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So-Called Fantasy Expert

One of the interesting things about being a so-called fantasy football expert is receiving questions from readers. Sometimes, it will be a really simple question like “Should I start Shonn Greene or Beanie Wells?” If it’s on Twitter (@mattkdelima), the questions are always short because that’s the nature of Twitter.

I’ll provide a concise answer about each guy’s matchup that week. The reader hopefully sees the logic in my response, he’s satisfied with it and that’s that.

Other times, it can be a little more complicated.

I’ll open up an email and someone will have sent me a 30-page thesis. First, he’ll hit me with the league set-up.

“What’s up man? Yo, I need your advice. OK, so this is a 14-team, 25-man roster, 0.5 points-per-reception, auction, five-man keeper, Individual Defensive Player (IDP) league on Yahoo.”

Below that, he’s typed up his full roster and maybe even included a couple guys on the waiver wire he has his eye on. Next, he has copied and pasted his league’s scoring system and rules.

Already, I’ve had to scroll down using my little mouse wheel and I haven’t even read the question yet. Before he gets to the question, though, there will be a bit of extra context. He’s thoughtful in that way because he wants to insert some personality and add some breadth to an already suffocatingly in-depth question. It’ll read something like this:

“Okay, I was offered this trade by my friend Rick. He won the league last year so everybody wants to kick his ass this season. He’s in fifth place and I’m in fourth. There’s two weeks left until playoffs start. I play him next week and …”

Yeah, I got it. You want to win. I hear you loud and clear, my dude.

After another two or 17 sentences, he finally hits me with the craziest trade scenario I’ve ever seen.

“I get: Matt Ryan, Adrian Peterson, Mikel Leshoure, Sidney Rice, Jermaine Gresham, David Akers, Jared Allen, Pittsburgh Steelers defense/special teams, his 2018 Round 2 pick and a $10 off coupon at Papa John’s. And then he gets …”

You get the idea. You see where I’m going with this. Every time I see one of these emails, I let the guy know right off the bat that trades like this are a total crapshoot and likely a terrible idea.

I also find it humorous that people will include the position or team when naming a player.

“Should I start New York Giants wide receiver Victor Cruz?”

It’s like, how many guys named Cruz are there in the league? “Cruz” would have sufficed! I can understand saying “Chris Johnson“ instead of “Johnson” or even “CJohnson” but c’mon, how many Mendenhalls are there in the NFL?

Regardless, all friendly ribbing aside, I’ll gladly take the 15 minutes out of my day to help this guy out. These owners with their crazy scenarios are what make fantasy football fun. You know why?

I’m that guy too.

I know a lot of people don’t like to trade. I know a lot of people who play fantasy football in a casual way. Yet for the guy who emails me a question like that, he’s no casual player at all. I’ll entertain him with an answer as best I can. I’ll break it down with him like he’s the owner and I’m his general manager. I’ll go player by player, detail by detail.

Fantasy football, like anything else in life really, is as complicated as you make it. I’m drawn to the people who get into it. I’ll go down the rabbit hole with anybody when it comes to this stuff. It’s frustrating to be in a league where half the people are barely paying attention. But when you’re in a league where everybody is really invested in their team and your opponents are sending you big trade offers, it’s that much more competitive and fun.

So hey, if you need somebody to take the last spot in your 24-team, 40-man roster, points per reception, Individual Defensive Player dynasty league, hit me up with the league rules, scoring system and an invite. I’m down.

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