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Sleepers and Stat Breakdown – Week 17

The end is near. Their are actually numerous fantasy leagues that play all 17 weeks as you readers would probably atest too so we will strive to breakdown the best plays of the week as we have all year. Keep in mind players on teams such as Philadelphia, Atlanta, Green Bay, New England, Pittsburgh, Indianapolis, and San Diego should probably be avioded. Most starters on these teams will only play 1 maybe 2 quarters as they have nothing to play for. Take a deep look at your bench for players on bad teams that are starting. They usually impress this time of year.

Last week the Kansas City vs Oakland game didn’t disappoint with points and stats being thrown around like the rain and storms hitting California currently.

Since its the final week of the year and your strategy changes completely with an overwhelming amount of teams not playing for anything I will review specific teams in which players can have a big game by taking advantage of the matchup and possible second string defenders.

Good Fantasy Matchups:

Cincinnati @ Philadelphia

Jon Kitna gets the nod and should put up decent numbers allowing for both receivers and Rudi Johnson to have big days. They might even win but with the Eagles playing for nothing Cincinnati will be playing for respect and a good vibe going into next year. If your in a situation where you have a Favre or Brady I would start Kitna without any doubts.

Detroit @ Tennessee

Any doubts on the fantasy production of this game review the tape of the Tennessee vs Oakland game or the Tennesse vs Kansas City game. The common ground with this is based on bad teams. Detriot, Oakland and Kansas City all have HORRIBLE defenses and have lousy records. That matches up perfect with the Titans. This game will have some big plays made in all facets especially since the Titans seem to be starting all 2nd and 3rd stringers on defense due to injuries this year. Everyone from Roy Williams to Kevin Jones to Mason and Bennett are must plays. Signal callers included.

Cleveland @ Houston

This game I don’t expect much from the Browns as the Texans have played great defense the past two weeks including the shutout last week at Jacksonville. However the Texans will have a field day against the poorous Brown defense. Its the last game of the year and the Texans who had a decent year will look to finish with 3 straight wins and something really promising to look forward too. I expect David Carr who plays best at home to be hitting on all cylinders with Andre Johnson, Jabar Gaffney, and Corey Bradford.

Passing Defenses

1. Miami   (163 yards allowed)

2. Tampa Bay (164 yards allowed)

3. Buffalo (167 yards allowed)

4. Pittsburgh (14 touchdowns allowed)

5. Washington (15 touchdowns allowed)

32. Kansas City (270 yards and 30 touchdowns)

31. Oakland    (30 touchdowns) 

30. Minnesota (28 touchdowns) 

29. San Diego (18 touchdowns) 

28. Indianapolis (28 touchdowns) 

Rushing Defenses

1.   Pittsburgh (80 yards allowed 6 td’s allowed)

2.   San Diego  (82 yards allowed 14 touchdowns allowed)

3.    Washington (83 yards allowed 7 td’s allowed)

4.    New England (9 td’s allowed)

5.    Buffalo (6 td’s allowed)

32. New Orleans (147 yards a game)

31. Cleveland (21 touchdowns allowed)

30. Miami (11 touchdowns allowed)

29. Arizona (136 yards allowed)

28. New York Giants (134 yards allowed)

Best of luck as always.


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