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Shark Tank Q & A – Week 9

For the fantasy studs, the last two weeks have been fruitful to say the least. Priest Holmes is obviously at the top of the list scoring 81 fantasy points the last two weeks. That’s only 19 points shy of what he scored in weeks 1 through 6 combined! CHA CHING!


Manning tallied up 64 fantasy points (his best two week total this season), Green netted 54 fantasy points (20 points short of his weeks one through six fantasy point total), McNabb speared 48 fantasy points (Second best to his weeks one and two performance), and finally rounding out the top five is none other then…. Jake the Snake.


That’s right, the snake is in the top 5 with 47 points. You guessed it…his best two-week fantasy total thus far.


The list goes on and on but we will stop here, as there are more pressing matters at hand, such as week 9 and your emails.


Now I had only a few emails this week (A drop off undoubtedly experienced due to my posting of subpar picks) so I have chosen two emails to answer and will be posting some new picks in the tank for your viewing pleasure (Link here). But let me make one thing perfectly clear.


Though I may be shaking off the handicapping rust, I am sharp as a tack when it comes to your fantasy questions. So bring it on and send me your questions.


Gino: I appreciate your input and totally agree…. except there’s one more thing that just came up and would like a reply soon if you can. In my basic scoring league someone just dropped Chad Johnson. I like my team but with the Leftwich situation should I waive Jimmy Smith and pick this guy up and with the match ups this week I thinking about Starting Harrison, Gates, and Rod Smith–opponent’s got Plummer or sub rod for Mr. Pepto himself.



Corey: Stick with Smith. Leftwich is one tough S.O.B and he seems to be falling in the same “play with pain” category as the likes of Brett Favre. This kid reminds me of that Knight in “Monty Python and The Holy Grail”. You know the one that gets his arm cut off but won’t quit, then loses a leg and still won’t quit, then the other arm and the other leg but still won’t go away.


Keep a close eye on the situation but reports are that he won’t be missing much if any time when they come back from their bye week and as long as Lefty is playing Smith’s stock is still golden. 



Duck: Going 0-4 the last 4 weeks has got me in a panic.  I have no RB’s.  I need help.  I’m thinking of trading R. Moss to get a stud RB.  Here is my team:  QB – McNabb, Rattay; RB – M. Faulk, T. Henry, Mewelde Moore, Brad Hoover (I was hoping the Glenn would be right on his waiver wire prediction.  He was not.)  WR – R. Moss, R. Wayne, D. Givens, A. Boldin, P. Burress, A. Bryant; TE – Shockey, E. Johnson.


I think I’m doing great at WR and TE, but like I said my RB’s are pitiful.  Should I trade Moss?  What should I expect to get for him?


Corey: No. Though your WR crew is solid I don’t think you can stand to loss Moss. Personally, I would rather give up maybe Wayne and/or Burress for a top 10 RB. You have to sell the fact that quality WRs are hard to find right now and both Wayne (Top 6 Fantasy WR on with 84 points) and Burress (4 TD in the last 3 games) have high stock right now.


It would obviously be better to sell one or the other WR but if you have to send them as a package deal I would make sure your getting a top 5 RB. If sold individually, you should try to get somewhere in the top 10 RB’s for Wayne and Top 15 for Burress. 

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