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Show Me The Money

fantasy football for fun is like playing poker for peanuts.

  Unless money is on the line, it’s just not
going to be taken seriously.

bragging rights can be a somewhat valuable currency, but nothing keeps you
“invested” week after painful week like laying some of your cold, hard-earned
cash on the line.

  If this isn’t as
obvious to you as “the sky is blue,” please take this time to go count your
peanuts and savor those sweet bragging rights.

Serious fantasy football players, read on …



we all know that real fantasy football players ante up the cash in order to
play the game, but who in your league deserves to take home those Benjamins
along with the bragging rights?

leagues divide the purse proportionately between the fantasy Super Bowl winner
and his championship opponent.

  Are those
two really the only ones worthy of being rewarded for their fantasy

  If you’re lucky enough to win
your fantasy football championship every year, then maybe you think so.



you’re like the rest of us, then, as much as you study up on
and even though you draft the fantasy football dream team each season, the time
will come when your team is going to screw you over at the worst possible time.

  You’ll pull your hair out when your star
player removes himself from the game after pulling a groin, and you’ll scream
at the television when another “takes one for the team” and selflessly falls
down a couple yards short of the end zone.

It’s the heart pounding roller coaster of emotions that make fantasy
football so thrilling and heart-wrenching, but these unpredictable occurrences
also mean that the last team standing isn’t always the best.



for those of us who make the fantasy playoffs every year, but sometimes find
ourselves falling short of winning the league title, there’s probably nothing
we can do about the bragging rights.


  I had the better team!” just doesn’t
have any zing.

  So, if you can’t have the
bravado, why shouldn’t you have a payout to compensate you for your

  This will most likely require
you to revamp your league’s payout structure.

Creativity can lead you down many paths, but here are three suggestions
for structuring your league to reward strong fantasy football skills:



  The Playoff’s The Thing


only a minor victory, but if your team makes it to the playoffs, the season
should be considered successful, and a little cash goes a long way to making it
feel like a success.

  If owners in your
league are not too keen on reducing the value of your championship pot, you
could decide to reimburse playoff teams for a certain number of transactions
made (see below for more on the roll of transactions in your payout

  The possibility of
reimbursement for those transactions may even encourage some of the hoarders in
your league to dig some more cash out of their mattresses and make a few trades



  The Case For First Place


league formats vary, it would seem that winning one’s division translates
universally into a very successful season. Rewarding these teams with an amount
close to the league entry fee might take away some of the sting of some bad
luck in the fantasy football playoffs.




  Point(s) Well Taken


head to head matchups are the most fun, they aren’t always the best indicator
of which fantasy football teams performed the best.

  You might have broken a mirror, walked under
a ladder, or otherwise pissed off Lady Luck, and your flawless team just
doesn’t make the playoffs.

  Maybe your
team seems to play every week against the likes of Carson Palmer when he throws
over 400 yards for six touchdowns (if so, I feel your pain).

  In any case, if you award the top three
highest point scoring teams in the regular season, you will ensure that the
best teams get financially compensated.



you’re ready to change your payout structure (and you should be), your next
challenge will be convincing your tightwad leaguemates to throw in additional

  You may have to hand them a Kleenex
as they sob about tough financial times or complain how inflating costs will
take the “fun” out of the league.

strong, son – it will be worth it when you have something to show for it when
your team gets a case of premature “championship interruptus.”



you’ve knocked around enough heads and broken enough knees (figuratively, of
course) to convince fantasy team owners to expand your league’s pot, one of the
most logical (and often easiest to swallow) sources for additional payouts is
fees paid for league transactions.

reasonable $2 to $5 per transaction will do the trick.

  As an added bonus, if you weren’t charging
fees for transactions before (or you were charging less), this will force
dimwit owners to do a little homework before nabbing the first free agent they
read about.

  Even a broken clock is right
twice a day!



creative league payout structures have an added bonus too – rewarding good
fantasy football performance (rather than just dumb luck) will keep all of your
team owners engaged and encourage them to be educated.

  Now, I ask you, Sharks – what could be better
than that?


you have a unique payout structure in your league?  What is it? 
Does it help improve the quality of play in your league?  How?


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