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Shark Tank Top 100

These are NOT dynasty rankings. We are only ranking who we think will best excel in 2006, and only 2006.

Let the rankings reflect who we believe to be the MOST VALUABLE, from top to bottom. Do not assume this is some sort of psuedo-draft. The 18th most valuable player here might be picked 30th in your draft. You get the jist of it.

Anyways, enough talk. Let the games begin.

1. RB Ladainian Tomlinson – There’s being consistent, and then there’s being consistently great. LT is the latter.

2. RB Larry Johnson – Ended 2005 on a blistering note. How will he handle an entire years load?

3. RB Shaun Alexander – The single-season record holder for touchdowns returns again to feast on weak divisional opponents. Losing Hutchinson will hurt.

4. RB Clinton Portis – Already has 3 1500 yard seasons at the age of 24. Could potentially lead the league in rushing this season.

5. RB Tiki Barber – No longer the lovable underdog, Tiki has become a bonafide Fantasy monster. He’s gone for over 2000 total yards the past two seasons.

6. RB Steven Jackson – No longer restrained by Martz’ pass-happy offense, Jackson figures to bust out in a big way under Linehan.

7. RB Rudi Johnson – Posted back-to-back 1400/12 seasons. You can’t go wrong with him.

8. RB Cadillac Williams – Last years top rookie figures to improve on his impressive first-year totals.

9. RB Edgerrin James – His numbers will take a dip in Arizona, but not by too much.

10. RB Lamont Jordan – Burst onto the scene last season. Should put up even better numbers as he gets more comfortable in Oakland.

11. RB Ronnie Brown – With Ricky out of the way, expect last years second overall pick to come through in a big way.

12. RB Brian Westbrook – His receiving skills alone make him extremely valuable. Here’s to saying his rushing totals improve in a more balanced system.

13. RB Willis McGahee – Suffered through a bit of a sophmore slump, but still managed to finish 10th in rushing yards. If he can bump up his TD totals, he’ll be a steal.

14. WR Torry Holt – Steady is the name of the game with Holt, who’s had six straight 1300 yard seasons. With Bruce fading away, his production could spike up this season.

15. WR Chad Johnson – Backs up his bark with plenty of bite. CJ figures to be a shoo-in for top five numbers at the WR position. Entering the prime of his career.

16. WR Steve Smith – Last years breakout stud at the receiver position. He wont match last years numbers, but he’ll get close.

17. RB Domanick Davis – A solid producer on the ground, as well as through the air.

18. QB Peyton Manning – No description needed. The leagues best QB will continue to produce elite numbers. With Edge gone, expect his passing opportunities to balloon.

19. TE Antonio Gates – The best tight end by a wide margin. The QB situation might be iffy, but we heard this same story about Brees two years ago. Then Gates stepped up.

20. RB Kevin Jones – Struggled mightily with injuries and inconsistency last season, KJ should bounce back nicely with Martz calling the plays.

21. WR Randy Moss – Riddled with injuries the past two seasons, Randy is unstoppable when healthy. Brooks is an upgrade over Collins.

22. WR Terrell Owens – Uber-productive on the field, and uber-destructive off of it.

23. WR Marvin Harrison – Like fine wine, Marv just gets better with age. He’s shown no signs of slowing down.

24. RB Julius Jones – Like KJ, JJ struggled with injuries and inconsistency. He’s capable of big things when healthy, though(See: CAR game last year)

25. WR Anquan Boldin – Came through with another huge season for Arizona, posting 100 and 1400 for the second time in his three-year career.

26. WR Larry Fitzgerald – It didn’t take long for Fitz to make his presence felt. Only of only two WRs with 100-1400-10 last year.

27. RB Reuben Droughns – Rushed for 1200 yards in a dismal situation in Cleveland. With the additions of guys like Bentley, his TD total could take a quantum leap.

28. RB Warrick Dunn – Had the quietest 1400 yard season in league history. If Vick improves at all as a passer, his scoring opportunities should increase.

29. WR Chris Chambers – Always enters each season underrated, until now. There’s no hiding for Chambers after he put up 88-1118-11 last year.

30. TE Todd Heap – After Gates, it doesn’t get much better than Heap at the TE spot. McNair represents an improvement over the old scrubs at the position, so expect a nice boost in his stats.

31. QB Tom Brady – No longer just a “winner,” Brady has put up great Fantasy numbers for a few years now.

32. RB Willie Parker – One of last years breakthrough performers, Willie should be able to repeat last years numbers at the very least. Expect an increase in TDs with Bus gone.

33. QB Carson Palmer – Would be ranked higher if it weren’t for that devastating injury.

34. TE Jeremy Shockey – With Eli getting better and better, Shockey’s numbers will continue to incline.

35. WR Hines Ward – Still the #1 option in Pittsburgh, Ward has never disappointed Fantasy owners with his consistent production.

36. WR Reggie Wayne – Didn’t have the year many expected him to have in 2005. This could be the year, though.

37. WR Darrell Jackson – Seattle’s main man for years now, Jackson is expected to bounce back from an injury-riddled 2005. Had a great postseason.

38. RB Deuce McAllister – The forgotten man in New Orleans. Bush might be the next big thing, but McAllister is still one of the best backs in the league when healthy.

39. WR Donald Driver – One of the most underappreciated wideouts in the league, Driver should find himself near the top of the leaderboard as Green Bay will be playing from behind a lot.

40. QB Eli Manning – Did better than anybody expected last season. There’s a lot of to like, from his potential to all of the weapons surrounding him.

41. WR Roy Williams – With Martz in town, the uber-talented Williams could break out in a huge way this season.

42. TE Tony Gonzalez – Not as explosive as he was a few years ago, but he’s still one of the best out there.

43. RB Corey Dillon – Struggled to get going all season long, but he did manage to score 12 times. One last hurrah?

44. RB Chester Taylor – Minnesota paid big bucks for him. He’s a clearcut starter, and should benefit greatly from the return of Matt Birk and the addition of Steve Hutchinson.

45. WR Santana Moss – After a disappointing ’04 campaign, Santana exploded last season. He’s very streaky, putting together as many bad games as outstanding ones.

46. WR Plaxico Burress – Finally became a consistent producer in his sixth season.

47. QB Matt Hasselbeck – Will continue to post top numbers with a healthy Jackson, and the acquisition of Burleson.

48. RB Tatum Bell – Under the unique circumstances in Denver, Bell is a shoo-in for solid numbers, regardless of another option appearing in the backfield.

49. QB Donovan McNabb – Not a rushing threat anymore, he still puts up big time numbers in Reid’s West Coast scheme.

50. RB Reggie Bush – Reggie will make an impact, but how much remains to be seen. His best years are certainly ahead of him.

51. WR Javon Walker – Was destined to be a top dog at the WR position last year, but an injury in week one ruined any chances of that. Now, he’ll look to rebound in Denver.

52. RB Jamal Lewis – He wont be running for 2000 yards again, but he’s still very stout.

53. RB Deshaun Foster – Always one of the more enigmatic prospects in Fantasy Football. Here’s to a full season.

54. WR Joe Horn – The wily veteran will bounce back with the addition of Brees to the offense.

55. WR Andre Johnson – Too talented not to bounce back after a rough ’05.

56. QB Marc Bulger – Always a threat for big numbers with the weapons around him.

57. WR Derrick Mason – Can he and Mcnair rekindle their past magic?

58. RB Thomas Jones – The former bust for Arizona has really come into his own in Chicago. Keeping Benson on the bench will be tough.

59. TE Alge Crumpler – Vick’s first, second, and third option.

60. QB Jake Delhomme – Tough not to succeed when you’ve got Steve Smith to throw to. Keyshawn will help as well.

61. WR Deion Branch – Brady’s first go-to guy since 2002, back when Troy Brown was catching everything.

62. TE Jason Witten – Should benefit from the presence of TO in Big D.

63. WR Joey Galloway – Experienced a rebirth in Tampa Bay last season.

64. RB Fred Taylor – Fragile Freddy is still a very attractive option when healthy.

65. WR TJ Houshmandzadeh – Hardly a second-fiddle, Housh has a case of his own amongst the best in the league.

66. QB Drew Bledsoe – Had a strong season last year. Will have a stronger ’06 with TO.

67. QB Daunte Culpepper – If it weren’t for the injury, CPep would be much, much higer.

68. RB Curtis Martin – Didn’t rush for 1000 yards for the first in his career last year. With the additions of some super rookies on the Oline, he may have one last hurrah.

69. RB Frank Gore – Showed a lot of promise when he was given serious playing time towards the end of the season. Should distinguish himself as the man in San Fran.

70. QB Jake Plummer – Jake the Snake has been a Fantasy-level starter every year he’s been in Denver. He’ll be even better with Javon Walker helping out.

71. TE Chris Cooley – Burst onto the scene last year. A receptions machine.

72. TE Randy McMichael – Has been putting up good numbers for years while dealing with bad QB play. Now Culpepper is in town.

73. RB Dominic Rhodes – The incumbent heir to Edge’s throne, Rhodes could be in for a very productive season in Indy.

74. WR Rod Smith – Old Reliable continues to produce very solid numbers. He should face a lot more single-coverage with Walker around, which is great.

75. QB Drew Brees – If his shoulder is healed, he could put up fantastic numbers in New Orleans and all of their weapons on offense. Big if, though.

76. RB Cedric Benson – Chicago’s top pick last year figures to make it hard on TJ to hold down a starting spot.

77. RB Joseph Addai – The rookie back has a lot of skills and speed to burn. It will be a RBBC in Indy.

78. WR Reggie Brown – The new number one guy in a pass-happy offense.

79. QB Kurt Warner – Surrounded by premium talent on offense, a healthy Warner should put up great numbers.

80. QB Michael Vick – He hasn’t progressed much as a passer, but his running totals alone rank him in the upper-echelon of Fantasy QBs.

81. TE LJ Smith – Had more receptions than anybody else in Philly last season. Both he and Brown must take their game to the next level.

82. RB Chris Brown – When he’s not on the sidelines due to a broken toe nail, Chris has been quite productive for the Titans. He’ll be feeling major pressure from Lendale, though.

83. WR Nate Burleson – Had a fine breakout season with Minnesota two years ago. Now in Seattle, he’ll look to emerge opposite DJax.

84. QB Trent Green – A Fantasy monster under Vermeil. How will he perform in Herm’s more conservative system?

85. TE Ben Troupe – If Young steps in sooner rather than later, Troupe will be his fall-back option every time. A la Vick/Crumpler.

86. WR Jerry Porter – Very streaky, the enigmatic Porter should put up decent numbers yet again as he lines up across from Moss.

87. WR Lee Evans – He’s got the skills, but the circumstances surrounding him are abysmal.

88. WR Keenan McCardell – Perenially underrated, he might have his work cut out for him with Rivers at the helm.

89. RB Deangelo Williams – Backing up Foster for now, but Foster will knock himself out eventually. The very talented rookie will be an attractive option come playoff time.

90. TE Heath Miller – Progressed steadily as his rookie season moved along, Miller is a rising star at TE.

91. QB Aaron Brooks – With Moss, Porter, Curry and Jordan to throw to, expect Brooks to continue to produce solid Fantasy numbers in Oakland.

92. WR Donte Stallworth – Quietly had a good season as Horn struggled with injuries. He might just be their #1 guy this year.

93. RB LenDale White – LenDale will have every opportunity to take the starting job in Tennessee.

94. WR Eddie Kennison – Still the only viable wide out in Kansas City’s high-powered offense.

95. TE Dallas Clark – With Edge gone, expect a spike in his reception totals.

96. WR Terry Glenn – Resurrected his flailing career last season. Will the addition of TO hurt

97. QB Brett Favre – He might be a walking turnover machine, but Brett is still good for 3800 and 20 under any circumstances.

98. RB Ron Dayne – Here’s to saying he’s the “other” half of Denver’s vaunted RBBC.

99. RB Ahman Green – Does he have anything left in the tank? Green Bay hopes so.

100. WR Antonio Bryant – Surpassed 1000 yards in a pretty iffy situation in Cleveland. Didn’t help his Fantasy prospects much by signing with San Fran.

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