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Shark Survivor Results

A reminder that this league drafts their teams in preseason then aren’t allowed to change their roster for the remainder of the season.  Best combination of players are used week to week to determine each players final score.

After sending six of our twelve sharks packing, we’re into the part of the competition where the remaining sharks play for two weeks and their total score for the two weeks is used to determine who gets whacked. 

Week 7 had Pat Smith toss up the lowest score of the week with an 89 and he needed a miracle to stay alive with a big Week 8 performance.  As it shook out, that miracle rolled in and his 132 to Paul Fountain’s 96 performance was enough to squeak Pat past Paul by 6 points. 

We say goodbye to Paul Fountain as we move onto the beginning of the next two weeks of competition with our remaining five.  The total points board for 2004 so far stands like this (note: Click on staff members name for roster):

Tony Holm


Mike Rumsey


Brad Wyatt


Pat Smith


Greg Allen


Paul Fountain


Tim Davoll


Ron Anish


Corey Dragge


Dave Tchorz


Rob Schare


Doug Coutts


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