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Shark Tank Q & A – Plummer fights the good fight

When I heard Pat Tillman had been killed, I hurt. Like so many of my fellow sharks I knew that we had lost more then a good football player we lost more then a fellow American, we had lost more then a good man. That day we lost a good role model, a good human being; simply put…we lost a hero.


In a world that lacks positive role models and hero’s, I was a little more then perturbed when I heard that the NFL threatened to fine Jake Plummer for continuing to wear his number 40 sticker, Pat Tillman’s number, on his helmet passed the “regulated” two week remembrance.


Plummer backed down this week after the NFL agreed to show some ads on the scoreboard during games to promote the Tillman Foundation, made plans to donated $250,000 to build the first USO facility in Afghanistan, which will be named after Tillman, and agreed to let Plummer tape public-service announcements honoring Tillman and play them in stadiums nationwide on the weekend after Veteran’s Day. This is great right? Wrong.


Sure what the NFL is doing is great but if you ask me they should have done all this stuff anyway. What snaps me is the fact that the NFL decided to stick its nose in a personal and moral issue. Its not like Plummer was pulling a McMahon and wearing a giant Adidas logo on his helmet. The sticker wasn’t political or obscene; he was just honoring a college and NFL teammate and friend for Pete’s sake. It upsets me that it took this to make them realize that just maybe two weeks of putting little stickers on the back of players helmets wasn’t enough. It’s a good thing that Jake doesn’t have that sticker on his helmet anymore though right…whew… thank god the good old NFL fashion police were on patrol.


Ok…I am done. Lets get down to business. You want advice…you got it. Got a question? Send it here!





Love the site! Good work.


I’m looking for one solid week of feedback to take me to the end of the season. How would you rank these players for week 6? And how would you go about playing them week-to-week? I start 2 at each position (yardage league).

Priest Holmes
Brian Westbrook
Warrick Dunn
Artose Pinner
Michael Pittman

Hines Ward
Javon Walker
Rod Smith
Drew Bennett
Marcus Robinson

I see Priest, Westbrook, Ward, Walker as my must starts each week OR do I play someone else when they have a tough match up?



Corey D:


For running backs, the first one is simple. Priest is a must start especially since Jacksonville is faltering against the run in the last 3 games. Dunn has a tough match up against a surprisingly solid rush defense in San Diego. After that it is a tough decision between Pinner and Westbrook. Both face week defenses with Pinner facing the weaker of the two in Green Bay who has given up 145+ yards to RB in three of the last four games.  Personally… I like Pinner even though Westbrook has a good match up against Carolina. The simple fact is GB defense = RB heaven


At wide receiver, Ward is must start and has a solid match up against Dallas. As far as your second WR I refer back to my RB analysis. GB defense is horrible and because of that they have been falling behind early, which forces them to abandon the rushing attack and go one-dimensional. Go with Walker.


As far as from week to week goes…Holmes and Dunn barring an obvious match up advantage for Westbrook or Pinner. At WR, go with Ward and Walker barring obvious reasons or injury.





Scoring is 1pt=25yrds and 6pts=TD.


I have Brady and Hasselbeck however overall fantasy point wise, and considering playoff scheduled. Who should I drop and pick up…Leftwich, Byron or Harrington or Carr for one or both of my QBs.


Corey D: Out of all the QBs on the WW the only ones even remotely interesting in my eyes are Carr and Harrington. Either of which I would drop Brady or Hasselbeck for. You have two solid QBs that are consistent, accurate, and quality field generals. By the end of the season you’ll be glad you didn’t drop either of these two.





What kind of trade value can I get from Dunn? 


We start 2 RBs and 3 WRs and I have Shaun Alexander and Travis Henry (and their backups, Morris and McGahee, in case of injury) and Dunn.  I’d like a receiver.


My current starters are Hines Ward, Jimmy Smith, and Javon Walker, but my week 9 fill-ins for Smith and Walker are between Antonio Gates, Tim Brown, Jerry Rice, and Todd Pinkston.


We have a 12-team league with large (20) rosters and experienced owners so the waiver wire is thin.  So far I’ve been offered Ronald Curry or Tony Gonzalez (we play TEs as WRs).  Should I just bide my time and hope for the best in week 9?


Corey D:


I would hold out. First off, Dunn is your best second back. I know that you want a WR but giving up a RB that is currently in the top 10 for an upstart Curry or a under achieving Tony G. isn’t worth it.


Either hold out or look for a better offer but don’t trade for Curry or Tony G.





The Edge is on a bye in week 6.


Which 2 RBs should I start in week 6: K. Barlow, Q. Griffin, Mewelde Moore or Steven Jackson?


Corey D: Moore blew it up last week and has a great opportunity match up this week so I recommend starting him with out a doubt. Who else to start is a tough question.


Barlow is banged up and is part of an ineffective offense but at least he starts. Griffin was the man in week two but may do a lot cheerleading from the sideline with Moore taking over the show. Jackson is a solid back that will get some carries and because of his side he could see the goal line touches but he still has a Marshall standing in his way.


Behind door #1 is a RB on a team that has to throw to score. Door #2 hides an apparent one hit wonder RB now grabbing time from the bench. Take door #3…Take door #3! Jackson is healthy and will get some limited touches and possibly a touchdown.

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