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Sleepers/Statistical Breakdown

Congratulations.  Chances are if your reading this you are either in the playoffs or have already advanced.  As I always say Fantasy Football is 75% managing/GM work and 25% luck.  This can’t be more true in a single elimination playoff format.  Don’t try and over think but go with your best players.  Matchups are good to follow in two instances.  1. When you are between two equal players or 2. When you have no other choice but to pick a sleeper and cross your fingers.  That is what I can help with so here we go again. 


I continued my hot streak with correctly predicting Drew “3TD” Bennett for the second consecutive week as well as Eddie Kennison and Maurice Hicks.  This week looks a little less promising but here are three quality plays.



Quality Sleeper Plays:


Rod Smith being the savvy veteran that he is will come up huge once again for Denver at Kansas City.  In a must win game against the worst defense in the NFL Smith will be open all game for Jake Plummer.  This game should enjoy a few points being scored and Smith will be a big beneficiary.  I can only imagine what Smith’s eyes looked like during the tape sessions of last Monday night’s game.  I bet Mike Shanahan noticed as well.  With that being said Ashley Lelie will nab a few deep passes where he ranks among the league leader in catches over 20 yards. 



Michael Clayton for Tampa Bay is having a solid rookie campaign and this week he goes against the ever-popular New Orleans Saints.  We have been picking on them all year long as they have brought it upon themselves.  The good news for them is they moved out of last place in defense. Clayton has been pretty consistent for a rookie receiver and with the Saints in town he will have a good game.  Clayton will be on the receiving end of numerous Griese passes this Sunday as the Buccaneers will run amuck on the Saints. 


Billy Volek showed his worth last Monday Night albeit against the Chiefs.  Volek has looked very impressive in almost all of his starts this year which leads me to believe he will continue to produce against the Raiders who have given up 24 touchdown passes to date.  Not only that but both these teams have very little defense so scoring will once again be abundant allowing Volek and Drew Bennett to dance in the end zone a couple more times.  Don’t mess with a quarterback / receiver combination like this.  They are hot and the Raiders won’t be putting any ice on their party.  Play the hot hand.



Passing Defenses

1. Tampa Bay (163 yards allowed)

2. Miami   (165 yards allowed)

3. Buffalo (18 touchdowns allowed)

4. Washington (12 touchdowns allowed)

5. Pittsburgh (12 touchdowns allowed)


32. Kansas City (270 yards and 27 touchdowns)

31. New Orleans  (21 touchdowns)

30. San Diego (247 yards allowed)

29. Houston (31 touchdowns)

28. Indianapolis (shootout with Ravens, it might be?)


Rushing Defenses

1.   San Diego  (77 yards allowed)

2.   Pittsburgh  (79 yards allowed)

3.      Washington (7 td’s allowed)

4.    Buffalo (4 td’s allowed)

5.      Denver (13 td’s allowed)


32. New Orleans (Big game Pittman)

31. Cleveland (19 touchdowns allowed)

30. Arizona (only 9 td’s allowed)

29. Miami (139 yards allowed)

28. Cincinnati (139 yards allowed)



Best of luck as always.


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