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Shooting for two Quarterbacks

How y’all doing again? Hopefully many of you have already gotten a few of your drafts under your belt. The NFL season is almost a week away, and I can’t wait. If you have a late draft, here is a strategy that you might be forced to use, or you can plan to do this as well. I always like to have two plans for each position when I’m drafting. The first is who I would draft if I drafted that position early. The second is if I have to wait and draft that position later. If you are thinking about waiting on a quarterback, or just didn’t grab any of the Top 7, then you might be shooting for the back-to-back quarterback strategy.

In my opinion there are seven top quarterbacks out there this year. In any order they are: Michael Vick, Aaron Rodgers, Drew Brees, Tom Brady, Philip Rivers, Peyton Manning and Tony Romo. If you failed to pull the trigger and draft one of them, then you’re looking at the second tier of quarterbacks, and you’re going to want to grab two. You’re going to want to draft them “on the tail” as the forum members like to say, or the part of the draft where you have the least amount of other people drafting between your picks. If you have a high draft pick, this would be Rounds 6 and 7. If you have a low draft pick, it would be Rounds 5 and 6 or 7 and 8, depending on how quickly those other quarterbacks go off the board. Here are three different pairings of quarterbacks that you could draft and play matchups every week, in order to maximize the amount of points from your quarterback position.

The first column is who you would pick first, and the second column is your next pick. Your first pick will look like you’re simply picking a quarterback for your team, then the second pick finishes off your matchup plays for when your first quarterback plays some tough defenses. In some cases the second pick could be a reach, but it’s part of your strategy. By this time in the draft you should be plenty stocked up on wide receivers, running backs and maybe a tight end, so you shouldn’t be worrying about missing out on just one. You need to get both quarterbacks for this strategy to work, otherwise you’re just going to have a mediocre quarterback on your team.

Ben Roethlisburger and Kevin Kolb

Roethlisberger has a nice start to his season and a nice playoff schedule too, but in the middle of his season he has a few tough games, games where Kolb gets some easy matchups.

Kolb starts out with a game against Carolina at home, so you’ll be able to see what he has. Then Roethlisberger has five straight easy games. Next it’s time to go back to Kolb for three games. Then starts the back-and-forth matchup part. The playoffs have you starting each quarterback at home against Cleveland, and finishing off with Roethlisberger at home against St. Louis. With this pairing you’ll have a game almost every week against a defense that finished in the Top 10 for fantasy points allowed to quarterbacks in 2010.

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