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Sleeper Plays & Statistical Breakdown

If you take a minute and reflect on your fantasy league this year review what each team did in the draft.  Then look at who is currently alive in the playoffs and who is producing for them.  Chances are the team still alive drafted ok but more often than not the reason a team advances deep into the playoffs are the free agent acquisitions.  None are more prevalent then Billy Volek, Drew Bennett, Kerry Collins, and Jerry Porter.  These are only a few as Julius Jones, Nick Goings and Mushin Muhammad have been on tears as well.  How many off these guys mentioned were drafted few to none.  What if you had the insight to pick up these guys 4 weeks ago?  Granted you didn�t know what you know but think about it.  All of these players for the most part are on non playoff teams that have offenses that can be dangerous and their defenses are not very good.  This all translates into high scoring affairs where nothing is being held back because these teams are only playing for respect for the most part. They might as well go out and take chances and try and make some highlights.  No PRESSURE!  Remember this for next year and come week 8 or 9 begin be looking at these types of players and teams and use some educated insight.  It can�t hurt and as seen lately it can carry you to the promise land.


Rod Smith and Billy Volek once again were huge plays last Sunday.







All players in this game are must starts.  Let�s examine.  Oakland ranks 31st against the pass and Kansas City ranks 32nd.  Oakland allows 245 passing yards per game and Kansas City allow 270 passing yards per game.  They also each allow 28 touchdowns via the air.   To add insult to injury for Oakland they allow 130 rushing yards a game and 18 touchdowns that�s almost 1.5 a game.  We all know their defenses are awful and when you combine that with both teams passing offenses that rank 4th and 7th only one thing can happen.  TOUCHDOWNS!


If you have Trent Green, Tony Gonzalez (both obvious start regardless of matchup), Eddie Kennison, Jonnie Morton, Larry Johnson from the Chiefs and Kerry Collins, Jerry Porter, Teyo Johnson, and Doug Gabriel start them and reap the benefits of a potential 80 point game.  What�s the over / under line in this game? 59 points that is insane. 


This game is definitely a fantasy players dream.  Keep in mind as well that both teams have nothing to play for so they will play with no pressure and try and lay it on the other.  This is the same situation like last weekend�s game where Oakland and Tennessee scored a combined 66 points.  As also always these offenses are rolling and no evidence can show this roll won�t continue.  Play the hot hand.




Passing Defenses

1. Tampa Bay (161 yards allowed)

2. Miami   (164 yards allowed)

3. Buffalo (19 touchdowns allowed)

4. Pittsburgh (14 touchdowns allowed)

5. Washington (14 touchdowns allowed)



32. Kansas City (270 yards and 28 touchdowns)

31. Oakland    (28 touchdowns) 

30. New Orleans (21 touchdowns) 

29. Indianapolis (22 touchdowns) 

28. Houston (31 touchdowns) 


Rushing Defenses

1.   Pittsburgh (80 yards allowed 5 td�s allowed)

2.   San Diego  (80 yards allowed)

3.       Washington (83 yards allowed 7 td�s allowed)

4.     Buffalo (5 td�s allowed)

5.       New England (9 td�s allowed)


32. New Orleans (151 yards a game)

31. Cleveland (21 touchdowns allowed)

30. Miami (11 touchdowns allowed)

29. New York Giants (139 yards allowed)

28. St. Louis (137 yards allowed)



Best of luck as always.


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