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Shark Q and A Session – Week 2

Vinny looks like he just walked off the set of the movie “The Rookie”. Hey Minnesota how does it feel to have your secondary picked apart by a guy that could be collecting social security? Griffin made KC’s defense look foolish…did you see the move he put on KC’s safety when he broke his 47-yard TD? Excuse me Sir…but I believe we located your ankles at Invesco Lost and Found.


This week the performances were incredible but I can’t believe how many players are sidelined or simply done for the season after one week of play. Between the broken bones, separated shoulders, concussions, and tears I have watched owners scrabble to fill in the gaps. I guess the injury bug is alive and well in the NFL. But the one injury that I just can’t believe happened is one that had nothing to do with fantasy football.


This week apparently my email has not been functioning correctly so to those of you that sent in questions and got no reply I apologize. I am working on figuring out the issue and will be up and ready to dish out advice very soon. So because I had no email I went to the “Trade, Keeper or Waiver Questionsboard and pulled a few from there. From the Chum to the Great White Sharks I take them all on in this article so enough with the Bla Bla Bla stuff and lets get this party started.


Send any and all questions by simply clicking here!!



gustav7, Chum: I traded Stephen Davis, Joey Harrington, and Reggie Wayne for Duce Staley, Jake Plummer, and Brandon Stokley. We play two backs each week and I was going to have a Week 3 bye problem with having only Ahman Green available as I also had both Davis and Foster from Carolina and Bennett probably not coming back until Week 5. I thought Harrington’s value would go down with Rogers out and I think Jake is going to click with Denver this year (although I’ll play Vick most of the time) and I think if Stokley stays healthy, he is going to click with Manning as he did at the end of the year and the first game this year. Any comments?


Corey D: You definitely upgraded at the QB spot. Plummer showed definite signs of “clicking” on Monday Night and Griffin running like a maniac will keep defenses honest. The RB switch look good as well.


Davis is a huge question mark especially after his week one performance (9 for 26) and though the offense line could gel in the next week or two and start opening the holes Davis needs to perform, it is unlikely that he will come anywhere close to last seasons numbers. Staley showed he still has some pep in his step in week one but my only fear is that the Bus will be carrying the pigskin home in those short yardage situations.


Wayne for Stokley is a toss up when it comes to the numbers but with that said I think that Stokley is a better TE then Wayne is a wide receiver. Payton and Stokley will connect on more then a few occasions to make this part of the transaction worthwhile.


All in all it’s a solid trade.



DynastyForce, (Great White Shark): McMichael and Onterrio for Fitzgerald and Dayne


I would be getting McMichael and Onterrio and giving Fitzgerald and Dayne

IS this lopsided?
Is it fair?

Deep Dynasty League
Scoring is 6 points for a TD and 1 point for every 10 yards

My current TEs are (start 2):
Pollard, Kinney, Kliensasser, Stevens, Ben Watson

My current WRs are (start 6):
Chad Johnson, Moulds, Morgan, Pinkston, Kennison, Fitzgerald, Cedrick Wilson, Bennett, Dyson, Troy Brown, Gage, Bradford, Northcutt, Engram, Randle El

So is it worth it to lose Fitzgerald to gain depth at TE. I like Onterrio over Dayne based on the injury prone of Mike Bennett. The other owner is high up on Dayne and wants to trade away McMichael because he has Gonzales and Winslow.


Corey D: It seems like a fairly even trade on paper but I don’t know if it’s worth it. Both teams are really without a quality running game and will be playing from behind a lot so both Fitzgerald and McMichael will get a lot of looks. Personally I wouldn’t do it. I just have a hard time giving away a teams #1 WR (with HUGE upside) for a TE other then Tony G.


Fitzgerald had a great showing for his first NFL game and should perform better and better each week. This week might be a little tough against New England but he will get his look regardless.



Vtruitner, (chum): Trade Edge/J. Smith for R. Moss/Gonzalez?


10-team league, traditional scoring (1 pt/10 yds rush/rec, 6 pts TD), no pts for receptions. We start 1 QB, 2 WR, 1 RB, 2 RB/WR, 1 TE, 1 K, 1 D.

My team:

QB: Brady, McNair
RB: Deuce, Edge, Griffin, K. Jones, Wheatley, Bell
WR: C. Johnson, J. Smith, Toomer, Wayne
TE: B. Williams

I give: Edge & J. Smith

I get: R. Moss and Gonzalez

Would you do it?


Corey D: Do you really have to ask? I mean what the hell are you thinking. You get the best WR and TE in the game in a straight up two for two trade and you have to ask?


That’s like asking if you should accept an invitation to a “Playboy” Mansion party. If you don’t make this trade I am personally going to enact permanent “Chum” ranking upon you! Now go get me a beer.



Briwoll, (Great White Shark): Harrison for Rudy Johnson?


In my league we have no waiver wire or FA pickups. My Team is listed below. I lost Rogers and Smith in week one and am in need a WR. To get Harrison, I would have to give up Johnson. I am very much leaning on doing this trade and thought I’d run it past the tank. What do you guys think?

1 QB 2RB 2WR 1TE 1K 1DEF
Touchdown only.


QB: Pennington, Garcia
RB: Alexander, R. Johnson, K Barlow, T Jones
WR: S Smith, J. Smith, Rogers, Porter
Te: Gonzo, Gates
K: J Brown, Nedney
D: Baltimore, NY Jets


Corey D: Now this is a tough one…but I would green light this move. Its tough giving up a top back like Rudi Johnson but considering the fact that your wide receiver crew just got demolished and it is one of the best fantasy WRs in the game that your getting. You simply don’t have much of a choice.  It also helps that you have two solid bench RB in Barlow and Jones to fall back on.

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