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Shark Session XII

With the end of the season upon us I would love to get any feedback that you may have or last minute questions. Email me here but remember to add your town and state.




Virginia Beach: I made it to the semi finals!!


If you find the time, the choices that I might need assistance with this week are:


3WR’s from:

Darrell Jackson  @ StL

Keenan McCardell   vs. Hou

Joe Horn vs.   NYG

Chris Chambers vs. Phi

Javon Walker  @ SD


Also for my TE

Boo Williams vs. NYG or

Marcus Pollard vs. Atl


Also, what is your view on Matt Hassleback (vs.StL) and Chad Pennington (vs. Pit)?


Thanks for your time




Darrell Jackson

Keenan McCardell

Chris Chambers


Defenses are a toss up but with Carolina facing a fired up Vick I would go with KC who is facing a shaky Plummer.



Summit, NJ: You have been great all year!!!!  I like your honest no BS approach!!!!


At QB this week, do I start Vick vs. Colts or Hasselbeck vs. Rams?  Hasselbeck and the Seahawks suck on the road but Vick is really still risky.  HELP ME



Corey: Don’t worry because Vick is back. Sure it’s a little risky but after last weeks performance the upside is to great to ignore. Go with Vick.


(Sorry Summit, Vick was less then stellar at 6 of 19 and an Int.)





Starters are:

QB M. Hasselbeck Sea at Stl

RB A. Green GB at SD

RB Tomlinson SD vs. GB

WR Owens SF at Cin

WR D. Jackson Sea at Stl

Flex ?

Kicker Josh Brown Sea at Stl or Ryan Longwell GB at SD


I benched Longwell last week to pick-up Brown because of Seattle’s scoring explosion and two games in a dome.  That was a great move!


Flex question:  RB/WR scoring are the same in our league.  I need to pick one out of this group, or potentially two providing I bench one of the current starters.  Interested in your thoughts and what roster you might ride for the next three weeks.  Thanks!


RB Bettis Pitt at Jets

RB T. Jones TB vs. Hou

WR McCardell TB vs. Hou

WR Burress Pitt at Jets

WR R. Smith Den vs. Cle

WR Wayne Ind vs. Atl


Went with Bettis in week 14.  Leaning towards him in 15 and beyond.  Players not in consideration are QB Plummer Den, RB Garner Oak and RB Davenport GB.


Corey: Got to go with T. Jones vs. Houston. He just got the starting nod from Gruden and will be looking to make some noise. He has a perfect opportunity to do just that as he is facing one of the worst rushing defenses in the league. Houston gives up 126 yards rushing per game and has allowed 13 rushing TDs as well.


Jones is your man.




New York, NY:

Not sure if you only answer advice e-mails for your weekly column or not but
needing help deciding between two key positions for my week 15 playoff game:

QB:  I have either McNabb or Marc Bulger.  I’m leaning towards Bulger at
home but McNabb in primetime…??

WR #2:  My #1 receiver is T.Owens.  He’s starting, but for number two I have
to pick between K. Robinson, Peerless Price, or Javon Walker.  What in the

Corey: Gotta go with Bulger. McNair is bet up pretty good (what else is new) and he
is facing a tough Buffalo secondary. I know its primetime but let it ride
and go with the safe bet in Bulger. At WR, go with Walker. This game could
turn into an air show and Walker will get a ton of looks.



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