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Sharks Discuss the Overrated: Melky Cabrera

2011 be a case of Melky Cabrera finally receiving consistent playing time? Sure,
but not to the degree of his jump. For starters, his new team (the San Francisco
Giants) is not going to run nearly as much as the reckless Kansas City Royals,
so expect the stolen base numbers to dip downwards in lieu of his poor 67
percent success rate. While Kansas City is the furthest thing from a hitter’s
haven it isn’t as much of a drain on hitter’s as San Francisco’s AT&T Park.
At the end of the day, the Giant lineup just doesn’t have the pop behind him to
allow him to put up anything close to his 2011 counting stats. The Royals had
lots of problems in 2011, but they were mostly pitching related. The offense was
absolutely not one of them. San Francisco has been a black hole for offense for

for Cabrera, he had his highest

average on balls in play

of his career (.332, career .299), there was little change
in any of his underlying periphereals (ground ball/fly ball ratio, line drive
percentage, fly ball percentage, and his batting eye actually got worse (5
percent walk rate, career 7.4 percent). Nothing adds up to Cabrera’s career
year.  We expect a regression to something closer to a .270 average, 12 home
runs, 75 runs, 60 runs batted in, 12 stolen bases. Those aren’t terrible
numbers, but not what you want to be drafting from an everyday piece of your

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