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Shark Tank 2005 Mock Draft

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This February, Dmon and I decided to run a fantasy mock draft in the Main Tank. We took the first 10 Sharks who volunteered, and began the draft with the following league rules:


-10 teams were created on a first come first serve basis and it was open to any shark who wanted.
-Once the spots were filled, we began a 16 round serpentine draft.
-The starting lineup requirements were as follows:
1 QB
2 HB
2 WR
1 TE
1 K
-The designated scoring system was that of a basic shark league:
Passing TD = 3 points
20 Passing Yards = 1 point
INT = -1 point
Rushing TD = 6 points
10 Rushing Yards = 1 point
5 Rushing Attempts = 1 point
Receiving TD = 6 points
10 Receiving yards = 1 point
Reception = 1 point
Passing/Rushing/Receiving 2 Point Conversion = 2 points
Field Goal = 3 points
30-39 yards = +1
40-49 yards = +2
50+ yards = +3
Extra Point = 1 point

The Draft

Here’s how the draft went down:
1.1 (vvillyv) – LaDainian Tomlinson
1.2 (Dmon) – Shaun Alexander
1.3 (bowwhizzle) – Peyton Manning
1.4 (Davlar8) – Donovan McNabb
1.5 (dragonz20) – Priest Holmes
1.6 (4th & 37) – Willis McGahee
1.7 (TaZZ) – Daunte Culpepper
1.8 (BuckeyeFtblGod) – Dominack Davis
1.9 (FootballJunkie) – Edgerrin James
1.10 (Nikon) – Clinton Portis

2.1 (Nikon) – Julius Jones
2.2 (FootballJunkie) – Jamal Lewis
2.3 (BuckeyeFtblGod) – Terrell Owens
2.4 (TaZZ) – Deuce McAllister
2.5 (4th & 37) – Correy Dillon
2.6 (dragonz20) – Ahman Green
2.7 (Davlar8) – Curtis Martin
2.8 (bowwhizzle) – Tiki Barber
2.9 (Dmon) – Randy Moss
2.10 (vvillyv) – Kevin Jones

3.1 (vvillyv) – Torry Holt
3.2 (Dmon) – Fred Taylor
3.3 (bowwhizzle) – Marvin Harrison
3.4 (Davlar8) – Joe Horn
3.5 (dragonz20) – Trent Green
3.6 (4th & 37) – Javon Walker
3.7 (TaZZ) – Rudi Johnson
3.8 (BuckeyeFtblGod) – Warrick Dunn
3.9 (FootballJunkie) – Mushin Muhammad
3.10 (Nikon) – Andre Johnson

4.1 (Nikon) – Marc Bulger
4.2 (FootballJunkie) – Chad Johnson
4.3 (BuckeyeFtblGod) – Michael Pittman
4.4 (TaZZ) – Hines Ward
4.5 (4th & 37) – Tony Gonzalez
4.6 (dragonz20) – Antonio Gates
4.7 (Davlar8) – Reggie Wayne
4.8 (bowwhizzle) – Chris Brown
4.9 (Dmon) – Brett Favre
4.10 (vvillyv) – Alge Crumpler

5.1 (vvillyv) – Darrell Jackson
5.2 (Dmon) – Derrick Mason
5.3 (bowwhizzle) – Baltimore D/ST
5.4 (Davlar8) – Todd Heap
5.5 (dragonz20) – Brian Westbrook
5.6 (4th & 37) – Nate Burleson
5.7 (TaZZ) – Duce Staley
5.8 (BuckeyeFtblGod) – Isaac Bruce
5.9 (FootballJunkie) – Michael Vick
5.10 (Nikon) – Steve Smith

6.1 (Nikon) – Anquan Boldin
6.2 (FootballJunkie) – Jason Whitten
6.3 (BuckeyeFtblGod) – Jake Delhomme
6.4 (TaZZ) – Steven Davis
6.5 (4th & 37) – Tom Brady
6.6 (dragonz20) – Donald Driver
6.7 (Davlar8) – Thomas Jones
6.8 (bowwhizzle) – Jerry Porter
6.9 (Dmon) – Cedric Benson
6.10 (vvillyv) – Matt Hasselbeck

7.1 (vvillyv) – Buffalo D/ST
7.2 (Dmon) – Tatum Bell
7.3 (bowwhizzle) – Kellen Winslow Jr.
7.4 (Davlar8) – Laveranues Coles
7.5 (dragonz20) – Eric Moulds
7.6 (4th & 37) – Roy Williams
7.7 (TaZZ) – Michael Clayton
7.8 (BuckeyeFtblGod) – Jermaine Wiggins
7.9 (FootballJunkie) – Steven Jackson
7.10 (Nikon) – Jeremy Shockey

8.1 (Nikon) – Adam Vinatieri
8.2 (FootballJunkie) – Drew Bennett
8.3 (BuckeyeFtblGod) – Deion Branch
8.4 (TaZZ) – Eric Johnson
8.5 (4th & 37) – Larry Johnson
8.6 (dragonz20) – Lee Suggs
8.7 (Davlar8) – William Green
8.8 (bowwhizzle) – Deshaun Foster
8.9 (Dmon) – Daniel Graham
8.10 (vvillyv) – Kevan Barlow

9.1 (vvillyv) – Eddie Kennison
9.2 (Dmon) – New England D/ST
9.3 (bowwhizzle) – Ashley Lelie
9.4 (Davlar8) – Travis Henry
9.5 (dragonz20) – Chad Pennington
9.6 (4th & 37) – Drew Brees
9.7 (TaZZ) – Jerome Bettis
9.8 (BuckeyeFtblGod) – Jason Elam
9.9 (FootballJunkie) – Pittsburgh D/ST
9.10 (Nikon) – Atlanta D/ST

10.1 (Nikon) – Chris Chambers
10.2 (FootballJunkie) – Jake Plummer
10.3 (BuckeyeFtblGod) – Ronnie Brown
10.4 (TaZZ) – Mike Williams
10.5 (4th & 37) – Mike Vanderjagt
10.6 (dragonz20) – Brandon Stokely
10.7 (Davlar8) – Charles Rogers
10.8 (bowwhizzle) – Braylon Edwards
10.9 (Dmon) – Aaron Brooks
10.10 (vvillyv) – Byron Leftwich

11.1 (vvillyv) – David Akers
11.2 (Dmon) – Matt Stover
11.3 (bowwhizzle) – Carson Palmer
11.4 (Davlar8) – Joey Harrington
11.5 (dragonz20) – Lee Evans
11.6 (4th & 37) – Rod Smith
11.7 (TaZZ) – Carnell Williams
11.8 (BuckeyeFtblGod) – Marshall Faulk
11.9 (FootballJunkie) – Vernand Morency
11.10 (Nikon) – T.J. Duckett

12.1 (Nikon) – LaMont Jordan
12.2 (FootballJunkie) – Plaxico Burress
12.3 (BuckeyeFtblGod) – Kerry Collins
12.4 (TaZZ) – Santana Moss
12.5 (4th & 37) – Jimmy Smith
12.6 (dragonz20) – David Carr
12.7 (Davlar8) – Washington D/ST
12.8 (bowwhizzle) – Larry Fitzgerald
12.9 (Dmon) – Peerless Price
12.10 (vvillyv) – Tyrone Calico

13.1 (vvillyv) – Onterrio Smith
13.2 (Dmon) – T.J. Houshmanzadeh
13.3 (bowwhizzle) – Ricky Williams
13.4 (Davlar8) – Maurice Clarett
13.5 (dragonz20) – Randy McMichael
13.6 (4th & 37) – Reche Caldwell
13.7 (TaZZ) – Peter Warrick
13.8 (BuckeyeFtblGod) – Keenan McCardell
13.9 (FootballJunkie) – Marcus Pollard
13.10 (Nikon) – Dallas Clark

14.1 (Nikon) – Ben Roethlisberger
14.2 (FootballJunkie) – Ronald Curry
14.3 (BuckeyeFtblGod) – Cincinnati D/ST
14.4 (TaZZ) – Marcell Shipp
14.5 (4th & 37) – Michael Bennett
14.6 (dragonz20) – Carolina D/ST
14.7 (Davlar8) – Reuben Droughns
14.8 (bowwhizzle) – L.J. Smith
14.9 (Dmon) – Jeb Putzier
14.10 (vvillyv) – Bubba Franks

15.1 (vvillyv) – Donte’ Stallworth
15.2 (Dmon) – Marty Booker
15.3 (bowwhizzle) – Derrick Blaylock
15.4 (Davlar8) – Philadelphia D/ST
15.5 (dragonz20) – Keyshawn Johnson
15.6 (4th & 37) – Lamar Gordon
15.7 (TaZZ) – Detroit D/ST
15.8 (BuckeyeFtblGod) – Nick Goings
15.9 (FootballJunkie) – Tyrone Wheately
15.10 (Nikon) – Antwaan Randel El

16.1 (Nikon) – David Patten
16.2 (FootballJunkie) – Denver D/ST
16.3 (BuckeyeFtblGod) – Justin McCareins
16.4 (TaZZ) – Jeff Reed
16.5 (4th & 37) – Chicago D/ST
16.6 (dragonz20) – Ryan Longwell
16.7 (Davlar8) – Jeff Wilkins
16.8 (bowwhizzle) – Josh Brown
16.9 (Dmon) – Charlie Frye
16.10 (vvillyv) – Nate Kaeding

After the draft was complete, I sent out a series of questions to all the participants, which they could answer if they wished. Here is an overview of all the teams:

QB1: Matt Hasselbeck
BNH: Byron Leftwich
RB1: LaDainian Tomlinson
RB2: Kevin Jones
BNH: Kevan Barlow, Onterrio Smith
WR1: Torry Holt
WR2: Darrell Jackson
BNH: Eddie Kennison, Tyron Calico, Donte’ Stallworth
TE1: Alge Crumpler
BNH: Bubba Fanks
K: David Akers
BNH: Nate Kaeding

What are your overall impressions of your team? What are your strengths and weaknesses?
I’m very satisfied with the team I drafted. I feel like I didn’t draft anyone too early, and every player I picked adds something to the team. Every starting position is solid as well, which, of course, is very helpful. RB depth is probably my biggest weakness because both my backups (Kevan Barlow and Onterrio Smith) have some question marks; Barlow will start, but he was a major disappointment, and how much time Onterrio Smith will get is a major concern. My strength is simply my starting lineup; I feel that I have a stud at every position (Hasselbeck is questionable, but he’s proven he can be a stud, and I’m hoping he shows that again this year.)

What was your strategy?
I really placed my emphasis on getting a well rounded team as opposed to just good starters and no depth. This required me taking several gambles by not taking players and hoping that they would be available in a later round.

What was your best pick?
In my humble opinion, Matt Hasselbeck was a steal in the 6th round. It was just the year before this past one that he was a bonafide FF stud! However, he did slow down this year, and if that pick doesn’t pan out; LT was undoubtedly my safest and hopefully most beneficial pick.

What was your worst pick?
My backup RBs (Barlow and Onterrio Smith) were my worst picks. They’re fine players, but I would prefer to have had one more dependable and proven RB on the roster, but I waited too long and got stuck with some risky players.

Who do you think has the best team and why?
It’s a tough call between me and dragonz20. Personally (trying to be as unbiased as possible here) I’d say I have the best team. Dragonz20 is solid all around except for WR. I feel that every position I have has solid and dependable players in the starting lineup and most of them have solid backups as well. However all the teams from this draft are surprisingly competitive, and it would be interesting to see whose team would actually produce the best next year.

QB1: Peyton Manning
BNH: Carson Palmer
RB1: Tiki Barber
RB2: Chris Brown
BNH: DeShaun Foster, Ricky Williams, Derrick Blaylock
WR1: Marvin Harrison
WR2: Jerry Porter
BNH: Ashley Lelie, Braylon Edwards, Larry Fitzgerald
TE1: Kellen Winslow Jr.
BNH: L.J. Smith
K: Josh Brown

What are your overall impressions of your team? What are your strengths and weaknesses?
I feel that my team is the strongest based on the starting lineup. I have the #1 QB, top RBs, the #1 WR (Harrison), and the #1 defense. Porter is my X-Factor… if he blows up (which he will often), then I shall automatically win. Winslow has great potential too. If I had a weakness, then it would be my RB depth.

What was your strategy?
My strategy was to draft a strong starting lineup first since the league is head to head. Then I worried about backups and kickers. I drafted the best available player at the position not filled on my roster.

What was your best pick?
My best pick had to be Chris Brown in the 4th round; he should have gone in the late 1st or early 2nd.

What was your worst pick?
I felt like I had no worst pick. Some would say my defense (BAL) was picked way too early, but defense wins games; and my league champ had Baltimore.

Who do you think has the best team and why?
I honestly think I have the best team since I do have huge upsides in Braylon Edwards and Ricky Williams. Foster could end up starting in Carolina and Fitzgerald is a 2nd year WR (a year WRs blow up). L.J. Smith could be huge since Chad Lewis is likely done.

QB1: Brett Favre
BNH: A. Brooks, C. Frye
HB1: S. Alexander
HB2: Fred Taylor
BNH: Cedric Benson, Tatum Bell
WR1: Randy Moss
WR2: Derrick Mason
BNH: Peerless Price, T.J. Houshmandzadeh, Marty Booker
TE1: Daniel Graham
BNH: Jeb Putzier
K: Matt Stover

What are your overall impressions of your team? What are your strengths and weaknesses?
I like my team. I think my RB bench (Benson and Bell) could either be steals or complete wastes. I think my starting line-up is very good. I have a top 3 RB, a top 3 WR, a 30 touchdown QB and a top defense. My bench scares me a little though.

What was your strategy?
I just wanted to pick the best player available. And knowing it was a mock a wanted to take risks (A.K.A. Moss and Mason) that I usually wouldn’t take.

What was your best pick?
Tough choice, I’m going to say Tatum Bell in the 6th. If he performs like every other Denver running back performs (1,500 yards 10+ touchdowns) it will be a steal. After that I’ll say Fred Taylor in the fourth.

What was your worst pick?
My worst pick was taking Aaron Brooks when I did. I knew Favre’s retirement was in question so I picked my backup before other teams had their starters.

Who do you think has the best team and why?
Dragonz, he got value out of every pick. A little safe though

Davlar8 (unavailable to comment)
QB: Donovan McNabb
BNH: Joey Harrington
RB1: Curtis Martin
RB2: Thomas Jones
BNH: William Green, Travis Henry, Maurice Clarett, Reuben Droughns
WR1: Joe Horn
WR2: Reggie Wayne
BNH: Laveranues Coles, Charles Rogers
TE: Todd Heap
K: Jeff Wilkins

QB: Trent Green
BNH: Chad Pennington, David Carr
RB1: Priest Holmes
RB2: Ahman Green
BNH: Brian Westbrook, Lee Suggs
WR1: Eric Moulds
WR2: Brandon Stokley
BNH: Lee Evans, Keyshawn Johnson, Donald Driver
TE: Antonio Gates
BNH: Randy McMichael
K: Ryan Longwell
D/ST: Carolina

What are your overall impressions of your team? What are your strengths and weaknesses?
Strong overall. If Priest is healthy and performs, this team will be the team to beat. Weakness is at WR but this area can always be fixed via free agency.

What was your strategy?
I used a mild version of the RB hoarding theory. Drafted 2 great RBs but felt compelled to take Trent Green in the 3rd round. I drafted Antonio Gates because he was available and landed Westbrook in the 5th. After that, I drafted the best player available on the board.

What was your best pick?
Brian Westbrook in the 5th round gives me one of the best (if not the best) backup RB in the league. If Lee Suggs outright takes the starting job away from William Green, I will have great trade bait.

What was your worst pick?
None really but Carolina might be my worst pick only because I didn’t realize Philly was still on the board. Not a huge mistake though because Carolina has a very good D.

Who do you think has the best team and why?
I value RBs greatly in fantasy football and since I drafted the most solid lineup of RBs in the league, I believe I have the best team. Trent Green is one of the best fantasy QBs I have one of the best TE in the NFL. My WRs may be pedestrian but they will produce since they are on teams that score points on a consistent basis. If anything, I can always be incredibly proactive during the season and pick up solid FA WRs.

4th & 37 (unavailable to comment)
QB: Tom Brady
BNH: Drew Brees
RB1: Willis McGahee
RB2: Correy Dillon
BNH: Larry Johnson, Michael Bennett, Lamar Gordon
WR1: Javon Walker
WR2: Roy Williams
BNH: Nate Burleson, Rod Smith, Jimmy Smith, Reche Caldwell
TE: Tony Gonzalez
K: Mike Vanderjagt

QB: Daunte Culpepper
RB1: Deuce McAllister
RB2: Rudi Johnson
BNH: Duce Staley, Steven Davis, Jerome Bettis, Carnell Williams, Marcell Shipp
WR1: Hines Ward
WR2: Michael Clayton
BNH: Mike Williams, Santana Moss, Peter Warrick
TE: Eric Johnson
K: Jeff Reed

What are your overall impressions of your team? What are your strengths and weaknesses?
I liked my team, however, with Moss gone, I think the value of Culpepper has dropped and I’d have rather spent that pick on a RB. I do think Deuce will bounce back and be a top 5 RB, and I have some solid WRs also.

What was your strategy?
I took QB early, because I felt the RBs were deep enough that I could get good RB depth later. Now, with Moss gone, I would only go with this strategy if I could get Manning.

What was your best pick?
Either Steven Davis if he returns to form or Peter Warrick. I really think I did a good job picking through the middle rounds when you have to be smart.

What was your worst pick?
Culpepper, without Moss would have to be my worse pick. Not that he’s a bad guy to have, just not worth that selection.

QB: Jake Delhomme
BNH: Kerry Collins
RB1: Dominack Davis
RB2: Warrick Dunn
BNH: Michael Pittman, Ronnie Brown, Marshall Falk, Nick Goings
WR1: Terrell Owens
WR2: Isaac Bruce
BNH: Deion Branch, Keenan McCardell, McCareins
TE: Jermaine Wiggins
K: Jason Elam

Well apparently my team is not well liked, but I like it for the most part. The only real weaknesses I see is at TE if Wiggins does not re-sign with MIN [Note from villy: he did re-sign] and the lack of a clear cut number 2 RB. Let me run through what I was thinking when I picked (as best I can since some of this was almost a month ago now):

1st Round: Dominack Davis- I was happy to see him still on the board at this point he will make a solid no. 1 back this year
2nd Round: Terrell Owens- I wanted to have an explosive WR on my team and he will put up about the same or better scoring numbers than most the RBs left.
3rd Round: Warrick Dunn – I needed a second RB here before the options ran dry. This was where I made my first mistake by overlooking a few other players (Westbrook in particular), but that’s what happens when your doing a mock in February and don’t have a player rankings sheet in front of you.
4th Round: Michael Pittman – needed a 3rd RB (still forgetting Westbrook), Pittman is perhaps one of the most underrated RBs in the league and will make a solid number 3 assuming he isn’t moved to a 3rd down back role if TB drafts and starts a RB.
5th Round: Isaac Bruce – A solid second receiver (I was unaware that he was a FA this year at the moment), I believe he will probably resign with STL and put up similar numbers again this year.
6th Round: Jake Delhomme – A solid starting QB. He has put up good numbers 2 years in a row, despite having almost completely different receivers to throw to. I don’t feel the loss of Muhammad affects him at all.
7th Jermaine Wiggins – I think this pick surprised a few people with McMichael still on the board, I had originally wanted Whitten with this pick but he was snagged right after I took Delhomme. However if you compare the two you will see very similar numbers from last year. I took Wiggins due to Moss’ absence. I feel he will be used more with him gone vs. McMichael, whose numbers went down towards the end of last season and I expect more of the same this year.
8th Round: Deion Branch – I really like Branch and feel he will be a 70 to 80 catch guy this year with well over 1,000 yards as long as he doesn’t get another mysterious knee injury again.
9th Round: Jason Elam – Maybe a round early but I love having a top kicker and he is defiantly one of the best… Kickers win games for you in fantasy too sometimes.
10th Round: Ronnie Brown – I think he will be a starter somewhere next year. I’m thinking it will be Arizona.
11th Round: Marshall Faulk – A viable start even in a reduced role if necessary. His value could also be huge if Steven Jackson were to go down.
12th Round: Kerry Collins – I still needed a backup QB (I originally wanted Palmer here as his potential for 05 is huge!) With the acquisitions of Moss and Jordan he could end up the starter here and there or just all around this season, but he will have to prove it to me first.
13th Round: Keenan McCardell – My 4th WR This guy could very well be a steal this year as he will be forgotten about by a lot of people because of his poor numbers due to his first game being in week 10 and he was hurt for a few weeks at the end of the season.
14th Round: Cincinnati DST – This may have some of you screaming homer pick as a few of the bigger name DST were still on the board. I like them this year for a couple reasons 1) They were number 3 in the league in turnovers 2) I think those numbers will get better with an improved offense and an improved defense this year. This is my sleeper DST pick for this year.
15th Round: Nick Goings – Seemingly the only guy who managed to stay healthy all of last year in Carolina. I think he may either retain the job or end up with it by the end of the year.
16th Round: Justin McCariens – He turned into a viable starter from time to time last year and seemed worth a chance in the 16th.

I feel comfortable that this team will defiantly be one of the top few in the league by the end of the year. With a few very solid backups (fantasy wise) on my roster I think I should be able to improve the weaknesses I have fairly easily through trades as well, maybe not immediately but a few weeks in after some of peoples “talked up players are not performing as they would like” and I have the depth to make those trades and wait … Well I think so anyway… but hey what do I know. It was February for crying out loud.

QB: Mike Vick
BNH: Jake Plummer
RB1: Edgerrin James
RB2: Jamal Lewis
BNH: Vernand Morency, Steven Jackson, Tyrone Wheately,
WR1: Chad Johnson
WR2: Drew Bennett
BNH Mushin Muhammad, Chad Johnson, Plaxico Burress, Ronald Curry
TE: Jason Whitten
BNH: Marcus Pollard,
K: Empty

FBJ [Note from villy: that’s short for “FootballJunkie” for all you chum out there] here before I get started I just wanted to let me say that I came into the draft a little over mid way through. That being said I am happy with my team.

What are your overall impressions of your team? What are your strengths and weaknesses?
My team is pretty solid all around but some of the weak spots include taking a rookie RB like Vernand Morency or taking a wide receiver like Steven “stone hands Jackson” some of my team’s stronger points include taking the first two running backs that I did. Edge and Jamal Lewis I would have loved to have another top tier running back to plug in to my lineup but since I didn’t get a chance to pick one up I am happy with my picks at the other positions. I think my QBs both have a chance to put up solid numbers my third and fourth RB are serviceable as are my wide receivers. I believe that Jason Whitten will be able to put up good stats as well. PIT D should have another good season I am looking for fantasy numbers similar to last seasons.

What was your draft strategy?
With this past season being my first FF season I have to say that I have learned a lot since then. My overall draft strategy was as follows. I first attempted to get running backs. I did so because running backs are the foundation of a solid fantasy football squad. Next I filled my roster spot with a solid wide receiver I then picked up a QB I went with Vick because he has good upside Positional and if he falls off again like last season I have Plummer. I then picked up my first tight end. In the later rounds I decided to pick up my first D. after doing this I attempted to pick up more depth at various positions.

What was your best pick?
I feel my best pick in the draft was getting edge when I did.

What was your worst pick?
My worst pick by far has to be not getting a kicker that was an oversight on my part.

Who do you think has the best team and why?
My fellow sharks all have solid teams so picking the best team is tough but I would expect nothing less. I really feel that vvillyv has the best team because of his RBs. LT put up great numbers last season and I see now reason for this to change next season. I believe LT will be the first overall pick in next season’s draft and Kevin Jones is a solid up and coming RB. I believe these RBs will be able to carry his team throughout the season.

QB: Marc Bulger
BNH: Ben Roethlisberger
RB1: Clinton Portis
RB2: Julius Jones
BNH: Lamont Jordan, T.J. Duckett
WR1: Andre Johnson
WR2: Steve Smith
BNH: Antwaan Randle El, Anquan Boldin, Chris Chambers, David Patten
TE: Jeremy Shockey
BNH: Dallas Clark
K: Adam Vinatieri

What are your overall impressions of your team? What are your strengths and weaknesses?
I am really happy with my team overall. I feel I was able to draft a young, talented team that will be able to do some “damage” this upcoming season based on current moves in the NFL. I would have to say that my strength comes from my Wide Receivers most of all. With Muhammad out, Smith will once again dominate. Boldin was more of an early round sleeper pick but I feel he will connect for some good fantasy points next year. Andre Johnson was a must have for me. He is a powerhouse and will continue to be for a long time. With Carr tossing to him next year and considering I feel 2005 will be Carr’s break out year, Dre will have a lot of yards and TDs based on Carr’s upcoming breakout performance. Chris Chambers will continue to fly under the radar as long as Miami is near the bottom of the standings, but he is the go to guy in Miami, so I figure he will pose some very valuable points in 2005. Antwaan Randle El will continue to be a great 3rd receiver for Big Ben. Add the return yards he will accumulate and you got yourself a great steal pick in the 15th. David Patten, though he was just released from NE, was a strong 2nd receiver for Brady when Givens was #1 when branch was down. When branch returned, Patten actually stayed at #2 with givens dropping out of focus. Where ever Patten goes, he will be a good 2nd/3rd option for any QB.

What was your strategy?
Strategy simply was to grab two young RBs who I felt would have a strong impact on the 2005 season. I then went for the WR position and a QB. I figure if you have 2 strong RBs and 1 strong WR, add a decent QB and you are looking at a pretty good foundation for a fantasy team. Running backs will continue to be the difference makers in 2005 Fantasy leagues.

What was your best pick?
I have to go with Steve Smith in the 5th. With Muhammad going to Chi Town, Smith will be the #1 man again in Carolina. He will also be returning from the injury 100%. How can Smith not be my best pick I ask you?

What was your worst pick?
Hind sight tells me that Julius Jones may have been taken too early. I wish I had gotten Steven Jackson when I got the chance.

Who do you think has the best team and why?
100% honest, I really have to say I have the strongest team. I’m lacking only in the QB position but that’s not even that weak. Why? Easy enough, My team is compiled of nothing but fresh, young talent that will do nothing but damage the competition in 2005.

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