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Showcase league drafts are underway

FantasySharks Staffers: Complete.

Great White Shark League: Complete.

Atlantic Whale Shark League: Complete.

Pacific Whale Shark League: Complete.
Indian Whale Shark League: In Progress.
Caribbean Whale Shark League: Starts Aug 9.



Click here for the Showcase League Analysis and ADP Tool 



One of our larger projects this offseason is the launching of the Shark Leagues.  The leagues are different in that they’re all connected and bracketed in a pyramid fashion where the Great White Shark League, the league that is made up of only champions, sits on top.  If you win, you move up in the league ranks – if you lose, you move down.  The very top 5 leagues play on and’s dime and are showcased on 


We’re excited about these leagues primarily because of what we will be able to create for the fantasy football public.  We’ll have draft analysis from the staffers league as well as from all the Showcase leagues, boiled down by player position and average draft position so that you can have the best cheat sheet on the planet.  What makes this cheat sheet unique is that it will be a dynamic preseason cheat sheet that changes as drafts take place.  The drafts that make up the data are purposely staged to start a week apart, so that each successive draft, can influence the player positioning as news comes out of training camps.  This will insure the most accurate and timely player rankings you can get.  Let’s see a magazine beat that? 


How do we insure the high talent of drafters so that we know our cheat sheet and player rankings are always the best?  The common knock on the ADP (Average Draft Position) sites out there is that any schmuck can draft a team (they can draft all Cowboys or only teams from the AFC South for all you know), their data is polluted with many nonsensical drafts.  We insure the quality of our owners as owners have to buy their way into the tournament.  Each will try to win their league to be promoted into a higher bracket and each will be shooting for the Showcase leagues where they can put away their wallet.


Are you good enough?


All Shark Leagues start drafting – Aug 16. 

Leagues will be established approximately 1 week before August 16th or as they fill.  Email reminders will go out to all participants when the league is created at


Kick some tail this season!

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