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Sit or Start Chad Johnson

What if I told you about a wide receiver that in the last 5 seasons in the NFL he has put up over 1,000 yards receiving and multiple touchdowns. And what If I explained to you that this particular receiver has covered his teeth with gold and created a fashion statement with his hair? I think you know who I would be referring to, yes, that’s right Ocho Cinco, known to the world as Chad Johnson. 

Lets back up to better days in the Cincinnati era where Johnson set a name for the organization and a place in the hall of fame for himself. In 2005 Chad put up numbers that stood as a front for his appreciation to the organization. This was a great time for Bengals fans, the last time they experienced the playoffs was at least the 1980’s. The main story was, who can cover Chad Johnson, which corner in the league will he score on next, he even had a chalk board of players that he burnt. Unfortunately, the Bengals went down early that year and the talk of Chad had begun. 

Last season he reached a career high in yards, 1,440 yards to be exact. Placing another check mark on why he should be paid in his next contract. Despite the Bengals record, Chad played resembling a top notch receiver; the only thing stopping him from destiny is the Cincinnati Bengals. As the team lost, so did Chad, the more the Bengals struggled, the worse his attitude got. Reports of Chad yelling at head coach Marvin Lewis didn’t help his hall of fame vote any. At the end of the season the rumors hit the wire like a mighty swing from the bat of major league slugger reading, “Ocho demands trade”. 

So my question to you, the owner of your fantasy team, do you draft this demon of the grid-iron? Or do you pass? The answer lies with the drama proprietor himself, Chad Johnson. Will he come out this season with a chip on his shoulder and prove to the ownership and the fans that he is, “all-in”, or will he play with an attitude of, “I gave my heart for 6 seasons, so who cares how I play now?”. My feelings would suggest that Chad will give it a go and play like he has always played, with no regrets. Sit or Start? For the Bengals offense its, Do or Die.

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