an upgrade at WR and Duce isn’t doing much at all in Philly. You are giving up too much with EJ and TO.


St. Louis, MO: I’ve got a tough call coming up this week, and it’s my chance to knock the hot shot out of the top spot.  I’ve managed to build up a good team, but the backup RB situation is killing me. 


WR:   I have four WRs to play in three slots.  Number one is a given–Randy Moss, with Steve Smith (vs. Dallas) or Keenan McCardell (vs. NYG) or Peter Warrick (vs. San Diego.)


RB:  Clinton Portis starts, but I have suspended Willie Green on the bench, leaving me to decide between Bettis or Thomas Jones as my #2 RB.  Waiver wire’s got LaMont Jordan, Rock Cartwright, Gary or Bryson, Toefield or Fuamatu-Maafala and Najeh Davenport in my league.


QB:  I’m pretty confident in Hasselbeck over Holcomb, although Kelly’s got history with Pittsburgh?




WR: Got to go with McCardell especially with Key on the outs in TB. Give him the 3 spot.

RB: Jones gets the nod based on match up but Bettis gets more carries. I would go with Bettis because you at least know he will get 12 -18 carries.

QB: Got to go with Kelly! Much better match up as Seattle faces a really tough Baltimore secondary. (Post Note: ouch…Kelly stunk it up and Hassleback rocked it with 5 TD’s. Sorry about that St. Louis!)



San Francisco, CA: Thanks for your advice last time around.  New trade question:  Stephen Davis for Chad Pennington.  At first I thought no, but now I’m rethinking.  My current QB is Brad Johnson, so Pennington would be an upgrade there, fo’ sho’.  Brian Westbrook would be my RB who would take Davis’s place, and I also have Michael Bennett.  A bit of drop off from Davis.  Is it worth it?


Corey: No its not, Brad is quietly having a great season and though Pennington would be an upgrade the loss of Davis would far out way Pennington’s addition to your roster.



Parts, Unknown: Here is my team; please select 1QB, 2RB, 3WR, 1TE, 1K, 1Def

QB – Michael Vick, Marc Bulger, Peyton Manning, Jack Delhomme
RB – Ahman Green, Michael Bennett, Priest Holmes, Marshall Faulk
WR – Torry Holt, Ashley Lelie, Derrick Mason, Steve Smith, Chad Johnson, Anquan Boldin
TE – Bubba Franks, LJ Smith
K – David Akers, Martin Gramatica
Def – Dolphins, Carolina Panthers



QB – Marc Bulger
RB – Ahman Green, Priest Holmes
WR – Torry Holt, Derrick Mason, Chad Johnson
TE – Bubba Franks
K – Martin Gramatica
Def – Dolphins




Springfield, Missouri: I have a few questions for you this week.  I know we have talked about WR’s before.  I have Coles, Chambers and Jimmy Smith.  Our playoffs start week 14.  Assuming I make the playoffs, do you think Deion Branch, McCareins, and/or Andre’ Davis is worth taking a flyer on.  I am trying to look ahead to schedules that are good for WR’s.  I just not sure what to do??  Also, I picked up Michael Pittman, thinking of Tampa Bay’s remaining schedule, to give something to back me up in case Stephen Davis and Portis can’t go for some reason. After watching Tampa play the Pack, I am not sure he will be the starter the rest of the way out.  I have been thinking of A. Smith from New England.  He has a better match-up this week at Houston.  Where Davis goes against Dallas. Any thoughts here, the running backs left in the league are pretty slim.


Corey:  I like A. Smith. He is a great pick up right now. I don’t think that Pittman is going to lose his job but it is possible. Davis might be a solid move seeing as KJ is now gone and Davis is going to get the majority if not all the first looks from here on out.



To email Corey with any questions or comments just click here.


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