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Shark Tank Q & A – Week 8

It only took me about half a day on Sunday to realize that it wasn’t a good week for me.  In weeks one through six I had crushed the web scanning and prowling for info and any tidbit of info that could help out my fellow sharks. Coming into week seven I thought I had it down pat, thought I didn’t need to go all CSI on fantasy info, Thought that I could pull this one off with only the Cliff Notes. My bad homie. My Bad. This week’s advice is going to be short and sweet in hopes that I won’t open my mouth and insert my foot.


So it was back to book and scrubbing the net clean of info that I could use and all the while thinking that just like any team that loses a “sandwich” game they have to refocus and get back on track. As I read some of my fellow FS author’s articles I noticed that everyone was making picks vs. the spread. Seeing as I goofed last week and that I got over 10 years handicapping experience, I figure I owe you all. So this week I am putting my rep on the line and posting my picks.


Matter of fact, if my average stays above 60% then I will continue to post them week in and week out. If it drops below 60% then I will stop. Only the best for my fellow sharks, only the best. 




My Pick



Arz +3







New York-N











Cin +3









Indy +1

Kansas City








Det +3









Jack +1









Un 39.5









Ov 39







New England


NE -3









SD -6

San Diego






San Fran.


SF +1.5









Jets -7

New York-A








Phila -7.5









Hey Corey thanks for the advice last week. Starting Vick over Plummer
and Droughns over Barber! *cough* Lets see if you can do better this week!

I was offered M. Harrison/A. Lelie for my Droughns/Marcus Robinson.

We start QB, 2 backs and 2 WRs, TE, K, DST. My current RBs are S. Alexander, Tiki, Droughns, Pittman. WR are Ward, Clayton, Mrob.

Do I bite to help my WR core? Or do I hold out for more? Is Droughns stock going to get higher than it is now? I really like Mrob. He’s a top #2 WR right now, and you’ve got to love that Pepper is looking for him in the endzone. So trading him away also hurts but I only need to start 2 WR anyway.

Would you pull the trigger on this deal?




Ok… Ok… I blew it last week but if you don’t take this trade you will be blowing it. Sure Droughns is putting up good numbers and Marcus is as well but Moss will be back at least part time this week and full time next which will take away looks from Marcus. Harrison is rising back up to his stud status and will continue to pump out the points and Lelie is a solid receiver and a deep threat. Take the deal.




I’ve got quite a problem here.  My running back stable looks like Shaun Alexander, Kevin Barlow, Droughns, and this week even Chester Taylor (who is playing a Philly D that let will Green and Suggs carve them up).  My wide outs are Hines Ward, Eric Moulds, and André Johnson…none of which you would call benchable.  Our lineups start two RB, two WR, and one WR/RB flex.  Who should I go with this week? 




Alexander is must start…always. Pair him up with Droughns and your solid at RB. Go with Ward and AJ at WR and at the flex, believe or not, go with Moulds. I like Chester but with their all-pro OT Ogden out I get worried.




Would you drop Santana Moss and pick up any of these free agents – Andre Davis, Daniel Graham, Jabar Gaffney, Johnnie Morton, Randy Hymes, Quincy Morgan, Shaun McDonald, Dennis Northcutt, David Terrell, or Brandon Lloyd?




Moss is looking more and more like a bust week in and week out. Davis is a rising star so if it were me…I would give it some serious consideration. Translation: Grab Davis.


If you have a question for Corey just click here and maybe your question will appear in next weeks Q & A!



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